Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 1

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

“Li Baizhi! Come out soon, let me see if I don’t peel your skin off!”

“You broom star who was born and raised by an old man, dare to harm our Xiangxiang…!” There was a lot of noise outside, but the sharp voice of a woman was a bit harsh.

Baizhi frowned uncomfortably, and all of a sudden the memory of the original owner was stuffed into her head.

Right now it was the 1970s, the second year after the resumption of the college entrance examination, which just ended yesterday.

This is a small village in a poor rural area on Blue Star, Lijia Village.

There are several people taking the college entrance examination in Lijia village this year, and the most promising ones are Li Baizhi, the original owner, and Li Xiangxiang next door.

But these two are completely different.

The original owner’s both parents died and she lived with her grandfather. The villagers called her “broom star” and “disaster star”. She, an introvert, who can’t stand up for herself in the village, was treated like air, and people ignored her.

Li Xiangxiang lives in the blue-tiled house next to Li Baizhi. There are three older brothers born before her, and she is guarded by her sultry mother’s eyes. No one dares to bully her. She has been the envy of all the little girls in the village ever since she was a child.

The two of them have a long-standing grudge.

When the original owner’s grandfather was young, he had a small fortune and was considered a wealthy household in the Village.

Li Xiangxiang’s parents and family were unable to earn enough to eat, so the original owner’s grandfather showed kindness, took them in, and gave them his only two acres of land to cultivate together.

At that time, Grandpa Li Xiangxiang kneeled on the ground, shouting that he would repay the original owner’s family as an ox and horse all his life.

Later, when the situation changed, Li Xiangxiang’s grandfather and parents immediately tore off their grateful faces, showing the expression of jackals, and framed the original owner’s family, causing them to be misunderstood and disliked.

The blue-tiled house and everything inside was occupied by Li Xiangxiang’s parents and family, and the original owner’s grandfather and the others were reduced to living in the small sheep pen next door, and the Li family would often come to their door to insult them from time to time.

Because of being framed and slandered, the original owner’s parents and grandfather were very unwelcomed in the village, and automatically the original owner was also unwelcomed.

After the original owner’s parents died, she became a disaster star and a broom star under the rendering of the next-door family.

With the passage of time, because the grandfather and granddaughter pair have always been the most miserable existences in the village, the villagers were moved with compassion, and gradually no one embarrassed them anymore.

Except for the family next door that occupied their blue-tiled house, many of them relied on the four strong laborers of their family to make it difficult for the two, grandfathers and grandchild who depended on each other for living.

Li Xiangxiang looked down on the original owner. Although the two were of the same age, they didn’t have much common.

Until something happened a month ago.

A year ago, a young educated youth, Gu Xinchen, came to the village. It is said that he is a young master from the capital.

Gu Xinchen only had a good relationship with the three brothers in the next-door family, and he and Li Xiangxiang seemed to be a pair of friend-enemies, a well-recognized pair.

A month ago, Gu Xinchen was about to go back to the capital to prepare for the exam, but who knows why he quarreled with Li Xiangxiang, and then the original owner bumped into him on the way back after digging wild vegetables in the mountains.

Before the original owner could escape, Gu Xinchen grabbed her hand and said –

“Li Xiangxiang, I’m telling you, I will marry Li Baizhi in the future!”

Li Xiangxiang ran back crying, Gu Xinchen also gritted his teeth and left, even took the first train back to Beijing in two days.

The original owner blushed and her heartbeat was out of place.

Yes, the original owner also liked Gu Xinchen. But she had an inferiority complex. She dared to liked a boy with a flamboyant personality like Gu Xinchen a long time ago.

But the original owner knew that Gu Xinchen was only arguing with Li Xiangxiang, and didn’t have any extravagant hopes. Unexpectedly, Gu Xinchen had stabbed her sore point with one sentence, but he left soon. Yet Li Xiangxiang hated the original owner for this.

As soon as she went back crying, her mother Chen Guifang immediately came to the door to block the original owner and scolded her.

There were also three older brothers of Li Xiangxiang. The day before the original owner’s college entrance examination, they entered the original owner’s house and burned the original owner’s admission ticket.

The rules were very strict there, she couldn’t take the exam without an admit card. The original owner ran to the county town crying, as she failed to take the college entrance examination. No matter how good her grades were, that couldn’t be helped.

The original owner did not know who did it, so she could only be sad with her grandfather Li Shuanmin at home.

Of course, even if she knew that it was done by the three brothers of Li Xiangxiang next door, in the era of no surveillance, the original owner had nothing to prove it with.

Yesterday, the college entrance examination 

was over.

Li Xiangxiang returned to Lijia Village today, and as soon as she came back, she went to the lake to talk to the original owner.

She told the original owner-

“You couldn’t take the college entrance examination without the admit card, so you can only be a village girl in the future. You are not worthy of Xinchen at all, and Xinchen doesn’t like you. He just quarreled with me!” The original owner suddenly realised something, as she immediately remembered that she didn’t take the exam because she didn’t have the admission ticket, but no one in the village knew about this, how did Li Xiangxiang know?!

So, the original owner had doubts and began to question Li Xiangxiang.

Li Xiangxiang looked flustered and wanted to leave, and the two fell into the water together during this scuffle.

As a result, the original owner was blocked by Chen Guifang and scolded again, and grandfather Li Shuanmin was also pushed to the ground during the shoving, and he became ill after that.

The original owner accused Li Xiangxiang next door and the others of burning her admission tickets, but she was soft-spoken and not good at words.

The original owner was not likable in the village before, and after that incident, she was bullied even more. Grandpa could not go to the field anymore, and the original owner was young and could not earn any work points. The two of them lived even more impoverished.

Li Xiangxiang was admitted to a normal University in Beijing, which is the glory of the whole village, and went to study in the same capital city as Gu Xinchen, who was also studying at a University there.

The family next door is very powerful as there are four strong laborers. The original owner and Li Shuanmin who were bullied were very pitiful.

Before the original owner took the college entrance examination again, Li Shuanmin died of hunger that winter because he fell ill and was already in poor health, and he was often left hungry and angry.

The original owner made herself study ruthlessly and swore that she would take her revenge and get back at those who wronged her .

But the next year just before the college entrance examination, the original owner received the admission ticket, but she did not expect that while she was digging wild vegetables, someone would push her down from the mountain and she fell to her death.

The last thing she saw before she died was the vicious expressions on the faces of Li Xiangxiang’s three brothers.

The original owner failed to live a good life and even failed to take the college entrance examination.

The beginning of this tragedy was just because a young couple quarreled and she passed by.

After recalling the whole story, Baizhi was a little dazed.

This is not an era she was familiar with. The barrenness of this world’s technology simply made her tongue-tied, and the original owner’s life is really miserable.

Grandpa did good deeds but was bitten back.

The original owner did nothing,yet her first chance to change her fate was destroyed, and in the second chance she got killed!

At this time, the sound of the system prompt rang in her head- “Wish System No. 444 reminds the host that the wish of the original owner of this world is to protect grandpa, live a good life, live beautifully, never love anyone again, and let the family next door get retribution.”

Baizhi was silent for a moment and then asked: “So my task is to do as the original owner wished and make the original owner satisfied?”

Yes, this is the responsibility of us ,the Wish System and host! Since this is the host’s first task, as long as the task score reaches 50 it is considered qualified, and the full score is 100. Reminder, points will be deducted for unqualified results, and the host’s current points are 0. System 444 explained.

“Can you only get one hundred as the highest?” Baizhi didn’t need to ask how much the pass points were, and how much the outstanding ones were, she asked about the limit. 

System 444 was choked for a moment and paused for two seconds before saying “If it reaches a very perfect level and gets an additional SSS evaluation, it is indeed possible to get a score of more than 100. But the Wish system 444 reminded that the host’s EQ is only 70.

“According to the data of the System industry, people with higher emotional intelligence are likely to get higher scores, and it is even difficult for the host’s emotional intelligence to get a passing score to pass this task…”

So hosts with an EQ of 70 are very unpopular in the system world!!

In other words, she would not have been bound to the Wish System, as she was at the bottom of the System world’s choice. Had she been better she would have been picked up by popular Systems such as the Hegemony system, the Female supporting system, the Scumbag system, etc.!

Baizhi didn’t get upset because of this, she calmly said “Correct, but at this time, you should probably notice that my IQ is 230. Emotional quotient refers to emotional intelligence, which is to manage one’s emotions, and the ability to understand other people’s emotions. I think this is a wrong standard to judge the ability to complete tasks just based on emotional intelligence. As long as I am strong enough, I don’t need to manage my emotions, and don’t need to care about other people’s emotions.”

She habitually wanted to push her own glasses, and then remembered that she was no longer the scientist Baizhi who resounded in the interstellar, but a mere consciousness who was parasitizing on other people’s bodies in order to explore higher technology and bind the system after death.

In this world, her name is Li Baizhi.

The wish system 444 paused again, it wanted to make a foul language announcement-

“Are you thinking of shit? When were task points so easy to get? When were the original owners of those releasing tasks so satisfied?!”

However, before it could speak, Baizhi sat up and got out of bed.

It’s noisy outside, if she doesn’t go out again, probably the original owner’s grandfather will be pushed to the ground in the process of pushing and shoving, and this will be the start of the root of his disease,

As she walked out, she said, “Okay, I’m going to get the SSS score. Now please close your mouth and don’t make noise in my brain.”

Wish system 444 choked again, and it stopped talking, but his heart was really quite indifferent.

In fact, if it weren’t for the mandatory assignment, it didn’t want to bind to the host with low emotional intelligence who couldn’t even complete a task at first sight!

“Li Dazhu’s family, you are being unreasonable, you are really a shrew! How did Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang fall into the water, it is not yet determined, my Baizhi is a good child, don’t wrong people like this!”

“Bah, how can you be sure?! My Xiangxiang is a simple person. It must be your slut who deliberately took revenge. She fell in love with Gu Xinchen, and when she saw that my Xiangxiang was going to college, she was jealous!”

“A slut vixen, she deserves to fail the university entrance exam. Everyone give the judgment, can my Xiangxiang push her? What is there to hate about her? She is clearly jealous of Xiangxiang!”

Chen Guifang’s voice was so loud that it could  be heard in almost half the village.

Almost everyone in the village came to watch, and when they heard the words, many people nodded.

Yes, there is nothing in Baizhi that Li Xiangxiang hates. But in the case of Li Xiangxiang, because everything is too good, it is really easy to make people jealous.

Therefore, it makes no sense to say that Li Xiangxiang pushed Li Baizhi into the water, but it makes perfect sense to say that Li Baizhi pushed her into the water because she was jealous of Li Xiangxiang!

The expressions of the villagers were changing. Suddenly there was some sound

Just at that moment, Baizhi came out.

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