Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 15

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

So, Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang, who were waiting for feedback together, saw Baizhi coming towards them.

Gu Xinchen was taken aback.

“Why are you here?!” he asked in surprise.

Baizhi stood not far from them and stopped, with a calm expression: “Where can I be if I’m not here? If you find someone to teach me, you must have waited not far away, waiting for the three of them to give you feedback, right?”

The two of them stayed by the back door of the school, it was just… too easy to find them.

——I don’t know if they are young or just arrogant enough to have no scruples.

Gu Xinchen didn’t speak, his brows furrowed together.

Li Xiangxiang couldn’t help but be shocked: “Are you okay?!”

How did Li Baizhi, a little girl, escape from the hands of three men? !

“Of course I’m fine, what can the three little bastards do? It’s nothing more than verbally humiliating me and making me uncomfortable. They can’t even do that properly. If you want to find someone to harm me, why don’t you know how to be smart?

She glanced at Gu Xinchen and then looked at Li Xiangxiang and said: “Li Xiangxiang, I don’t think you are any smarter than your three brothers, are you sure you want him to take care of me?”

“You—” Li Xiangxiang was not having it, “You are not allowed to say that to Xinchen !”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Baizhi looked at Gu Xinchen and raised her eyebrows with disdain.

Gu Xinchen was finally annoyed, and raised his finger to point at her: “Li Baizhi, don’t think that these three street gangsters are all I can send. I just wanted to teach you a lesson first, but it’s good, you angered me. I’ll show you my real tricks!”

Li Xiangxiang raised her chin when she heard this: “You won’t be proud after a few days!”

Baizhi shook her head: “Tsk tsk, aren’t you afraid that the three of them will confess that it’s you?”

Gu Xinchen sneered and said, “Do you have any evidence? Will I admit it? As long as I don’t admit it, what will happen if I don’t confess about it? In the capital, who would dare to arrest me? Do you, Li Baizhi, have that ability?”

As his voice fell, the security personnel sent to protect Baizhi came out.

Gu Xinchen’s words were choked in his throat, and he was stunned.

Baizhi: “He just admitted it, detain him.”

Gu Xinchen: “???”

He was stunned and before he knew he had already been arrested.

“No! You can’t arrest me! I’m the young master of the Gu family, and you have no evidence! I didn’t order it! Li Baizhi didn’t get hurt at all, you can’t arrest me!” Gu Xinchen stared.

“Is there really no evidence?” Baizhi stretched out her hand, shook a small thing in her hand, and then chuckled, “It’s a new product, the camera was just made by the experts of the Academy of Sciences in the past two days, along with sound recording, it’s just right for you…”

Gu Xinchen’s face was blank and shocked.

Li Xiangxiang was also stunned, and stepped forward to grab the security guard: “What are you doing? You let go! Who are you?! Why are you arresting people!” Her voice was filled with disbelief.

But… they didn’t arrest Li Xiangxiang.

Just kidding, who is Baizhi, Baizhi is one of the talents who need protection the most!

So along with Gu Xinchen, Li Xiangxiang was also arrested.

Baizhi is the future elite of their country, a high-level talent, who knows whether the person who wants to harm her is a personal hatred, or other countries have snooped on the secret, so they wanted to harm her? !

Harming her is destroying one of the hopes for the future!

Can the country allow it? !

Arrest them, arrest them all and interrogate them, and never let a spy go!

We must not allow the futures hope to be persecuted!

So, Gu Xinchen, who thought it was nothing at first, never thought that he would be really detained in the police station like this.

No matter how much he shouted or protested, it was all useless.

Li Xiangxiang was also in the same condition.

Fortunately, the two of them were indeed not foreign spies, so they soon stopped tossing them and began to deal with the whole case.

Baizhi provided “evidence”, and the three street gangsters also confessed to everything.

It was true that nothing was too dangerous, Gu Xinchen’s instruction to the three gangsters was to teach Baizhi a lesson, so the plot was not serious.

If Baizhi was not a staff member of the Academy of Sciences, and was not an object that the country needed to specially protect, Gu Xinchen would easily wash off his offence, and she wouldn’t even be able to get anything on him.

But unfortunately for them, Baizhi was the key protection object, and she even took out the new camera invented from the Academy of Sciences and captured Gu Xinchen confession.

The final result – Gu Xinchen was detained for a month.

Although Li Xiangxiang also participated, it was not planned or executed by her, so she was released after being locked up for a few days after the trial.

Li Xiangxiang, who came out of the police station, looked frightened. Gu Xinchen was still locked up. She had nowhere to go, so she could only go back to school.

However – the school gave her a big demerit!


“No! No! Why are you writing me down?!” Li Xiangxiang was shocked, grabbed the director’s hand and was unwilling to accept it.

The director was also very angry: “You are embarrassing us at Beijing Normal University! Besides, you skipped classes for no reason, and sneaked out without asking for leave! The school did not expel you because it was not easy for you to be admitted to the university!”

“No, please I beg the director not to record any demerits for me…” If the major demerits are written in her file, how will she find a job in the future?!

“Li Xiangxiang, if there is another next time, the school will definitely expel you!” The director hated that iron was not steel.

It was not easy to get this learning opportunity, the university that one finally got admitted to, whether it is teachers or students, all of them had studied hard!

This person doesn’t cherish it much, he can’t wait to kick such a person out of the University.

It was only after the University weighed the matter, that they finally decided to give her another chance.

“If you dare, you can try.” After speaking, the director left angrily.

Li Xiangxiang’s body swayed… 

How could it be like this?

Shouldn’t it be Li Baizhi who is unlucky? How could she be deceived and Gu Xinchen be detained?

Thinking of Gu Xinchen, she began to mutter——

“Xinchen, Xinchen, when will you come out…”

She kept muttering Gu Xinchen but she wondered, didn’t his family find out that he was detained? ? Why didn’t they come to save him?

She was so angry, so angry.

The University should already know about his detention, right?

He has just been admitted to the university, and he has not shown his glory yet, why is it like this? Baizhi must be saying bad things about him in University now, right? How could he have the face to go back to school then? Can the University keep him?

Meanwhile, Gu Xinchen covered his face and wondered.

Why didn’t the Gu family come to pick him up?

“This is the end?” System 444 was a little confused.

Baizhi’s hands kept moving: “It’s over, I don’t have time to play with them anymore, I still have a lot of scientific research to do.”

If it wasn’t for them being annoying and she had to think about the original owner’s request, she wouldn’t bother to pay attention to them.

“Gu Xinchen will definitely take revenge on you when he comes out!” System 444 said affirmatively.

Baizhi’s expression was calm: “Then let him come, it will be better if he can sit in the bottom of the prison forever.”

System 444: “…” Sure enough, it knew that this host was not a merciful one!

The end of the one month detention was quickly approaching.

When Baizhi took the train back to the countryside to pick up her grandfather, Li Xiangxiang was picking up Gu Xinchen from the gates of the police station.

In a month, Gu Xinchen had changed a lot, his eyes were more gloomy, his handsome appearance had disappeared, his beard was unshaven, he had lost a lot of weight, and now he was blue and black.

Li Xiangxiang: “Xinchen! Xinchen, are you alright, I’m about to die of worry!”

She jumped up and hugged Gu Xinchen with a worried look on her face.

Gu Xinchen slowly pulled her away, pursed his lips and gritted his teeth: “Li Baizhi!” 

“Xinchen, I was given a huge demerit by the university, and you have been detained for so long. It’s all Li Baizhi’s fault! It’s all because of her!” Li Xiangxiang’s eyes reddened, and there was hatred in it.

“Are you hiding something from me? What happened to Li Baizhi? How could she be protected like this? Why would someone keep interrogating me if I was a traitor? Why did you want to harm her?” Gu Xinchen asked.

Li Xiangxiang’s eyes flickered, and she finally said, “Xinchen, she seems to have joined the Academy of Sciences…”

“Li Xiangxiang! You are hiding this from me?!” Gu Xinchen was furious.

Li Xiangxiang quickly pulled him and begged: “Xinchen, I’m not sure, and even if she joins the Academy, can’t we take revenge? She hurt us like this, I hate her to death!”

Gu Xinchen took a deep breath, and then gritted his teeth even more—— “Li Baizhi, I won’t let her go!” Even if she joins the Academy of Sciences!

“Xinchen, I waited until you came out. I hate her so much, but I can’t do anything about her!” Li Xiangxiang pulled Gu Xinchen, like a life-saving straw.

Only he can avenge her, and only he is her hope.

After they recorded a major demerit for her, everyone in the University excluded her, and the teachers would not give her a good evaluation. She would definitely not be able to find a good job in the future, so she could only rely on marrying into the Gu family.

As long as there is Gu Xinchen, she has everything, she can take revenge on Li Baizhi, and she doesn’t have to worry about the University’s cold eyes and demerits.

As long as there is Gu Xinchen!

“Li, Bai, Zhi! Wait for your death! I will definitely pay back twice—”

 Gu Xinchen’s words came to an abrupt end.

Because, a car stopped in front of him, and two men got off.

His eyes lit up, and he took two steps forward: “Dad!”

After the middle-aged man in the car got off, he said nothing, “Pah—” A slap slapped Gu Xinchen on the face, blinding him.

Gu Xinchen was stunned.

“Gu Xinchen! It seems that sending you to the countryside to become an educated youth didn’t make you any better. You are so troublesome that you actually hurt the talents protected by the state. You have implicated our family! The impression of higher ups about us is terrible now!”

The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, looking at Gu Xinchen like he was not looking at his son, but more like looking at his enemy: “You only made trouble, and if you cause such a big trouble now, how will you treat the Gu family in the future. !”

The young man next to the middle-aged man also looked at Gu Xinchen in a very unfriendly manner. He knew that his half-brother had always been spoiled. Before, he just thought about throwing him to the countryside, but he wouldn’t harm him.

Unexpectedly, his half brother had caused a huge trouble in the name of the Gu family!

He never had a close relationship with this younger brother at first, but now he hates him even more. If his father wasn’t still there, he would definitely break that spoiled brats leg!


“To prevent you from causing trouble again by using the name of the Gu family, we can’t keep you in the country, and we won’t give you a penny. From today, you can have whatever surname you want, just not Gu. Don’t ever come back!”

He waved his hand: “Take him away!”

So, Gu Xinchen was carried and pressed into the car, only to hear him cry –

“Dad! I was wrong!”

Li Xiangxiang was stunned, and stood in the same place stupidly.

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