Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 2

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

Chen Guifang’s expression suddenly became angrier, and she said sarcastically: “Oh, Li Baizhi, you finally dare to come out?! You disaster star bitch, jealous of Xiangxiang, called her to the lake, pushed her into the water, you are a sinister and vicious person, you can’t die peacefully, who will…”

She scolded people in a string, and her voice was loud, and anyone who was not as savage as her would not be able to speak at all…

Even Baizhi couldn’t speak.

Of course, she didn’t want to interrupt, so she walked over, pulled Li Shuanmin, took two steps back, and blocked Li Shuanmin from behind.

Then, she just stood there, calmly watching Chen Guifang cursing.

Of course, the scolding became more passionate. Chen Guifang scolded very vigorously, but when Baizhi stood calmly in front of her and looked at her with the expression of watching a monkey show…

The more Chen Guifang scolded, the more boring it became.

“Li Baizhi! Why don’t you speak?! Why do you think I can’t do anything about you if you pretend to be dumb?!” Chen Guifang reached out and wanted to catch Baizhi.

Baizhi raised the kitchen knife that was behind her back with her right hand.

Chen Guifang just rushed toward her and she touched the kitchen knife.

And Chen Guifang’s movements suddenly froze, her voice got stuck in her throat.

The onlookers were also stunned.

Unexpectedly, Li Baizhi, who has always been like the air and was bullied by others, suddenly took out a kitchen knife, as if she was going to fight for her life!

When they looked at her again, they were surprised again.

Li Baizhi used to be afraid of being beaten, rarely raised her face to face them, and her eyes were always dodging, but now she raised her head and her eyes were firm, and the onlookers suddenly discovered that Li Baizhi turned out to be very outstanding. And her momentum is even more amazing!

This kind of momentum is something they, the country villagers, have never seen before, but it does not prevent them from feeling unusual.

Everyone stopped talking, Baizhi was satisfied, and then looked at everyone and said: “I didn’t push Li Xiangxiang, Li Xiangxiang came to me today, and Sister Zhou saw it” and asked her a question as she looked at Mrs. Zhou.

Sister-in-law Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then she suddenly remembered, and said quickly, “Yes, yes, it was Xiangxiang who went to find Baizhi. I also asked her how she did on the exam. She said that she did well in the exam, and she wanted to go out to meet with Baizhi for a few words!”

Having said that, she looked at Baizhi, then at Chen Guifang, and said in a low voice: “It was Xiangxiang looking for Baizhi, so what Guifang said is not true…”

She then lowered her voice. 

The voice was lowered, but it was so quiet at the moment, and she was used to speaking in a loud voice, even if she lowered her voice, it was enough for everyone to hear.

“No, Guifang just said that it was Baizhi who called Xiangxiang to the lake!”

“Oh, so there is another secret!” 

“Although Baizhi doesn’t talk much, she has never done anything in the village for so many years. What a bad thing…”

“Guifang’s words have always been unreasonable, and she’s not forgiving, and she’s abusive if someone doesn’t listen.”

As long as you catch a loophole in the other party’s words, plus this person has always been abusive to people. Impression can immediately be changed like the direction of the wind.

When Chen Guifang heard this, she was furious: “Li Baizhi! Even if Xiangxiang was looking for you, it was you who pushed Xiangxiang into the water!”

She stretched out her hand to grab Baizhi, but Baizhi’s knife was always on the way waiting for her. Looking at Baizhi with a cold face, Chen Guifang’s hand was a little hesitant.

“What’s the trouble!” At this time, the Brigade Leader finally came over with a group of men.

Chen Guifang sat on the ground and howled: “Brigade Leader, look at this Li Baizhi, she pushed my family Xiangxiang into the water, and Xiangxiang is still lying on the bed, I don’t know whether she is alive or dead, and now this girl is trying to kill me with a knife. You have to decide for me!”

As soon as the Brigade Leader saw this scene, his brain hurt immediately, and when he saw Baizhi holding a knife, he immediately started to scold her.

Baizhi: “Brigade Leader, I want to borrow the commune’s phone.”

The Brigade Leader was stunned for a moment, then frowned subconsciously and asked, “Why do you want to borrow a phone?”

During that time a phone was a rarity.

Baizhi’s voice was not loud enough for everyone to hear: “I recognized that it was Xiangxiang’s three brothers who came to my house and burned my admission ticket, preventing me from taking the college entrance examination. I want to call the police, and now is the time that the country is focusing on talents. During the crackdown period, the country will definitely decide for me!” As her voice fell, the whole village was stunned again.

It’s not popular to call the police for any problems in the countryside, and they don’t even know how to call the police. They usually solve problems by themselves. Calling the police for anything sounds a bit scary.

They had just been stunned by Baizhi’s words to call for the police, and suddenly reacted – Li Xiangxiang’s three brothers burned Li Baizhi’s admission ticket?!

“You’re talking nonsense!!” Chen Guifang couldn’t care less and shouted loudly, but there was a guilty conscience in her voice.

Obviously, their family knew about the fact that the next-door neighbor’s burning of the test ticket was done by their sons.

Even Li Xiangxiang, who had been eavesdropping under the wall next door, couldn’t hide it, and ran out angrily, staring at Baizhi: “You are talking nonsense! I never admitted that my brothers burned your admission ticket!”

She did not admit it, so falling into the water together during the pulling wasn’t her fault.

Baizhi looked at her, and her expression still remained calm: “Didn’t they say you were seriously ill and lying in the bed?”

Li Xiangxiang choked.

When everyone saw her their expressions, suddenly became more subtle.

Yeah, isn’t she in coma? How do you look so good, jumping around, and eavesdropping on what they’re saying?

Even the Brigade Leader’s face was not looking good, his eyes looked at the three brothers of the Li family, “Is this true? Did you really burn Baizhi’s admission ticket?”

Of course, the three shook their heads. Li Laosan was the most cunning one and refuted righteously. “Of course it’s impossible! Li Baizhi is talking nonsense. She didn’t take the exam herself, so why should she blame us? Does she have the ability to show evidence?”

Baizhi was still holding the kitchen knife, her face was calm and calm, and she pointed at Li Laosan with the kitchen knife: “When you said this, your voice was 30 decibels louder than your normal speech, and your eyes kept rolling. This is the basic reaction to lying.”

She pointed her hand at the third Li brother, her voice still with certainty: “Your hand is buttoning the seam of your trousers, you are obviously restless, this is a guilty conscience.”

Her hand finally pointed to the second Li brother, and her voice slowly downed for a few seconds: “As for you…”

Originally, the second Li was the least important of the three. Just now, he reacted the most with a guilty conscience. Now, after Baizhi said about the first and the third Li brothers, his psychological burden has dropped to the minimum.

Baizhi just said three words, and she was able to express his guilty conscience. He immediately trembled slightly, his forehead began to sweat, and it was almost written all over his face – I am guilty!

Well, for the first and last brothers the villagers couldn’t see it, but when it was the turn of the second Li brother, almost everyone could see that he was guilty!

Baizhi sneered. “Your guilty conscience is very obvious. With your psychological quality, when you go to the police station and face the police with better interrogation ability than me, you all will soon find out the truth and give me justice.”

Li Xiangxiang and her brothers were speechless, especially the second Li, who looked at the Brigade Leader in fear.

The Brigade Leader’s face was very ugly.

But Li Xiangxiang had read a lot of books and had been with Gu Xinchen for a year. After gaining a lot of knowledge, she immediately said, “Li Baizhi, you have no evidence! You have no evidence to say that my three brothers burned your admission ticket. The police won’t try my brother!”

Hearing this, Li Laosan immediately gained some confidence, while staring at Baizhi, biting his teeth to death, denied everything: “We didn’t!”

“Yes, our family didn’t have any to do with this…” Chen Guifang immediately began to shout again and howled.

–This is sophistry, everyone knew who burned or who did not and had seen everything at this time!

“Shut up!” The Brigade Leader glared at them.

Chen Guifang and the others hurriedly shut up.

The Brigade Leader looked at Baizhi again and said, “Baizhi, you really don’t have any evidence except for this, and you can’t guarantee that it was done by the three brothers.”

“So I’m going to the police. I believe that the police can give me justice. The college entrance examination was just resumed last year. The state attached great importance to this aspect. I’m going to the police and the Education Bureau. I believe they will give me justice!” Baizhi’s voice was firm.

The Brigade Leader’s expression became worse, and after a while, he said: “It’s a waste of time, and it’s also a shame for our Lijia Village! The problems in our Village should be resolved in the village, and they will compensate you later with some work points. Your family is old and young, so don’t work so hard, then study hard and take the college entrance examination next year, and get into a good university!

Although there is no evidence, it is obvious that almost everyone can see that this is really Li Xiangxiang’s Brothers who did it.

If Baizhi kept making trouble, and she would really go find the police and the Education Bureau, then he would also be criticized as a Brigade Leader.

So the best way to deal with the mud was to solve it within the village.

“Why?! “Chen Guifang questioned.

The Brigade Leader replied angrily: “Then ask the police!”

Chen Guifang immediately stopped her voice and didn’t dare to speak.

This matter has come to a conclusion, the two of them are all right after falling into the water, so naturally, they will not make matters worse.

It was concluded that the three brothers of the Li family had burned Li Baizhi. Regarding the admission ticket, Li Xiangxiang’s family compensated with the work points, so that Baizhi could have some food for the next year, so she could study with peace of mind.

Chen Guifang still had some opinions, but when she thought of the police station, she was a little scared and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Just after returning home, she opened the door wide open. The door was yelling at the next door, obviously scolding Baizhi, as she was also distressed about the work points that were about to pass away from her family. How much food would she have to exchange?

Why give Li Baizhi for nothing?!

The three brothers of the Li family were also unhappy and went home with sullen faces.

Li Xiangxiang with red eyes: “Brother, how can you really be so dumb, what are you guilty of? There is no way she can send you to the police station. Now the whole village knows! How can I have the face to go out in the future!”

When she just came back, she heard the villagers pointing at them and talking about it, and she could still hear some say faintly-

“The Li Dazhu family is really immoral! They even burned her admission tickets!”

“The three brothers in this family are really bad.”

“I don’t know if it has anything to do with Li Xiangxiang?”

“Of course there is, doesn’t she know all about it? And the teacher from the commune said that Baizhi’s grades were better than Li Xiangxiang’s. Guess she wanted to be admitted all by herself, with fewer competitors!”

“Tsk tsk, thought Li Xiangxiang was a good person before, but now she doesn’t seem so good.”

Thinking of this, Li Xiangxiang went back to the room crying.

Chen Guifang scolded people in the yard, and Li Dazhu sat there and smoked a hookah with a sullen face.

Their family has a lot of strong labor, and even if the work points were distributed, it was enough to eat. But the incident was shameful, too shameful.

The three brothers of the Li family looked at each other, and the third Li looked grim: “You can’t forget it! This Li Baizhi really owes a lesson, making Xiangxiang aggrieved, and now we are so embarrassed!”

First Li and second Li nodded.

The three got together and began to discuss how to teach Baizhi a lesson

“Why didn’t you continue to make trouble, host? It’s so unfair! The original owner didn’t take the college entrance examination this year, how can this loss be compensated with just a few work points?!” System 444 was a little angry.

After thinking about this, it said: “Host, your emotional intelligence is really low. If you solve it like this, Li Baizhi will definitely not be satisfied, and she will definitely not give you a good evaluation! If you can’t get 50 points, the host will fail. Deduction of points, since the host currently has no points, it will be negative after deduction!”

Baizhi wanted to push her glasses again, but restrained, and then said, “Oh, 444, shouldn’t you call me master?”

System 444 was not talking anymore.

It obviously felt that Baizhi was not worthy of being its owner. From the events just now, it concluded that Baizhi would never get a passing score. The three people next door were still discussing how to clean her up. Maybe Baizhi would not survive after today.

Baizhi didn’t care that the system didn’t want to call her master, she just said. “What should I do with them, why should I waste time doing something meaningless?”

She doesn’t like nonsense, she likes to be practical.

She just went out to argue just to wash away the dirty water that was poured on the original owner. As for revenge on the next door? Just relying on mouth guns is too time-consuming and too cheap for them.

System 444 went silent, it had already sentenced Baizhi to death.

It doesn’t know how many years the original owner will have to wait for another host.

After waiting for so many years they got Baizhi as their Wish system host. It’s really unfortunate.

Sure enough, it is the unluckiest system in the world!

The author has something to say.

[Dad readers, don’t hate 444, it’s not like this later on! And there is a reason why it is like this. It will be explained at the end.]

 [444: So please don’t scold me, I know I don’t deserve it ]

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