Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 14

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

Baizhi said –

“Among the three fields of water, land and air in our country, the current development and utilization of the deep sea is only…”

She has no talent in literature at all!

Yet her speech is even more calm and unwavering, without emotion!

Just a detailed introduction to domestic research on sea, land and air, as well as other countries’ research on sea, land and air!

It’s all a group of data and comparisons, as well as a lot of scientific research that most people don’t understand.

However, everyone subconsciously held their breath and listened to her carefully. Even the teachers took out their notebooks and began to record something.

Halfway through the talk, many other students who entered the school last year, as well as teachers, entered the venue one after another, quietly found a place to squat, took out paper and notebooks, and memorized them while listening.

 “The gap seems to be huge, but as long as we find the right direction, we will soon be able to catch up and then surpass. In the future, all the directions mentioned above, as well as the directions not mentioned, are where we can work hard! Beyond being more developed than other countries is a matter of time. Sooner or later, what we have to do is to shorten, shorten, and shorten that time and surpass them.”

At this point, all Baizhi said was over.

She bent and bowed down, and walked without stopping.

This was a short opening speech. There was no literary talent and no emotion in the speech, but it made everyone present flush with excitement and even wanted to shout.

The breakthrough points she mentioned, and the directions to make efforts, made everyone present refreshed.

Some teachers were suddenly enlightened, as if the problems that plagued them suddenly became clear.

Seeing Baizhi step down, many students didn’t care that the speech was just over, and squeezed towards Baizhi in an instant, wanting to communicate and ask questions.

However their teacher squeezed past them before them!

“Student Baizhi, what you just said…”

“Student Baizhi, you just…”

“Student Baizhi!”


Gu Xinchen was still in shock, there was no one around him anymore!

The people who were standing along with him just now were all crowding towards Baizhi at this moment, busy exchanging their views and feelings.

After a long while, Gu Xinchen regained his senses, pursed his lips, looked at Baizhi who was surrounded by people with an ugly face, turned and left.

He felt ashamed.

He was also a little nervous in his heart.

——This is him who has always been proud. For the first time, he vaguely realized that he cannot compare to some people.

Obviously, Gu Xinchen couldn’t accept this.

Principal Zhang was excited.

He could already foresee that in the near future, these freshmen who have been inspired by science from the very beginning will, as Baizhi said, work desperately and work hard to shorten the catch-up time infinitely!

Thes people who have been enlightened at this time,  may have an inkling or direction for development, and they will eventually become the future strength of this country!

Principal Zhang was really excited.

His decision to make Baizhi as the representative of the freshman is soo correct!

No, it should be said that since he made the decision to recruit Baizhi, it was already correct!

It was already night when Baizhi escaped and left Jingcheng University after receiving the greetings of her classmates.

The teachers were also reluctant to let her leave, and the young students who couldn’t didn’t even get to talk to her were even more excited and could not wait to talk all night.

Baizhi withdrew, and the rest of the people were still chatting excitedly.

“Why don’t you take a car, but instead walking back by yourself…” System 444 began to ponder.

As an existence at the bottom of the system world, it does not have many friends, and when it appears on the forum, it can only be weighed down or ridiculed by a group of people.

Therefore, most of the time, even if it doesn’t want to, it can only watch the life of Baizhi as a pet in her head.

Baizhi was in a good mood today, and replied: “You said before that Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang are going to aim at me.”

“Huh?” System 444 was shocked and asked: “You already know they are going to aim at you today?!”

“I don’t know, but I think you have to give them a chance, don’t you think so?” Baizhi chuckled and walked calmly.

System 444 was startled.

Baizhi walked calmly, there was still some distance from Jingcheng University to the Academy of Sciences, but she didn’t plan to walk there.

Even the capital city Beijing was not so lively these days. As soon as it gets dark, the light outside is a little dim. Although it is not as dark as the village, it was still not crowded with people.

Baizhi also walked a distance to a slightly quieter place.

Sure enough, a few gangster-like men bumped into her, and then smiled –

“Come on, it’s her!”

Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang were also tired of Baizhi. 

Li Xiangxiang was supposed to live at the school, and couldn’t be out at night.

But she couldn’t care less, and she sneaked out without asking for a permit from the teacher at all.

She felt that now with Gu Xinchen supporting her, she didn’t need to care about the teachers in the school.

Originally, she had also been admitted to a university in the capital. In the future, she only needed to hold on to Gu Xinchen tightly, what she studied was not that important.

Li Xiangxiang studied hard at first to come to the capital just to find Gu Xinchen. Now that she has succeeded, why study so hard?

One of the reasons she sneaked out was to get in touch with Gu Xinchen, and the other was because…

“Xinchen, have you really found someone to take care of her?” Li Xiangxiang’s voice was full of anticipation.

“Well, we can’t do anything to her for the time being, we will just scare her first.” Gu Xinchen’s eyes showed mockery, and then he looked at Li Xiangxiang with a smile, “Xiangxiang, how do you want to punish her, tell me, I’ll help you realise it. Li Xiangxiang eyes lit up, and she hurriedly held Gu Xinchen’s hand tightly: “I don’t have any other wishes, I just want her to get out of Jingcheng University!”

After thinking about it, she gritted her teeth again: “Li Baizhi hurt my three brothers. It’s so miserable, I want to break her hands, feet, and one eye!”

Thinking about this, she wished she could see Li Baizhi blind and rolling back to Lijia Village with a lame leg.

At that time, she will see how those people in the village can still boast!

Why is Li Baizhi being soo worshipped? !

From the day her admission ticket was burned, she should have had nothing!

Gu Xinchen frowned slightly, but instead asked: “You just said before that something happened to your three brothers. Now one has turned blind, the other had his hand broken, and the last one has both his legs damaged. I understand that the three of them are all smart people, how could something like this happen to them? Being hurt by Li Baizhi like this?”

Li Xiangxiang opened her mouth, not knowing what to say.

Gu Xinchen saw her hesitation, let go of her hand, and his voice became cold: “Xiangxiang, you should know that I hate people who lie to me the most.”

Li Xiangxiang hurriedly said: “No, Xinchen, how could I… I lied to you? I just don’t know how to tell you. My three brothers were also at fault in this matter. Li Baizhi relied on the support of the village and insulted me. Then my three brothers were angry and wanted to go to her house to release snakes to scare her. …”

Some reasons and consequences a

were omitted, and the emphasis was on Li Baizhi’s abomination.

“Huh? What happened?” Gu Xinchen frowned.

“In the end, I don’t know how she did it, making her dilapidated house fall, buy my three brothers fell down as soon as they entered the house! And she had taken her grandfather to hide early!”

Li Xiangxiang said, seeing here and there, while gritting her teeth: “I don’t believe that she can hide this from everyone, she must have done it on purpose!”

Gu Xinchen nodded: “After watching her speech today, she seems to not be a simple person, she can definitely do it.”

Having said that, he glanced at Li Xiangxiang, and couldn’t help but say: “Your three brothers are not that smart either, and they fell into her trap. You must not leave any evidence after doing things! I have found someone to teach Li Baizhi a lesson, I will never expose myself!”

“Chen, can you really make her get out of Jingcheng University?”

Gu Xinchen thought about it and said, “It will take time, she has a very high reputation in Jingcheng University now, and the principal values ​​her very much, so she will definitely not be able to drop out so easily.”

Li Xiangxiang’s expression suddenly fell, and she was a little unwilling: “You can’t do anything about it?”

“It’s not that I can’t do anything, but it will take time.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.” Li Xiangxiang held his hand again, with a look of expectation and dependence. .

Gu Xinchen smiled.


Baizhi stopped because there were a few hooligans standing in front of her.

The three little bastards had bad intentions, and they almost wrote the words “I am a bad person” on their faces.

Baizhi looked at them with a very calm expression, not surprised at all.

In her mind, System 444 looked shocked: “Damn it! Someone is really looking for trouble, Gu Xinchen sent them?!”

Who else could it be besides him?

With a wicked smile on his face, the little gangster A said the classic line –

“Little girl, aren’t you afraid to be alone outside at night? Would you like this brother to accompany you?”

When the street gangster A was talking, the street gangster B and the street gangster C gave a bad laugh of “ho ho ho”, and the atmosphere was very well rendered.

Seeing that Baizhi is giving no reaction at all.

The street gangster B asked: “Big brother, why doesn’t she scream?”

They still have a line to say, “No one can hear you when you scream!” They haven’t said it yet!

“Little girl, are you scared? Be good, follow this brother…” As if this wasn’t enough, the street gangster C stretched out his hand towards Baizhi…

Then—suddenly, a few big men jumped out of nowhere, and instantly the three were smashed to the ground.

These people were obviously from regular army. As soon as they made a move, they knocked a few people down, and clasped their hands behind their backs, grabbed their shoulders and pressed them to the ground, looking defensive.

“Be honest!” The voice was stern and menacing.

“Ah—” The little gangster A, B, C screamed.

Sadly, as soon as they opened their mouths, they were gagged by prepared security guards.

Can’t even call.

“It’s too miserable, it’s too miserable!” System 444 covered its eyes and didn’t want to look at this.

“Host, what are you going to do next?”

Even 444 didn’t realize when it had already started asking Baizhi what was going to happen next.

Its contempt and disgust disappeared a lot, and it was even curious about Baizhi’s next move.

Baizhi doesn’t care about 444’s attitude changes, she knows that in her world – as long as you are strong enough, you don’t need to care about others.

“Go to Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang.” Baizhi replied.

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