Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 12

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

After her voice fell, the faces of the two people next to her turned a little ugly.

They all come from the same place. If Li Baizhi is a hillbilly, so what are they?

Li Xiangxiang really became too complacent when she arrived in the capital. She even changed her previous gloomy appearance and began to feel arrogant. She and Baizhi came from the same village, but she claimed to be from the capital?

Baizhi ignored her, kept walking, and the expression on her face did not change at all.

Li Xiangxiang didn’t couldn’t see the envy she expected on Baizhi’s face, and gritted her teeth with hatred.

She really can’t wait to step on Li Baizhi’s proud face under her feet and trample it hard, to see how proud she could still be!

Baizhi didn’t pay any attention to Li Xiangxiang’s clamor, and always walked out calmly, her eyes slightly absent-minded.

System 444: “…Host, what are you thinking about?”

Baizhi: “The upgrade of China’s train engines and the increase in traction kinetic energy.”

System 444: “…?”

After a while, it spoke again: “Have you heard what Li Xiangxiang said just now? She said that Gu Xinchen would come to pick her up later, and Gu Xinchen would take action against you, and now you can’t resist Gu Xinchen’s power, when you arrive in the capital, you have arrived at the other party’s base camp.”

Baizhi didn’t speak.

System 444 thought that she recognized her situation, and it’s voice also brought condemnation: “Host, you offended Li Xiangxiang to death, and rashly came to the capital. This is a very unwise decision, and according to the original owner’s request…”

Baizhi cut it off: “System.”

“Huh?” 444 stopped his babble.

Baizhi sighed, and then continued: “Didn’t I tell you? When your creator built you, it was obvious that there was a bug.”

“Ah?” 444 was still blank.

Baizhi: “So, please stop showing me your bugs and I’m worried about your IQ.”

444: “…”

Baizhi: “Otherwise I think, I can’t help but name the next topic – fix the bug of System 444 and significantly improve its IQ.”

444: “…?”

After a while, suddenly a sad sound of “woo” was heard.

Then, it connected to the network of the system world, covered its face, and ran back crying.

The post bar in the system world was quickly followed by a post – #Today is also a day when the host was angry and I cried, so angry! ! 

#The landlord’s system replied below -“…”

[Wish System 444]: The host is angry and crying again! Life is difficult, I want to go on a strike!!

However, Wish System 444 was the lowest existence in the system world, and the post did not attract any attention from the system world, and it quickly continued to sink to the bottom, fully weighing its physique.

There was some occasional message from other systems of the first floor from somewhere –

[Female Support System 1132]: … What kind of host can a garbage system have? No name on the list, deliberately posting to attract attention? Slightly slightly.

444: “…”


More angry!

While leaving the station, they saw many people who had come to pick up their relatives and friends outside, many of them were holding signs.

Transportation was not developed in this era, and there was not much contact between people from all over the world. God knows how many twists and turns one has to go through if they want to meet another person.

There were many people outside, and from a distance, you can see cars parked on the side of the road, but the number is very small.

Even if Baizhi is very disdainful of the structure and efficiency of today’s cars, cars are still very rare in this era, and even in the capital, it is not common. No wonder Li Xiangxiang was so proud.

Li Xiangxiang took the lead and ran in the direction of the parked car.

The two people from the same city looked at each other and looked at Baizhi again. At this moment, Baizhi also went to that direction.

-That’s the place to get into a car.

The two were stunned and quickly followed.

Carrying so much luggage and being unfamiliar with Beijing, it is indeed a very timely help to be able to have someone drive them.

“Xinchen!” From a distance, Li Xiangxiang saw Gu Xinchen standing next to a car.

Her pace quickened, like a mandarin duck that had not seen each other for many years, rushed over, and the two hugged one another tightly.

This behavior was still a bit outrageous in these times, and as a result, many people around them started to pay attention, and some even showed a look of disgust.

“Cough cough.” The driver who came along reminded.

Gu Xinchen was hesitant before letting go.

Li Xiangxiang also blushed and let go. When she moved her eyes, she saw Baizhi also coming in this direction, and immediately said: “Li Baizhi, don’t you want to take our car? Why did you follow me again?!” 

Ever since Baizhi fell into the water that day, she had turned so confident, and today was the day that the hatred in Li Xiangxiang eyes had reduced by two points. Of course, this did not mean that she was friendly to her, but it meant that she felt that she had cleaned up now. Baizhi is so easy!

Baizhi glanced at them.

In the original owner’s memory, she had already met Gu Xinchen, but it was probably because he had returned to the capital and the college entrance examination was quite good. Compared with her memory, now Gu Xinchen is more energetic, his brows and eyes were full of arrogance and smugness, and his whole body excluded — Lao Tzu’s the philosopher-like distinct breath.

Baizhi raised her eyebrows.

She has seen a lot of people like this. If they don’t have the strength to be arrogant and proud, such people usually fall hard.

“Li Baizhi, did you bully Xiangxiang?” Gu Xinchen looked at her, frowning instantly.

“Brother Xinchen, can you help me send these two classmates to school later?” Li Xiangxiang didn’t want Gu Xinchen and Baizhi to talk, so she waved her hand and begged.

“Of course no problem!” Gu Xinchen immediately said gently.

After a pause, he lowered his head, with a bit of malice on the corner of his mouth: “But I can only send people who have a good relationship with you and as for the person who bullied you they can find a way to travel themself.”

Li Xiangxiang’s eyes lit up in an instant, and she looked at Baizhi from the corner of her eyes . At a glance, the corners of her mouth were raised high: “Xinchen, it’s not good? They are all from the same town…”

“Why didn’t she think that you were from the same town when she bullied you?” Gu Xinchen asked back, and looked at Baizhi, with contempt, leave Buddha, she is as easy to clean up as an ant.

“That… I heard through a letter from a senior who was studying in Jingcheng say that every university has organized some students to come and welcome new students. This… this student Gu, do you know where those students from Jingcheng University are?” One of the fellow villagers couldn’t help but ask.

Along the way, they had a very good impression of Baizhi, and they really couldn’t bear to leave her behind.

However, when Gu Xinchen heard the words, he said coldly: “I don’t know, since you are so worried about her, just accompany her to find them.”

He didn’t really want to hear them mentioning Jingcheng University. He already knows.

Even he had to work very hard to be admitted to Beijing University. Even a talented person like him was admitted by himself. Li Baizhi, a country girl, was specially recruited?

And the principal himself recruited her in!

This makes Gu Xinchen, who has always been proud, a little unacceptable, so when he sees Baizhi, he has a natural disgust.

How can a country girl be able to ride on the heads of these proud people?

After speaking, Gu Xinchen pulled Li Xiangxiang and turned around: “Let’s get in the car.” 

The corner of Li Xiangxiang’s mouth rose higher and higher, and she looked back at Baizhi, and the corners of her eyes and brows were full of pride.

Look, it really is different when you come to Beijing!

When she came to the capital, she would no longer have to swallow her anger, and she would no longer have to be angry because of  Li Baizhi!

The other classmates were in a dilemma, but in the end, they still stood there. Only one classmate who talked to Gu Xinchen,  lowered his voice: “Then what should we do next… If no one leads the way, can we find the university?”

“Yes we can.” Baizhi turned her head and answered him.

The voice just landed, and a loud greeting suddenly came from not far away –

“Classmate Baizhi! Classmate Baizhi!!”

Several people looked over, and even Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang, who had just opened the car door, followed the sound.

They saw two cars driving over, with a head sticking out of the window of the first car, greeting Baizhi excitedly.

The man was not young, but he was waving his hat, obviously very excited to see Baizhi.

Baizhi also slowly revealed a smile.

Afterwards, Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang saw the car driving in front of Baizhi, had many people inside of the car, most of them were older, but they all had one characteristic, they were very excited.

The person in the car behind did not show up, but from the rolled down car window, a person in military uniform could be faintly seen.

The two were stunned at the same time.

They were already in a daze between the two cars, when people from the car excitedly helped to load the luggage into the car, the two classmates from the same city sat in the car behind, while Baizhi was pulled into the car seat in front.

Soon, the two cars disappeared from their sight.

“What’s going on… Li Baizhi still has acquaintances in Beijing?” Gu Xinchen frowned.

The driver suddenly said, “Xinchen, that’s the car of the Academy of Sciences, and the person in the car behind should be the security guard of the car in front…”

Thinking of Gu Xinchen’s temper, he added: “We can’t mess with them.”  

His thoughts continue,’The Gu family is a bit powerful, but can it be compared with the country? Experts of the Academy of Sciences, they are the key protection object of the country!’

Especially now that it’s different since the resumption of the college entrance examination, it means that the country attaches great importance to talents.

If Gu Xinchen goes to provoke those scientists, no one else needs to do anything, the Gu family themselves will beat him down first!

Hearing this, Gu Xinchen frowned tightly and asked Li Xiangxiang, “How did she get involved with the people from the Academy of Sciences?”

“It seems like someone she knows…” Li Xiangxiang said subconsciously.

Just now, she heard from the driver’s words that they can’t dare to provoke the people from the academy.

And Li Baizhi is about to enter the Academy of Sciences!

Li Xiangxiang concealed this subconsciously, she didn’t want Gu Xinchen to know Li Baizhi’s power, what if… what if he put his eyes on Li Baizhi because of this?

Before, Gu Xinchen pulled Li Baizhi and said “I want to marry her”, and she didn’t take it seriously. But now both of them are students of Jingcheng University, Li Xiangxiang subconsciously didn’t want Gu Xinchen to know.

——Of course, there is also a bit of her inferiority complex mixed.

Compared with Baizhi, she was instantly turned to dust. It was like this in Lijia Village, and she didn’t want things to be like this in Beijing!

However, when Gu Xinchen heard what she said, he immediately made a contemptuous voice –

“She just knows people from the Academy of Sciences, don’t take it seriously.”

He looked at Li Xiangxiang and held her hand, his face full of affection: “Xiangxiang, It’s great to be able to see you, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone bully you!”

Li Xiangxiang was shy, but her heart was full of joy.

——As long as Gu Xinchen supports her, what else is there to be afraid of?

System 444: “Host, Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang will definitely take action against you.”

Baizhi: “Well! Let them.”

“…” She can really choke the system.

So, 444 asked again: “Host, what are you thinking about now?” And it wanted to ask a bunch of things it can’t understand?

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