Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 4

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

Baizhi: “Do you think this stuff is worthless? This is a treasure.”

After a pause, she asked again: “Do you know what happened last night and this morning?”

“Huh?” The system was stunned.

From last night to this morning, it secretly complained about the host with other systems and did not see what Baizhi did.

At this moment, it was busy rewinding its memory backward, and soon it was shocked: “You actually sent some scientific and technological research to Beijing’s Jingcheng University and the Academy of Sciences?!”

Baizhi’s eyes flashed, and she couldn’t help showing a bit of madness –

“System, I really want to see your internal structure, you can not only bind human consciousness, but also put it into another body, and you can even check anything that happened at any time… The person or god who can create you must be very powerful, really I want to study your operating mechanism!”

She is willing to bind the system and complete these tasks because she wants to explore higher technology such as the System’s.

It’s really fascinating…

System 444 felt a chill in his heart, and then said proudly: “We are the product of the Space creation, and what our creator creates is a secret, you will never know!”

“Oh, yes? Let’s wait and see.” Baizhi was noncommittal.

Being interrupted by Baizhi, 444 also forgot to ask what letter did Baizhi send and treated it like “waste” and ignored it.

Baizhi and Li Shuanmin soon returned to the village, and Li Shuanmin talked all the way that Baizhi shouldn’t sell books, and should not waste money, and so on.

But he still carried the “scrap” that his granddaughter bought with money, and even worried that his granddaughter was carrying too much, so he reached out to help her and mentioned it from time to time.


Obviously, something big had happened in the village today.

Wails and shouts could be heard from  a distance.

“It seems to be in the direction of our house, Baizhi, let’s go have a look, hurry up!” Li Shuanmin was a little anxious when he heard the movements.

Baizhi nodded and followed her grandfather back home quickly.

When the villagers saw them coming back, almost all of them looked a little complicated.

“Uncle Shuanmin, something big has happened!!” the villagers told them hurriedly.

Soon, Li Shuanmin knew what happened

After they left last night, at midnight, the three brothers of the Li family secretly climbed over the wall and entered their house. However, the house of Baizhi’s family collapsed, and the three brothers were buried inside.

The first Li brother was taken out, and he had become blind in one eye.

Second Li broke a hand and left scars on him. Third Li is still being pressed under the rumble, and both his legs were pressed under the stone. The person who came to help said that even if he was dug out, the two legs of his might not work.

Chen Guifen and Li Xiangxiang were sobbing and almost fainted, and Li Dazhu also cried out with anxiety on his face.

“What? What happened last night?!”

Li Shuanmin was shocked after hearing this.

Baizhi looked calm.

System 444… trembled slightly.

“Host… did you do this?” System 444’s voice trembled.

Baizhi: “Yeah.”

“You didn’t buy any props, how did you let the house collapse and push them down? And how did you know they would enter your house last night?!”

System 444 didn’t understand, there were many items in the systems which were useful, but one needs to spend points for them. Baizhi has no points, so System 444 did not recommend it to her.

Control the collapse of the house and overwhelm people, can you do it without props?!

And without buying a Prediction Card, how can she know that the three brothers next door were going to climb over the wall last night?!

System 444 was startled.

Baizhi explained: “It’s very simple. The reaction of the three brothers yesterday told me that they would take revenge on me. And obviously, the three of them have no brains and don’t know what foresight is. They were stimulated yesterday and were about to get busy with corn harvesting from today. So when they got up last night, they would have definitely retaliated.”

System 444 asked, “What about the collapse of the house?”

Baizhi tapped the side of her leg with her fingers, and her eyes flashed

“Things can be done by breaking the balance, 444, your basic physics is not very good, didn’t your creator take this into consideration? Or do you have to be extra stupid?”

System 444: “…” The host despised this, and it hurts its heart.

The system does not need to give examinations, and of course, does not need to study physics!

When Baizhi was done talking to the system, everybody had already seen the current appearance of their house, and it had all collapsed. It is said that the third Li, who had not been dug out, had just been taken out.

From first to third Li brother, they were all carried in the cart to lie down, ready to be sent to the hospital, with several bleeding.

The house of Baizhi’s family was originally a sheep pen, and it was made of stones, so it wasn’t difficult to dig if it collapsed, and people could be brought out by removing the stones.

But it is because it is a stone structure that it will be more serious when it hits people.

There was nothing in Baizhi’s house, so when these people dug those brothers out, they didn’t pick up anything. There were a few dead snakes next to the trolley. Obviously, the three brothers of Li’s family came to Baizhi’s house last night to release snakes.

“Baizhi and Uncle Shuanmin are back!” “Uncle Shuanmin, your house collapsed, and the three brothers of Li Dazhu and his family were crushed under it!”

“It’s too bad, all three of them are in bad conditions.”

“Uncle Shuanmin, what’s going on with your house? Why weren’t you all at home?”

As soon as she heard the voice, Chen Guifang, who was helping Li Xiangxiang who was crying, immediately stood up and rushed towards them. Fierce face: “Li Shuanmin! Li Baizhi!! Why did you try to kill my three sons?! Why?!”

Li Xiangxiang and Li Dazhu also stared at Baizhi and Li Shuanmin with hatred, as if they were about to pounce on them the next moment.

Li Shuanmin subconsciously took a step back in shock.

He was obviously still at a loss.

The three brothers were so miserable, all of them were seriously injured, especially the third Li, whose legs can hardly be seen!

Baizhi was very calm, and just asked: “My house collapsed, how could they be buried in it? And it is said that it collapsed last night. It was a big night. Why did they get into our house?”

Everyone was stunned.

Without waiting for others to say anything. Baizhi continued: “Did the three of them go to our house to destroy our house, but didn’t expect to get themselves in? Then will ask your family to pay for our house! It’s all your fault!”

“You-you-” Chen Guifang was too angry to even speak.

They should pay?!

Chen Guifang’s eyes widened, her face full of disbelief, looking at Baizhi, wishing to kill her.

But when the villagers present heard it, they immediately turned around.

The house of Baizhi’s family collapsed, and it was only the people who lived there were Baizhi’s family. Why did Li Dazhu’s three sons go in?

In the middle of the night, they took some snakes and got into someone’s house to do bad things. But they didn’t expect to encounter a collapsed house. This is something like God’s judgment!

Some old people in the village already started saying: “This is retribution… This is retribution…”

The Brigade Leader frowned, looking at the expressionless Baizhi, and then at the three brothers lying down, sighing he said: “Everyone, please help, hurry up and send these people to a hospital, Dazhu, Guifang, you also should hurry up and take the money to send the three brothers to the hospital before we get to the root cause of the incident.”

Chen Guifang was still staring fiercely at Baizhi, Li Dazhu had already gritted his teeth.: “Let’s go to the hospital!”

The three brothers in their family have always been the pride of the two of them, and because of these three brothers, their family can live well in Lijia Village.

In this poor era, because of the addition of three strong laborers, the work points are more than other families, and they are barely enough to eat when they are in the most difficult situation.

What’s more, the third child of their family is a lively person and can always bring the other two brothers to generate income for the family.

If something happened to these three brothers.

Li Dazhu couldn’t even think about it!

Chen Guifang and Li Xiangxiang gave Baizhi a stern look, and then hurriedly carried the trolley along with others from the village, pushing and sending the three brothers to get treatment.

When she left, she left a sentence: “I’ll settle the account with you when I come back!” The group gradually disappeared from sight, their backs were in a hurry, and the village discussion sound grew louder.

“It’s too miserable, to think the first Li eye is going to be destroyed.”

“And the third’s legs, I don’t know if they can be saved anymore.”

“This house really collapsed…” 

“This must be God’s punishment. They burned Li Baizhi’s admission ticket, and now they wanted to go in and put snakes, but they didn’t expect…”

At this time, someone asked: “Uncle Shuanmin, where did you go last night? Why didn’t you stay at home!”

Li Shuanmin was at a loss for a moment, then hurriedly explained.

“Uncle Shuanmin, you are so lucky. We were asleep last night when we heard a ‘boom’ sound like an earthquake! Then there were Gui Fang’s howls, you don’t know…” Some villagers immediately spoke vividly about what happened last night.

The house collapsed, and three young people from the next door were crushed. This is a big event in the village!

Some villagers also noticed that Li Shuanmin said “Baizhi wanted to sell books”, they secretly glanced at Baizhi, they just thought she gave up on the college entrance examination and was ready to become a farmer, and did not ask any further questions.

Baizhi never spoke, she looked at the back of Li Xiangxiang’s family leaving and raised her eyebrows.

“Host, what are you looking at?” System 444 couldn’t help asking.

Baizhi: “Second Li’s hand needs to be dealt with quickly, and there is also the leg of the third 

youngest Li. If the two aren’t treated within time, Second Li’s hand will not be maintained anymore. Although the case of the third youngest Li is more serious, it is not too serious. He will not have to lie in bed for the rest of his life if he is treated immediately.”

System 444: “_” What does the host want to say?

Baizhi’s expression was calm: “But they used a trolley to send them to the county hospital. The journey is quite long and bumpy. Coupled with the current medical methods, the second Li’s left hand will not be able to exert force in the future, and the third Li can’t stand up. It’s gone.”

System 444: “_” It is really more uncomfortable to live than to die.

“Host, this is your first time doing a quest, so isn’t this quite too straightforward to start.” The system couldn’t help but say.

“I just set a trap, and I didn’t even use a bait. They had bad intentions and tried to find fault several times. If they didn’t come last night, nothing would happen.” Baizhi shrugged and remained calm and innocent like.

System: “So if they didn’t come last night, would you let them go?”

Baizhi’s eyes crossed with determination:

“Of course not! Because they will definitely come!”

– These three people are people with no conscience, or else they would not have push the original owner down from the mountain and killed the original owner.

The system choked again.

If they didn’t come, this wouldn’t have happened. She was sure that others would come, so she planted a trap!

In other words, this result was an inevitable event in her expectation!

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