I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 99

Chapter 99: 看热闹的绝佳地点

Chapter 99: The perfect place to watch the fun

“You can still buy smoothies? My dad is always late every time he goes there, so he can only buy some popsicles to satisfy his craving.” Another one on the other side joined the discussion.

“Me too, every time my dad went there he was always late so he couldn’t buy any more. And my mother also said that women can’t crave for cold food, so every time I’ve been eating it secretly.”

“Looks like you all still don’t know that the Cold Palace Kiosk has introduced a new hot drink product.” Someone said,

“What new product?” Everyone was very curious, they had never heard of any new products.

“After the weather is cooler, You guys don’t go to buy it, right? Several days ago, when I really wanted to eat cold drinks, I asked my father to buy cold drinks again, just in time to catch the Cold Palace kiosk to do the promotion. They sent two cups of the new hot drink products which are called pearl milk tea. I tell you guys, it’s super delicious. I have never drunk such a tasty drink in my entire life.”

Pearl (Bubble) milk tea?

The ladies have secretly noted down this name, ready to let the father at home tomorrow also go to buy so they could taste it.

The young ladies were gathered together in a heated discussion, and in the end, the topic of conversation came back to Lu Yunluo.

“In that case, this Niang Niang of the Cold Palace and the Emperor are really quite compatible.”

“Isn’t it? This Niang Niang even won first place in the music competition last year.”

“How can she be a good match for the Emperor?” A cold snort of contempt came from behind.

The person who came was the second miss, Xia Wen Lan, from the Duke of Wen’s residence. Her father, Duke of Wen, was a minister to three emperors who stayed in power under different regimes. Her mother was also born into a prestigious family; fifteen years ago, she had accidentally saved the late emperor’s life, and was later named by the late emperor as the princess of Jia Ning County. The Duke of Wen’s house was therefore full of glory, and her status was extremely distinguished and honorable.

“If it was before, it is just fine to say that Lu Yunluo can match the emperor, but now, her biological father committed the crime of treason, although she was exempted from her identity as the daughter of the sinful ministers, but now, she has no power or influence behind her. Such a woman, how can she match the emperor?” Xia Wen Lan took her seat in a graceful manner, the round bushel fan in her hand constantly shaking. Her eyes were full of disdain.

That Lu Yunluo used to rely on having a little bit of beauty to steal Prince Chen from her but now, she would like to see, after becoming the criminal’s daughter, what she can do to compete with her?

Jiang Ziru and Wang Cai Xuan glanced at each other.

This Xia Wen Lan just like Lu Yunluo, adored Prince Chen, and had wanted to win the first place in last year’s Capital City Music Competition to win Prince Chen’s favor, but who knew, she would actually lose to Lu Yunluo.

Ever since then, Xia Wen Lan has been looking at Lu Yunluo in a bad light. She tried to provoke Lu Yunluo several times, but after the Music Competition, Lu Yunluo never left her house. She didn’t give Xia Wen Lan any chance at all since she didn’t accept any invitation. Xia Wen Lan was so angry that she smashed quite a lot of guqin in the Duke of Wen’s residence.

Until Lu Yunluo was ordered to marry the Prince, the accident that happened to the Prime Minister’s family; those things that suffocated in Xia Wen Lan’s chest only then came loose for most part.

However, looking at her today in this situation, I’m afraid that at this banquet, it’s inevitable that she’ll have to compete again.

While speaking, Ji Wu Jue, who had already taken a seat, for the first time, his eyes swept around. He did not find and saw the figure he wanted to look for. He was suddenly frowned. He called Cao Zhong Quan behind him to go to the Cold Palace to see what the hell was going on.

In a remote corner of the imperial garden, Lu Yunluo sat comfortably on the top of a tree looking from time to time at the palace’s food and drink served at a feast that not far away,

This place was the place she picked for a long time before she decided on it. She can clearly see the situation at the banquet but it is also not easy to be discovered.

It was the perfect place to watch the bustling scene. 


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