Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 5

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

The village was very lively. The three brothers of Li Dazhu’s family sneaked over the wall in the middle of the night and entered the Baizhi house to release snakes. As a result, the house collapsed. The three brothers are now more miserable than each other, and the people who were sent to the hospital still did not return, and there were no results.

The villagers got together, and there was a heated discussion about the matter.

“The three brothers of Li Dazhu’s family are so unlucky…”

“In my opinion, it is retribution, and they deserved it. I didn’t quite believe it when I heard that they went over the wall next door to burn the admit card. Now it seems that they definitely did it!”

“Do you think Uncle Shuanmin knows about this? He and Baizhi left for the town last night!”

“I don’t know, can they even control their house fall?”

“I don’t know, can they control their house from collapsing?”

“Is that the luck of Shuanmin and Baizhi? That’s just great!”

At this time, another older man said –

“Oh, this is all karma, karma for karma, the house collapsed, and the three brothers happened to be inside, and they broke the bolt. Min and Baizhi’s family suffered a lot from the three brothers’ family, it was all a long time ago…”

“Uncle Six, what do you mean?”

“Have you forgotten where did Shuanmin live in the past? Who built that sheep pen? Yes!”

“Ah, I remember!” A villager said immediately. “Uncle Shuanmin owned the house of Li Dazhu’s family. Back then, when Dazhu’s family couldn’t feed themselves, he almost sold his children. If it wasn’t for Uncle Shuanmin., giving them food, clothing them, and renting them land, now there may not be any Li Dazhu’s family in the village! The sheep pen was built by Li Dazhu’s father. But the sheepfold…”

Immediately, the young villagers sighed… “Tsk tsk, that’s really a tit for tat. Li Dazhu and his father drove Shuanmin’s family out to live in the sheepfold and lived in their house by themselves. If the sheepfold is not firmly repaired, it would collapse. It didn’t collapse on the benefactors, but it collapsed on the three brothers who went to do evil, it is indeed retribution!”

Immediately, the villagers kept nodding their heads, apparently agreeing that the Li Dazhu family had suffered retribution.

“Let’s stay away from this house in the future, so as not to get moldy…” When the villagers were talking, Baizhi and Li Shuanmin were packing things out of the collapse, but they didn’t have anything useful at all. They took the things they would be able to use soon and brought them together.

Li Shuanmin looked at Baizhi and couldn’t help asking: “Little Zhi, this collapse of the house…”

Baizhi looked at him with an innocent face: “Grandpa, fortunately, we didn’t live in the village last night!”

“Yes, fortunately, fortunately.” Li Shuanmin also had a look of fear.

A thought that had just arisen in his heart was soon dispelled. Can his little Baizhi really control the collapse of the house? It’s all a coincidence, it’s just that they were lucky, so they didn’t follow bad luck!

“Hey, I don’t know where we will live in the future… Before the new house is built, we may only be able to live in a cowshed.” And they have no money or food to ask someone to help them build a house, even if it’s the simplest kind!

Li Shuanmin sighed again.

Baizhi: “It’s okay, there will be a place to live.”

Li Shuanmin didn’t understand, he just thought it was Baizhi comforting him.

“You girl…”

After a while, the noise in the village rang out again. It seems that the person who sent the three brothers of the Li family to the hospital came back.

Baizhi and the others continued to pack their things and didn’t care.

As a result, that night, not only the Brigade Leader but also the Li Dazhu family and the three brothers came back!

–Among the three brothers, the eldest is blind in one eye and has been bandaged.

— After that the second child, his left hand can’t use a lot of force, and the wound on the face will definitely leave a scar.

–The third child is most serious, his legs have been completely destroyed, and he can only lie on the bed in the future, and can no longer stand up.

Staying in the hospital is also a waste of money. Li Dazhu’s family didn’t have much savings, just a few silver dollars that were stolen from Li Shuanmin at the beginning.

After seeing the situation of the three brothers, they had to spend more money. The hospital also suggested that they come back to recuperate, so the Brigade Leader and Li Dazhu brought people back again.

The three brothers lay silently, all awake with despair on their faces.

Third Li brother was still half-dazed, or else it would be even crazier when he knew about his condition. Wouldn’t he become insane?

As soon as they came back, Chen Guifang and Li Xiangxiang rushed toward Baizhi and Li Shuanmin.

“You two deceased things! Pay my son, you give me back my healthy sons! It’s all because of you, if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t be like this!!” Chen Guifang screamed and was about to pounce, but was stopped by the villagers.

When she said this before, the villagers would usually follow her thoughts, but after that day’s incident, the villagers all felt that the three sons of Li Dazhu were punished, and that had nothing to do with Baizhi.

But no one speaks for them, they just pulled Li Dazhu’s family back, so as not to really hurt Baizhi’s.

“Li Baizhi, you guys are too vicious!” Li Xiangxiang cried so much that her eyes were swollen. Her three older brothers were her support. Now the three older brothers are basically useless, and she hates Baizhi to death.

“Li Shuanmin, Li Baizhi, you must give us an explanation!” Chen Guifang was stopped by someone, and she gritted her teeth and scolded, “If you have lost your conscience completely, why don’t you die! A family that has only children and old, is a disaster brooms result. This bitch…”

Baizhi ignored them and looked at the Brigade Leader instead: “Brigade Leader, I really want to call the police this time, they destroyed my house, it’s considered ‘personal loot’, if it weren’t for them, the house may not have collapsed. They sneaked over the wall in the middle of the night, and I don’t know what they were going to do.”

Guessing what the Brigade Leader was going to say, she added slowly

“This time there is evidence, here it is.” Pointing to the Collapsed house.

Chen Guifang’s scolding stopped for a moment, and even Li Dazhu, who also looked at them with hatred, was stunned.

It was clear that they were looking for Baizhi and the others to settle accounts, why will Baizhi sue them in end?!

“The state is also very strict about public security now. First, they burned the admit card, and now they do something like this. They bully us, the old and the young so that we have no place to live. The police will definitely take care of them!” Baizhi was very calm, looking at the Brigade Leader, her eyes showed determination and firmness that everybody could see.

“Bah! You bitch broom star, your house collapsed and hurt my son, and now it’s still..”

Baizhi interrupted her: “If we were at home last night, we might have been crushed by the house now. Even if they were injured, this time we have evidence, and the police will definitely interrogate them! Grandpa let’s go to the police.”

She turned to look at Li Shuanmin.

Li Shuanmin was stunned and followed Baizhi for two steps in a daze.

“Wait!” Li Dazhu said immediately.

Chen Guifang also gritted her teeth and shouted loudly, “You can’t go!”

No matter how loud she shouted or how angry she was, on the way back, she had already asked Li Xiangxiang, and the Brigade Leader also said, they can’t let Baizhi and the others to make up for it. It’s unrealistic, after all, it was the three brothers who jumped over the wall in the middle of the night to do bad things.

If Baizhi calls the police, the police will only arrest the three brothers!

The current situation of the three brothers is not good. If they go to the police now the brothers will be arrested, even if they are released after a few days…

Li Dazhu and Chen Guifang will not dare to think about the consequences!

Baizhi and Li Shuanmin stopped.

“Baizhi, don’t make a fuss to the police at any time, we will solve the problems in our village by ourselves!” The Brigade Leader sighed, stepped forward, and tried to cover up the issue.

“What do you want?” Li Xiangxiang asked through gritted teeth.

Baizhi looked back at them: “You took my house for so long, it’s time to change it back.” 

The surroundings instantly quieted down.

Yes, the house that Li Dazhu’s family lives in now originally belongs to Li Shuanmin. It’s not like other people in the village didn’t know about it at this time. You know, it’s the most stylish house in the village.

But Li Dazhu originally lived in it, so he took the house first.

Other villagers who had this idea could only scold a few words in private, but it was too late.

“Brigade Leader, is my request too much? This house was originally ours. They occupied it for so long, and now shouldn’t they return it.” Baizhi glanced at Li Dazhu and the others, and then looked at the Brigade Leader .

The Brigade Leader frowned silently.

“Li Baizhi! What nonsense are you thinking about?! That’s our house. Your family should compensate us. You dare to think about our house. You are dreaming! My son’s are having a hard time because of you!” Chen Guifang was so angry.

She pushed away the people who were blocking her and picked up a stone on the ground to hit Baizhi.

“Aunt Guifang, don’t mess around!”

“Chen Guifang!” The villagers were anxious, only Baizhi looked calm, she even stepped forward: “You are fighting like this, it seems that you really feel sorry for your son and want to accompany them. Let’s go to the police station with your sons.”

Chen Guifang’s hand froze again.

She has a very loud voice, and she has always been louder and more unreasonable than anyone else in getting along with others, but in fact, she is very afraid for her life. But no one has threatened her with the law and the police till date.

In this regard, Baizhi saw through her yesterday afternoon.

Baizhi’s eyes looked at the Brigade Leader  and Li Dazhu: “You make a decision now, if you don’t return the house to us, then my grandfather and I can only go to the police station, and we will live at the police station tonight.”

The Brigade Leader frowned tightly. At the same time, Li Dazhu’s eyes also became obscure.

This night is destined to be eventful.

The Li Dazhu family discussed with the village cadres for a long time and finally decided to return the house to Li Shuanmin and Baizhi. As for the Li Dazhu family, they moved to the educated youth point.

The conditions where the educated youth lived in their village were not very good, but after Gu Xinchen came, he paid someone to repair it, and now the house is still very good in the village.

No one lives in that house now, and with the relationship between Li Xiangxiang and Gu Xinchen, the Brigade Leader gave them the house to live in.

Just correspondingly, the original house has to be returned to Baizhi and the others.

Chen Guifang is a little confused. The three sons of their family have become like this because of Li Baizhi. Why should their family give up the house?!

She doesn’t want to do it.

“Why?! No one can let me move!” Chen Guifang sat on the ground in the courtyard of the green tile house.

Li Dazhu seemed to age ten years older, squatting in the yard with a frown and smoking.

Li Xiangxiang’s eyes were also red and swollen, and she said, “Mom, the eldest brother, the second brother, and the third brother are now focusing on recuperating. Li Baizhi has changed. She is now mad and mad. If we don’t move, she will definitely go to the police station to make trouble. Now it is better not to provoke her.” 

After a pause, hatred flashed in her eyes: “Isn’t it just the house? Let’s give it to her, Mom, when I get my college entrance examination results, our family will be proud! I will go to the capital to study at university and find Xinchen, he will definitely help us. At that time, Li Baizhi and Li Shuanmin, two incompetent peasants, will be crushed to death if we lift our feet and press them!”

She followed Gu Xinchen to “see the world”, so naturally, she had a “vision”.  She can only let go of the house now. She knows that she should hold her breath now, and when she contacts Xinchen, she will be able to get revenge immediately.

The same is true for the house. After she goes out to the city she can bring her family with her, the house in the village is not important at all.

Hearing this, Chen Guifang finally said: “Daughter, your three brothers are stupid. We can only rely on you to make a good life by making ourselves like this. You must avenge your three brothers in the future!”

“Don’t worry, Li Baizhi will only be an ordinary village girl in the future. I will be a college student, and Brother Xinchen’s family is even more powerful, I will make her die!”

“Let her kneel down and give us Kowtow.”


“I will also poke her eye out, break her legs and hands like she made your brother suffer.  We will do it all over again.”

“Sure, after a while, crushing her will be like crushing a grasshopper. Simple.”

“Let her be proud for a few more days!”

So, Li Dazhu’s family moved out bitterly.

Li Shuanmin was still a little dizzy. He thought he was going to live in the cowshed tonight, but he never expected that he would be able to get back their house.

This was the biggest wish of Baizhi’s parents when they were alive!

However, this wish was not fulfilled until they died, and they could only live in the sheepfold and watch the family next door smack in their ancestral house.

The author has something to say:

Li Xiangxiang: After a while, crushing you will be like crushing an ant!


Country Dad: ??? Grab it!

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