Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 13

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

Baizhi: “I’m thinking… Gu Xinchen that problem can be solved easily.” She didn’t say a bunch of things that 444 couldn’t understand, but…

444: “???” Do you want to say this so simply?!

444 went silent.

In fact, it really wanted to say something sarcastic, but it was beaten a lot, and 444 also learned to behave.

——It was afraid that it would be ridiculed later, and its face hurt when it looked back.

“Student Baizhi, I never thought that the two researchers would send us to the university! I never imagined that you would have done such great research in automation!”

“Yes, many viewpoints are refreshing and new to me.”

“Student Baizhi, The things you guys mentioned when you were communicating before, I felt like the time just stopped at the moment, and I immediately came back…”

“Me too, I gained new knowledge…”


The car was chatting hotly, they were all experts from the Academy of Sciences. Knowing that Baizhi came to Beijing today, they had to follow her to pick her up. It was crowded with a carload of people. If there had been more seats inside the car, the others from the Academy of Sciences would also want to come.

Baizhi nodded, and communicated with them in a very friendly manner.

These people were worthy of her respect. She just mentioned some clues, and they made a lot of breakthroughs. Many things were inferred from one point, and they made immediate progress.

Time was limited 

——But it is they who utilise the time who gain from it.

The whole car was immediately enveloped by a strong academic atmosphere.

In the car behind, Zhang San and Li Si were sitting in the middle of several security guards, their backs were stiff, their faces were pale, and they were shivering.

Being from the same place as student Li Baizhi… It’s so fucking amazing!

Zhang San and Li Si were sent to their respective schools first.

They should have sent Baizhi to report to the university, but the people from the Academy of Sciences couldn’t wait, and ordered the car to pull Baizhi to the Academy of Sciences. The group took her and walked inside excitedly.

The security of the Academy of Sciences was very strict, and Baizhi was also checked, and then pulled in by several experts who were very impatient.

Dean Xiang brought everyone from other academies together.

He couldn’t wait to have another meeting.

“Student Baizhi, you are finally here!”

“We still have a few questions to ask you about what the researcher brought back!”

“Yes, yes, we have discussed all of these, but these questions are still a bit confusing. Classmate Baizhi, can you see if we are going in the right direction?”

“Classmate Baizhi…”



Seeing this, the dean coughed heavily: “Cough,cough, calm down!

Even gave him some face, and they all went quiet.

The dean stepped forward, stretched out his hand and shook hands with Baizhi, his voice was filled with excitement –

“Student Baizhi, no, it should be Comrade Baizhi! You are finally here, welcome to our Academy of Sciences, in the coming days, let’s work together. Let’s shine for the country’s scientific research, and to dedicate ourself to the rise of the motherland!”

If Baizhi doesn’t come again, he will be annoyed by these old people!

There was a lot of noise every day, and everyday someone wanted to buy a ticket to Lijia Village at every turn. As a dean, his heart was broken!

“Okay!” Baizhi was serious.

Dean Xiang quickly led her to sit down, and then he sat next to her, took out his notebook, and said seriously: “Comrade Baizhi, is your next focus research project automation? You can…”

Baizhi stood up , said lightly: “No, what I want to do next is transportation reform!”


She picked up the pen and slowly wrote down——

“Bicycles, cars, trains, airplanes…engines, traction, kinetic energy systems…”

“Is this…a bit too broad and too difficult??” Dean Xiang held back his shock and asked slowly.

Baizhi: “So I need your joint efforts. I already have some ideas. I believe that all the comrades here have made progress in these areas. First of all…”

She wrote her ideas in strokes.

The people sitting behind went from being shocked at the beginning to being stunned at the end.

Baizhi sat there for a whole day, whether it was eating or drinking in the middle, it was brought in by others.

Even when someone went out to the toilet, he ran out quickly after holding back, and ran back in with his pants on, for fear of missing the content.

When Baizhi finished speaking, the whole room fell into dead silence.

No one spoke.

They were still in shock, unable to speak for a long time!

After a while, Dean Xiang stood up and said in a hoarse voice, “I think, I need to make a phone call first.”

So, Dean Xiang walked up to the phone and solemnly dialed a number——

“Hello, leader. I think we have discovered a special talent. She has the wealth of the entire scientific community. Her protection level must be raised to the highest level! We must not allow foreign bad elements to destroy our talents!” 

When Principal Zhang of Jingcheng University found out——

“Isn’t Baizhi in Beijing? Why can’t I find her?!”

After receiving some notices, Principal Zhang was even more stunned and shocked——

“So, I myself can’t see her yet? She, a student of Jingcheng University, can’t live in the dormitory of Jingcheng University? Why?!”

He hurriedly called his friends from the Academy of Sciences –

“Hey, when will Li Baizhi from our school come to report?”

“What? Report?! That’s too dangerous!!”

“What?” Dangerous?” Principal Zhang was stunned.

What’s the danger in going to University?

“Don’t worry about Baizhi, she has her own arrangements!”

“But…” The other side didn’t wait for him to continue, and hurriedly said: “Our Academy of Sciences has been very busy recently, and we are busy with scientific research, so don’t call if you have nothing to do. , goodbye!”

After speaking, the man immediately hung up the phone.

Principal Zhang: “…”

Although, that’s my student, I can’t care about her? ? ?

Principal Zhang doesn’t know what’s going on with Baizhi, but seeing that the Academy of Sciences and the country attach so much importance to her, she must be an extraordinary strength!

He still remembers the shock when he was in Lijia Village, the door that opened automatically, the semi-finished products in that place, and the great conversation she had with the experts.

Because of this, Principal Zhang still tried his best to deliver a message to Baizhi – hurry back and sign up, this time it’s you who has been appointed as freshman! !

He was ready for Baizhi’s rejection, and another candidate for freshmen representatives was also selected just in case.

At this time, Baizhi replied –

“On the first day of the school year, I will be back on time.”

Therefore, the alternative candidate was not used, and Principal Zhang was satisfied.

And this alternative… was none other than Gu Xinchen!

Vengeance upon hatred!

When he received this news, Gu Xinchen almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face was extremely ugly.

However, Principal Zhang felt that Baizhi was a more suitable representative, and he didn’t need to explain anything to others, he could only let Gu Xinchen hold his breath.

On the school day, Jingcheng University was very lively.

Especially the freshmen, because they arrived at school early, they were all enthusiastic people, and they have long been familiar with their classmates and dormitory classmates.

The representative of freshmen is naturally one of the hot topics.

In particular, this freshman representative has not passed the college entrance examination and was specially recruited, which is even more eye-catching.

Whether they were unconvinced or wanted to communicate, they all eagerly wanted to see this new representative, Li Baizhi.

“When I came, her bed was already given to somebody else in our dormitory!”

 “Have you seen her?”

“Of course not. Someone else already lives in that bed, and someone said she wouldn’t live in the school dormitory.”

“What? If she doesn’t live in the school dormitory, where exactly does she live?!”

“I don’t know!”

“That is to say, has no one seen this Li Baizhi yet?”

“I heard people say that she has a background in the academy of sciences. That’s why she got such preferential treatment!”

“Who said that?”

“It seems that Gu Xinchen’s roommate said that Li Baizhi has no ability, just has a background.”


The mystery is full of mystery, and it is speculated that Baizhi with background has arrived ten minutes before the official opening ceremony.

As soon as he saw her, Principal Zhang immediately stood up and walked over quickly: “You’re going to kill me, why are you only coming now?!”

“I’m sorry, I was helping to solve a problem in the morning, so it took a while. ” Baizhi explained.

“Where’s the manuscript you wrote? Come on, I’ll take a look first!” Principal Zhang said again.

He also attaches great importance to the talents like the country and the Academy of Sciences attaches great importance to.

Baizhi: “No manuscript.”

“What did you say?!” Principal Zhang almost jumped up.

The sound was so loud that everyone around heard it and looked over.

Principal Zhang hurriedly pulled Baizhi to the side and lowered his voice: “Did you write it down, and forgot to bring it? Or did you not write it at all?!”

“I didn’t write it.” Baizhi was very honest.

Principal Zhang: “…Then are you ready to say something?”

“Ready.” This time Baizhi nodded.

However, before Principal Zhang could breathe a sigh of relief, she added: “I just thought about it on the way.”

Principal Zhang: “…??” He shouldn’t have treated this student like this because of his previous interactions in Lijia Village. Rest assured?

This is so unreliable! !

Principal Zhang was so anxious that he even wanted to find an alternative to take the stage in place of Baizhi.

However, Baizhi still had time to pat him on the shoulder: “Principal, don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Principal Zhang: “…”

I don’t exist!

Can I entrust such an important matter to you, the person who just wanted to say something on stage without being prepared? !

However, inexplicably, when looking at Baizhi, he didn’t say anything like to pass the position to Gu Xinchen or anything…

Baizhi was so young, but when they meet, she somehow gave him a calm feeling, as if… she was not his Junior, instead he is just like her junior to her!

Baizhi: The truth is, I’m really older than him in my last life.

She came to the stage with Principal Zhang’s face full of anxiety and fidgeting, and it was the first time she appeared in front of these classmates who had heard many rumors about her.

In the crowd, Gu Xinchen’s face was gloomy.

“This is Li Baizhi? I don’t see anything special.”

“I don’t know what she’s going to say, she didn’t even take the manuscript.”

Gu Xinchen looked at the people on the stage with a mocking voice: “It’s nothing, it’s just a minor fight. It’s just that someone you know is in the Academy of Sciences, let’s see what she can say.”

Everyone looked at Baizhi to see what she could say and how good her speech would be.

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