Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 11

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

“I will see how long you can pretend!” Li Xiangxiang stomped her feet, turned around and ran.

Her eyes were red with anger.

Baizhi looked at the direction in which she disappeared and retracted her gaze.

In her mind, System 444 swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help but say, “Host… You are really good at being annoying…”

She seemed to have done nothing to be annoyed about, she just stood by the sidelines, and she wondered why Li Xiangxiang was so angry.

Baizhi tilted her head slightly, a little dazed: “No, I was answering her seriously.”

System 444 didn’t believe it, “Then what were you thinking in your head just now?”

Baizhi: “How to use new energy to create XXXX and how to improve radio XXX transmission.”

“What are you talking about?” System 444’s face was blank, “No ways… you really couldn’t have been sincere to her?”

Baizhi thought for a while, then suddenly said: “System, I think when your creator made you up, there was indeed a bug, is it only you who is so stupid and can’t understand human words, or are all systems so stupid and can’t understand human words?”

This question was also asked very seriously, with the exploratory spirit unique to scientists.

System 444: “…” Cry!

It disappeared silently, and soon, there were new posts on the forum of the system world –

#Today is also a day when the host was angry, so angry! ! #

Li Xiangxiang ran home crying.

Seeing this, Chen Guifang immediately asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying? Didn’t you go to get in touch with Gu Xinchen, or did he have nothing he can do?” 

When she mentioned this, Li Xiangxiang finally got better, and hatred flashed in her eyes, “Of course Xinchen said there is a way! He is the young master of the capital, and he likes me so much that as soon as he heard me, he immediately said that when the school starts, he will find a way to drive Li Baizhi out of Jingcheng University!”


“Really, Xinchen family is so powerful, Li Baizhi is a village girl, how can she compare with Xinchen? I’m waiting to see when she is kicked out of Jingcheng University and comes back in despair!” Speaking of Baizhi, Li Xiangxiang grit her teeth.

When Chen Guifang heard this, she immediately laughed: “Haha, I’ll wait and see! Xiangxiang, that’s a good thing, why are you crying?”

Li Xiangxiang wiped away tears, with an inexplicable excitement in her eyes, “Yes, this is a good thing, I shouldn’t cry! I should laugh, laugh and wait for her to cry!”

“That’s how it should be!”

“Right, Mom, Brother Xinchen also said that when I go to the capital, he will let the driver drive to pick me up.” Speaking of this, Li Xiangxiang couldn’t help but smile again.

She has such a rich and powerful young master of the Gu family, Gu Xinchen backing her, what does Li Baizhi have?!

“Drive? Is it a car?! God, Gu Xinchen is indeed the young master from the city!” Chen Guifang was shocked.

That’s a car!

She hasn’t seen it many times in her life!

“Of course, they have a car and a driver.” Li Xiangxiang raised her chin slightly, as proud as one could be.

 “Oh, he is really my future son-in-law, Xiangxiang, you must hurry up to Gu Xinchen, let me tell you, there are so many goblins out there now, and Master Gu is so…” The mother and daughter pair chatted together in a lively manner .

This is the only time they have been happy since Baizhi was recruited by Jingcheng University.

Soon, the time came for the start of University as expected.

The universities in the capital all start at the same time, and there is only one train from their village to the capital.

Therefore, Li Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang bought the ticket for the same train on the same day.

The two researchers who stayed to help left two days ago, and this time only Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang were left.

The two were sent to the entrance of the village by the villagers.

The Brigade leader also found a tractor to take them to the county town seat, and then traveled from the county town seat to the city to take the train.

It was almost the time for the autumn harvest, and being able to take out the tractor to send them away showed the attention of the Brigade leader, and of course, it was also related to the wishes of the villagers.

The villagers sent the two to the entrance of the village.

Of course, it was all mainly to send Baizhi.

The Brigade leader said: “Baizhi, Xiangxiang, you are all studying at the university in the capital. If you have any grievances, let it all go first only then leave this place. We are all from Lijia Village. You still have to help each other and rely on each other.”

Another village cadre also said : “Yeah, the capital is no better than ours here, you go out without any support, you still have to unite and work together.”

Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang said nothing but Chen Guifang, raised her voice –

“What do you take my family Xiangxiang for? It’s not like Xiangxiang is helpless in the capital, isn’t there Master Gu in the capital? He will personally come to the station to pick up Xiangxiang and drive her in a car! My family Xiangxiang will be taken care of when they arrive in the capital, so there is no need for others to pretend only to take advantage of her!”

Obviously, Chen Guifang felt that it will be Baizhi who will take advantage of others instead of taking care of each other.

The Brigade leader was so angry that he didn’t want to say anything.

No matter how much Gu Xinchen cares about Li Xiangxiang, relying on outsiders is worse than relying on Baizhi, who is so powerful. At such a young age, she is so valued by Jingcheng University and the Academy of Sciences. When the two meet again, maybe Li Xiangxiang will take advantage of the other!

When the villagers heard Chen Guifang, they exchanged in a low voice-

“The young master Gu, is he really that powerful in the capital?”

“It should be, you see that their family’s Xiangxiang and Xinchen have been playing for so long, and when Gu Xinchen was in the village, you could also see that he had an extraordinary bearing…”

“I think making up is impossible, who doesn’t know that what the three brothers of the Li family tried to do to Baizhi has something to do with Li Xiangxiang. Maybe she join forces with Gu Xinchen to harm Baizhi in future.”

“That’s too much!”

The Brigade leader couldn’t listen to them any more, and coughed: “Cough, Baizhi, you are going to the capital to do scientific research, don’t be too stubborn.”

This is to remind her, if the Gu family is really so powerful, she should just give up when necessary.

Beside him, Li Xiangxiang sneered invisibly.

Soon, they were set to go to the capital, and Li Baizhi’s good days were over according to Li Xiangxiang.

Baizhi thought for a while, but said: “Brigade leader, uncles and aunts, please help me take care of my grandfather. He is getting old, please help take care of him.” She asked Li Shuanmin to go with her, but the old man who always doted on her was very stubborn this time and didn’t go anyhow.

Baizhi understood that he was afraid that he would drag his granddaughter down. Afterall he was not familiar with the capital, and he had decided to take care of himself.

She thought about it too, and finally agreed.

“Don’t worry, for sure, the rice mill and corn thresher you made for our village are still there. You have done so much for our village, and of course we will help you take good care of Uncle Shuanmin.” The Brigade leader promised.

The other villagers immediately nodded and spoke–

“Yeah, don’t worry, we will take good care of Uncle Shuanmin!”

“Uncle Shuanmin will never be bullied by people with bad intentions, don’t worry, Baizhi!”

“Yes, I will take a look every day, and I will pay attention to him at night.”

Baizhi nodded with satisfaction.

Times have changed, and the life of a large collective is coming to an end. Whether it is a corn thresher or a rice mill, it is not enough to support the villagers to live a good life.

But Baizhi could only give them so much in exchange for taking care of Li Shuanmin.

Li Shuanmin’s eyes were red, he held Baizhi’s hand tightly, and choked: “Little Zhi… don’t worry, don’t worry about me, take care of yourself!”

“Okay.” Baizhi nodded and said again, “Grandpa, I’ll come back to pick you up after I’ve settled down in a while.”

“Haha, okay!” Li Shuanmin responded.

But he knew in his heart that it was not that easy. Settling in the capital was definitely not as easy as the villagers thought!

As long as Baizhi lives well outside, he will be here all his life and be satisfied.

“Xiangxiang, Baizhi said that she would pick up Uncle Shuanmin, why don’t you say that you would pick up your parents and your three brothers in the future?” Someone spoke.

Li Xiangxiang’s face turned ugly for a moment.

But soon, she smiled and said: “Of course I will come to pick up my parents and brothers, but it’s not easy to settle down in the capital, even if there is Xinchen, it’s probably not that easy. I’ll be able to pick up someone from the family after a while. It’s only easy to talk big.”

Yes, this is to say that Baizhi is talking big.

The people in the village looked at each other, in fact, they didn’t quite believe that Baizhi would be able to pick up Li Shuanmin after a while.

That was the capital, the capital of their country!

Baizhi ignored her, just pulled Li Shuanmin and said, “Don’t be reluctant to eat and drink, I will only be rest assured when you are healthy.”

“Okay, okay! I will!”

“I will pick you up in a while.” Baizhi said softly, her voice was serious.

Li Shuanmin nodded.

“My family Xiangxiang will definitely be able to pick us up in the future! She is someone who wants to teach in the capital, and also my future son-in-law and the others. The Gu family is a powerful family, forget it, you won’t understand!”

Chen Guifang said, as she reached out and pulled Li Xiangxiang and lowered her voice: “You must let Li Baizhi get back and take care of her!”

“Yes.” Li Xiangxiang’s eyes flashed with venom.

In front of her eyes, there seemed to be a scene of Baizhi grazing back.

The two finally left the villagers’ after the farewell.

Along the way, not only were there Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang, but after arriving in the county town seat, there were many other college students, and most of them were educated youth.

As soon as Li Xiangxiang saw them, she immediately left Baizhi and ran over.

However, those people rushed towards Baizhi—

“Student Baizhi, hello, I’m…”

“I heard that you were recruited by Jingcheng University, and you have to enter the Academy of Sciences in advance?!”

“Oh my God, classmate Baizhi, you really are amazing!”

“You are a role model for our generation!” 

Li Xiangxiang clenched her hands into fists, and could only tell herself that it would be good to arrive in the capital, soon.

It was really difficult to travel from the countryside to the capital in this era, especially when carrying quilts and other things.

Baizhi and Li Xiangxiang had simple luggage.

On Baizhi’s side, two researchers mentioned their preparations to Baizhi. When these two worked with Baizhi in Lijia Village, they learned a lot and respected Baizhi very much, and even regarded her as a master.

Li Xiangxiang, on the other hand, looked down on things from the countryside. Her Gu Xinchen is the young master. Naturally, he will prepare brand new things for her!

But that’s it, Baizhi also felt that the journey was really long and hard.

People in this era are really hard working.

When getting off the bus, Baizhi looked back at the green-skinned train and said softly: “In future, these things will be replaced, and I will help them speed up the process.”

Her voice was very soft, but Li Xiangxiang, who was always paying attention to her, still heard it.

 Li Xiangxiang laughed lightly and lowered her voice: “What a beautiful dream, I tell you Li Baizhi, hurry up and save some money, and prepare to buy a train ticket back, Xinchen will definitely let you get kicked out of Jingcheng University!”

Baizhi looked at her with a glance, and she still replied: “Oh.”

After turning, she walked towards the exit.

Li Xiangxiang was so frustrated that she didn’t let her go, she followed up, her voice was a little sharp –

“I tell you, Xinchen is already waiting for me outside, it’s as easy for him to crush you as it is to crush an ant! Just wait to die!”

Li Xiangxiang turned back and looked at the other two students from the same county who had come to the capital with them, her voice was arrogant –

“Zhang San, Li Si, Xinchen asked his driver to drive a car to pick me up today. I’ll take you to University on the way.”

Her eyes swept over Baizhi who kept walking, and she raised his voice: “Li Baizhi, do you want me to let Xinchen take you by car too! If no one leads the way, the capital is so big, I’m afraid you can’t even find a place, you hillbilly?”

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