Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 16

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

What do they mean?

Can’t stay in the country? To be sent abroad? Can’t you be surnamed Gu? Can’t come back?

How can they do this? !

Gu Xinchen is her hope and her support. She doesn’t need to care about offending people, she doesn’t have to care about University, and she doesn’t have to study hard, because—there is Gu Xinchen.

As long as she is married to Gu Xinchen, what can’t she have?

But now…

Gu Xinchen is going to be sent abroad and can’t come back in the future?

So what will happen to her? !

“No! Xinchen!”

“No! You can’t go, you can’t leave me behind!”

“Gu Xinchen—”

Li Xiangxiang followed the car for a while, but the car was slowly drifting away, and she fell to the ground, dazed. Again she desperately stretched out her hand in the direction of the car that was leaving.

Gu Xinchen was not feeling well either.

He didn’t even care about Li Xiangxiang, who was still in the same place. At this moment, his head felt like he had been hit with a stick, and there was a “humming” sound.

Going abroad?

Going abroad with nothing, but he can’t go back home, what can he do when he goes out there? Who can he rely on?

‘I can’t come back…’

‘How can it be?!’

“Dad, I was really wrong, Brother, please help me talk to me!” Gu Xinchen, who never thought he was wrong, begged bitterly at this moment.

He regretted everything!

He shouldn’t have provoked Li Baizhi. In fact, they don’t have any grudges at all, just because of Li Xiangxiang, just because… she was jealous of Baizhi being specially recruited, jealous of the attention she received.

Gu Xinchen’s brother was not his own brother, and he was not pleasing to his eye at first, and in the past he wanted to kill this scourge. Now how can his half brother help him?

The situation has changed, all of them are living with their tails tucked between their tails, for fear of an accident, his younger brother actually came out to cause trouble, and was caught by his neck. The elder brother could only sigh.

“Our Gu family has been implicated by you. Do you know how difficult it is for us now? Do you know how careful we have to be now? Do you know how many enemies we have?” Gu Xinchen’s elder brother questioned.

Hearing this, their dad’s face immediately turned even more ugly, and he said decisively: “You must leave! So as not to cause us any more trouble!”

Gu Xinchen’s body seemed to be deflated all of a sudden, and his whole body collapsed.

——How did it become like this?

At this moment, he not only couldn’t remember his happy relationship with Li Xiangxiang, but only remembered her… with hatred.

If Li Xiangxiang hadn’t come to Beijing, he wouldn’t have hated Li Baizhi, and he wouldn’t have become like this. Now he could have still been studying at Jingcheng University, full of high spirits…

Instead of being thrown out of the country by his own family as he is now!

Li Xiangxiang didn’t know that Gu Xinchen even hated her, she just walked back to Beijing’s Normal University in a daze.

She kept muttering——

“How could this happen? How could this happen?”

“Li Xiangxiang!” The director’s roaring voice sounded.

Li Xiangxiang looked up blankly.

The director’s voice was full of anger and  he loudly reprimanded her-

“You actually played truant again?! Since the beginning of the school year, you haven’t taken classes seriously! You have no attitude to study at all. Li Baizhi from Jingcheng University has put forward so many novel ideas. Jingcheng University has taken the lead, college students in the entire capital are joining various scientific research and making study groups, and the learning atmosphere is very good.

“Everyone is working hard, only you! Not only did you not make good progress, you even skipped classes! Are you worthy of your parents who worked so hard for you to come out? Are you worthy cultivationing for our country?!”

Many people took notes of Baizhi’s speech at the opening ceremony before, which also aroused the desire to study and motivated students in Jingcheng University. Now Jingcheng University is in full swing and has begun to set up various research groups.

Because there are so many groups established, yet there are not enough people to participate in them from Jingcheng University!

What to do then?

Expand the scope!

As a result, students from other universities in the capital also joined in.

There were also many students from Beijing Normal University who joined it. Even if some didn’t, they were motivated by this to work harder, and the learning atmosphere was very good.Skipping class?

No, there were very few students who were late to classes but hardly anybofy skipped!

Only Li Xiangxiang!

She was not serious in class before, and she skipped class as soon as the University started. I criticized her last time, but now she is skipping classes again. She didn’t ask for leave, and left the University secretly.

However, Li Xiangxiang, who was out in daze, when she heard Li Baizhi’s name before she regained her senses, her eyes widened instantly, and she subconsciously said –

“It’s Li Baizhi, this bitch again?!” Why is she everywhere?”

When her voice fell, the director’s expression was beyond description.

He roared –

“Li Xiangxiang! Not only are you tired of studying, but you even wantonly insulted outstanding students from other colleges. We have already given you a chance. For someone like you, our University must not keep you!”

Li Xiangxiang was startled. Anger and other emotions disappeared in an instant, and she stared blankly at the director.

“You must not let your rat shit affect the learning atmosphere of our normal university. Since you don’t cherish this learning opportunity, please leave the normal university!”

After speaking, the director turned around angrily and went to the principal to report.

Li Xiangxiang was completely devastated.


Baizhi is back!

Li Baizhi, who went to Jingcheng University to study, came back a month after the school started, causing a sensation in the entire Lijia Village.

Chen Guifang also received the news, and was instantly overjoyed: “It must be Xiangxiang and Gu Xinchen who succeeded, and she must have been expelled from the University! Hahaha, I will see how proud she can be now!”

After speaking, Chen Guifang immediately put aside the work at hand, left towards the direction of Baizhi’s house, she walked briskly with excitement.

It’s always fun to watch someone you hate get unlucky, even if she’s not doing well herself.

“Mom, wait for me!” The gloomy third Li brother was also overjoyed and hurriedly asked the second Li to push the wheelchair.

However, recently, the three brothers of the Li family have had a very bad relationship.

Second Li didn’t pay attention to the third Li brother. It was third Li’s idea to release snakes at first, but now he is also gloomy and complaining all day long. First Li and second Li have also changed their personalities because of their disabilities, and their relationship turned very bad.

Therefore, the third Li, who was ignored by both, became more gloomy and cursed.

Finally it was Li Dazhu, his father who pushed him there.

The whole Lijia Village had gathered in front of Baizhi’s house.

As soon as Chen Guifang arrived at the door, she said loudly, “Hahaha, Li Baizhi, were you kicked out by Jingcheng University? Now you’re back in despair?!” Her voice was filled with joy.

However, after her voice fell, everyone around looked at her with disgust.

“Guifang, who was kicked out? Our Baizhi came to pick up her grandfather to take him to the capital. She joined the Academy of Sciences, and the state gave her a big house. Baizhi came here to bring Uncle Shuanmin to the capital on purpose!”

“Yes, Uncle Shuanmin, your Baizhi is really promising…”

“Baizhi, how is the capital?”

“Will you come back after you leave?”

Guifang felt like a thunderbolt hit her!

“What?! She didn’t get kicked out, but came to pick up that old man?!” Chen Guifang was stunned.

“Of course! Baizhi is so promising, how could she be kicked out? When she arrived in the county town, the county leader sent a car to pick Baizhi from the station!” The villagers shouted loudly.

Chen Guifang took two steps back in shock.

She looked at the yard, Baizhi was helping Li Shuanmin to pack up, Li Shuanmin’s eyes were red, but he couldn’t hide his happiness. The villagers were helping, and everyone was envious and curious.

“Impossible… how is this possible…” Chen Guifang murmured, full of disbelief.

However, there was a car parked outside, and Li Shuanmin was packing things. Baizhi also looked very good, not a bit unhappy, obviously not suffering.

She finally couldn’t help but step forward and asked, “Li Baizhi, where is Xiangxiang? How is she now? Have you seen Gu Xinchen?”

“Yes.” Baizhi raised her eyebrows, revealing a meaningful expression and smile.

Chen Guifang was stunned for a moment, but when she asked again, Baizhi ignored her.

This doesn’t make sense.

Xiangxiang and Gu Xinchen met, why didn’t they get rid of Li Baizhi, and instead let her live so well in the capital. How can she come back to pick up Li Shuanmin?

Chen Guifang couldn’t figure it out.

There were not many things Li Shuanmin wanted to take away. There were a few photos of Li Baizhi’s parents. Apart from these there was nothing valuable left at home. Baizhi said that there were already quilts and other things in the new house. Therefore, Li Shuanmin only needs to take away some memorable things.

They were sorted out in no time.

Baizhi and Li Shuanmin got into the car and said goodbye to the villagers.

“Uncle Shuanmin, Baizhi, don’t worry, we will help you look after the houses in the village, and come back to see us if you have time!” the villagers said one after another.

“Okay! Okay!” Li Shuanmin cracked a smile with his mouth and squinted his eyes. He looked quite happy.

With his chin lifted, he has never been so proud in his life. Only after Baizhi was recruited by Jingcheng University could he be like this.

Then, the car slowly left Lijia Village amid the envy of the villagers.

After they left, the villagers were still in shock and envy, looking at the back of the car without saying a word for a long time.

Chen Guifang and the three brothers of the Li family were also among them.

They still couldn’t believe it.

——Did Gu Xinchen not drive away Baizhi back here? Now she could even take Li Shuanmin to the capital!

That’s the capital! !

Some villagers also found them, and someone immediately asked: “Guifang, Baizhi has taken her grandfather to the capital, will Xiangxiang pick you up in the future?”

Chen Guifang straightened her back subconsciously: “Of course! Xiangxiang is also a college student in the capital…, and she is going to marry Gu Xinchen in future!”

Although the Gu family is powerful, her daughter is a college student, so she should be worthy of them, right?

“I really envy you…” Some villagers believed her words.

“Cut the crap, I don’t think everyone is like Baizhi.” Some people didn’t believe it.

So, the next day, Chen Guifang rushed to the county town seat to make a phone call to contact Li Xiangxiang.

It is very inconvenient to contact by phone these days. She originally just wanted to drag someone to bring a message, but it was a coincidence that Li Xiangxiang called back.

The two were talking to each other.

Li Xiangxiang’s eyes were red, and before she started to express her grievances, Chen Guifang on the other end of the phone said loudly –

“Xiangxiang! That slut Li Baizhi came back and picked up Li Shuanmin, she really got a house in the capital. She is really living so well in the capital? What’s the matter, why haven’t you asked Gu Xinchen to drive her back?!”

Li Xiangxiang’s words stuck in her throat.

What can she say?

Can she tell Chen Guifang that she couldn’t drive away Li Baizhi, but she was driven away instead, even Gu Xinchen was driven away by her, and the fact that he was driven out of the country, and would never come back!

She lost her backing, and the Normal University also expelled her. She is no longer a college student…

“Xiangxiang, people in the village are bullying the weak and fearing the strong every day. They praise Li Baizhi and look down on our family. Your three brothers are in a tight situation. If we can’t earn work points, our family is going to be left hungry now! You hurry up and discuss with Gu Xinchen and take us to the capital as soon as possible!” Chen Guifang said again.

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