Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 6

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

Li Shuanmin entered the room in a daze.

When Li Dazhu’s family evacuated the house and left, they smashed the windows, making a mess everywhere. Obviously, it was because they were having a hard time, and they didn’t let others feel better.

Li Shuanmin’s originally happy mood suddenly fell, and his face was distressed.

“Oh, this is the house that your great-grandfather asked someone to build back then, how could it be ruined like this!”

“This is also what your great-grandfather hired a carpenter to make, using good wood, and now they have been ruined it like this!” “

“And this house, this is the house where your parents lived back then, ah, how did it become like this.” Li Shuanmin’s face was full of distress.

Baizhi brought in the things they had cleaned up from the collapsed house next door and put them in the yard. It was already dark now, she lit the lights, fetched water, and prepared to start cleaning.

“Grandpa, let’s clean up. After a while, we will repair it and restore it to the original.” Baizhi’s voice was calm.

She had long known the virtues of that family, and she was not at all surprised that the house became like this.

Li Shuanmin’s depression was swept away, and his voice was smiling: “You are just a child, how can you afford to repair it, and how will it return to its original state…”

They now rely on digging wild vegetables for food, how can they afford to build a house?

Every family is poor in the village, and even a family of four strong workers like the next door can’t save much money.

He shook his head and hurried to help clean up the house.

After the depression swept away, his footsteps became brisk again. Although the house was ruined a lot by them, the original appearance is still there.

Li Shuanmin was very happy to get back what belonged to him.

This was the biggest wish of his and Baizhi’s parents.

“Little Zhi, you should pay attention to safety when you go out. We have offended Li Dazhu’s family hard this time and they are too tough, and the villagers definitely don’t like us much.”


“We have a place to live now, come early. I will save money to buy books for you, study hard, and go to university next year, you can only go out and leave here if you get into a university.” 

“You can go to university without taking the exam.”

“You kid…”

The light of the oil lamp illuminates the house and with one old and one young staying together, the atmosphere was very warm.

The Li Dazhu family, who had just moved to the educated youth point, was different. Chen Guifang scolded a few words from time to time, and Li Xiangxiang also had an obscure expression and tidied up the house.

This house was indeed very good, after all, Gu Xinchen lived in it.

It’s just that it’s not as spacious as the original blue-tiled house. They can’t live in that house, so the three brothers can only live in one room.

At this moment, the third Li brother woke up. Seeing that he did not live in the original place, he immediately asked the reason.

“That bitch! I’m going to look for her!” Third Li’s eyes were grim and he wanted to get out of bed.

But he immediately froze.

“What’s wrong with my legs?!”

“My legs!!”

That night, the entire village could hear the screams of Li Dazhu’s family.

In the next few days, Li Dazhu’s family looked very bad.

First Li is blind in one eye and doesn’t want to see people, so he doesn’t come out to earn work points. Second Li’s hand had to be supported and his face was disfigured. He stayed at home and doesn’t want to come out. The family howled and insulted Baizhi and the others.

Li Dazhu, Chen Guifang, and Li Xiangxiang have lost weight seeing from the naked eye. Li Dazhu is much older looking than before, and Chen Guifang’s face is even more bitter and mean. When she sees Li Shuanmin, she insults him for a while.

Even Li Xiangxiang, who has always been like a little princess in the village, is now blue and black, and her expression has become obscure.

The villagers were afraid of the bad luck of Li Dazhu’s family and dared not approach them.

Regarding Li Shuanmin and Li Baizhi, they also had opinions and ignored them, leaving Chen Guifang to scold others while working.

But this only lasted for a few days.

Baizhi felt that there was no need to go out to earn work points, but Li Shuanmin felt pressured in life and had to go out.

He was old, and what the village allotted him was to thresh corn.

After the corn from the village is recovered, it is dried to remove the corn kernels, dried, bagged, and handed over to the commune.

These are tasks that must be completed every day. When Li Shuanmin came back yesterday, his hands were red, and he was a little unsteady with his chopsticks.

His hands were very rough and had thick calluses, but even so, seeing him rub his hands like that, it can be seen that he had pushed himself and the workload exceeded the normal allocation.

Seeing this, Baizhi frowned instantly.

That night, she dug out some things from the scraps she bought, and went back to find some wooden boards, and she didn’t sleep until half the night.

The next morning, Li Shuanmin was ready to go out.

“Grandpa, wait, I made something for you.”


Sun Valley Farm.

The villagers are threshing corn kernels under the eaves of the factory warehouse next to the grain drying field, and everyone had a lot of tasks to complete in front of them.

But these people were not in a hurry to work. Instead, they surrounded Li Shuanmin, who was squeezed into the side as he basked in the sun and threw corn kernels. They surrounded him tightly, exclaiming from time to time.

“What are you doing?!” The Brigade Leader followed the young men who were breaking corn, carrying corn on their backs, and frowned when he saw this.

If they don’t work hard, what are these people doing?

“Brigade Leader, come and see! Uncle Shuan Min has brought a machine!” The voice of the speaker was unbelievable.

Things such as a machine were very rare in that periods commune.

The Brigade leader frowned and led the person forward.

Even if he was the Brigade Leader, no one gave him a way, and the young men at the back were curious and he couldn’t help but squeeze in. Only then did he see Li Shuanmin who was surrounded.

He saw the old man sitting on a high bench with a strange thing under his feet.

There was a big hole in the top of the thing, and Li Shuanmin didn’t need to take action. The villagers next to him quickly put the whole corn in. Then Li Shuanmin stepped on it with a relaxed expression.

Accompanied by several exclamations from the crowd.

Brigade Leader: “!!!”

“Uncle Shuanmin, come here, sit inside, it’s too sunny outside!”

“Uncle Shuanmin, this thing is so convenient!”

“I’ve seen a machine before, it’s not as convenient as Uncle Shuanmin at all, and it’s very difficult to get things done from it.”

“I’ll step on, I’ll step on, Uncle Shuanmin, I’ll help you with your work today!”

“Bah, you just want to use it. The machine will do all the work, I’ll do it, I’ll help Uncle Shuanmin to thresh corn kernels in the future.”

“Uncle Shuanmin brought this machine, you won’t need to thresh corn kernels anymore, don’t take advantage of him, come here. Come, Uncle Shuanmin, drink some water!”


Because of the lack of tools, this corn thresher made by Baizhi was very simple, and even because the material is mostly wood, it will break down after a few days.

But for the villagers, it was still very shocking.

So that Li Shuanmin became extremely popular instantly from being excluded.

They pulled him to rest under the eaves, poured him water from an enamel cup, and the excited people sat on them curiously and began to step on them.

Li Shuanmin was a little flattered.

“My little Zhi made this. She stayed up late last night to make it.” Li Shuanmin couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

“What?! It’s actually made by Baizhi?!”

“Oh my god, Baizhi is amazing!”

“Sure enough, Baizhi is a literate person, and Baizhi’s grades are very good.”

“If she went to take the college entrance examination, she will definitely be able to get a good grade in the exam!”

“It’s all to blame on the three brothers of Chen Guifang’s family!”

“But they also got their retribution. I heard them howling last night.”


The Brigade Leader was relatively calm. Although he has seen similar products when he heard Li Shuanmin say that Baizhi made it. He got excited.

This thing only needs to be stepped on with the feet to take off the corn kernels. It is really many times faster than hand rubbing, and the hands do not have to feel uncomfortable at all, which is very convenient.

This year, when it comes to harvest, it was difficult to grab time.

The Brigade Leader could hold back his curiosity, but others couldn’t hold back.

A young man who followed him immediately squeezed the person who was stepping down, sat on it, put another corn on it, accumulated his strength, and then stepped on it hard.

“Ah! It’s broken!”

“Er Gouzi, you have caused a big disaster!”

When Baizhi was called from the house, there were many people in the drying field.

The man who stepped on the broken corn thresher was crying and was worried, and his mother was standing next to him, tugging at his ears and cursing, obviously very angry.

“Little Zhi, it’s broken…” Li Shuanmin’s voice actually contained two points of grievance.

He only used it for a whole morning, and it broke down, which is really aggrieved.

“Baizhi, your Ergou brother is ignorant and accidentally trampled it. We’ll pay you, whatever you say.” The Ergouzi’s mother gritted her teeth.

She was full of distress, but she was a responsible person and knew how to compensate.

“It’s okay, the wood is useless, just replace it,” Baizhi said, holding a wrench and other tools to repair it.

When she just went out, she heard that the corn thresher was broken, and she knew the situation in her heart.

As soon as the wood was changed, the corn thresher was operating again.

Li Shuanmin smiled again, he showed a lot of teeth and laughed, his face wrinkled, it was rare to be so happy.

“Huh—Baizhi is amazing!”

“It can still be repaired, how did you know that, Baizhi?”

“Yeah, Baizhi, how can you still do this!”

“Learning from books.” Baizhi stood up indifferently…

“A literate person is indeed a literate person. Baizhi, you have to continue to study, so that you can find a way out. Anyway, the Li family will pay you rations. Study hard, and you must take the college entrance examination next year!” The villagers advised.

The Brigade Leader’s expression changed: “Baizhi, then this thing… can you make it?”

“I can do it if I have the materials.” A smile flashed in Baizhi’s eyes.

The fish is hooked, and the second goal is going to be achieved soon.

Sure enough, the Brigade Leader and the people from Lijia Village rubbed their hands excitedly.

Machines are equal to saving trouble, saving time, they are popular, being able to rent out, and being able to exchange food!

Baizhi went to the county town for the second time. This time, she was followed by two strong laborers. They brought the food given by the Brigade Leader, followed Baizhi to the waste station, and moved back to the two big carts with all kinds of “garbage” and scrap steel.

These two strong laborers will not go to the field for the next few days, and they will help Baizhi to “manufacture” more corn threshers.

Originally, the Brigade Leader only arranged one, Baizhi only said one sentence, and there was one more helper.

 –Milling Machine.

As long as there are enough materials, she can also build a rice mill.

Of course, even if the material is not enough, a simple rice mill can also be made.

–This is the pride of the most knowledgeable scientist on the whole planet.

Because of a simple corn thresher and a rice milling machine that has not yet been built, Baizhi’s and Li Shuanmin’s status in the village has been unprecedentedly improved.

The village recorded the work points of a cadre for Baizhi, but also gave two helpers work points too, and the two helpers were in the hands of Baizhi. Whether it was to build a rice mill or do something Baizhi wanted them to do, it was Baizhi who had the final say.

The electricity bill is also covered by the village. The Brigade Leader is a visionary. Not to mention the rice mill, he firmly believed that the value of the corn thresher is greater than the electricity bill.

Li Shuanmin stopped working much in the grain drying field, as long as he stepped his foot on the machine twice from time to time his work was considered done.

Baizhi wanted him to “help” her at home and not work, but he was not willing, feeling that he couldn’t help Baizhi much, it was better to go to the drying farm to “work”.

“My Little Zhi is like this when she is this young, just like her father!” Li Shuanmin’s hearty voice sounded.

“Yes, I also remember that Little Zhi’s father used to be a maintenance worker. He was the most powerful maintenance worker in Shili Ba Village and can repair anything.”

“Yes!” Li Shuanmin raised his chin proudly.

Baizhi and Li Shuanmin’s status was high, and the village mentioned them with admiration, and Li Xiangxiang’s family suddenly became excluded from the village.

Originally, they were afraid of their bad luck, but now they stayed far away from them.

“What kind of thing, isn’t it just that she can make some kind of machine, what’s the use?! It’s impossible to be a maintenance worker, and the factory won’t want her. What’s there to be so proud of?” Chen Guifang scolded loudly.

But before she scolded people, Li Shuanmin and the others who lived next door could hear her, but now they were not next door.

“Be quiet, we have to read a book!” A male voice sounded.

Oh, and now there are educated youths next to them, and these educated youths have to read books.

Chen Guifang wanted to scold but was pulled by Li Xiangxiang.

“Mom, forget it, stop scolding!” She disliked the people in the village, but she had always had a good relationship with the educated youth, and now she was naturally extremely embarrassed.

“I just can’t get over it. Your three brothers are like this, and they are so proud of themselves. She is really a thing that will cut off my children and never die…” Chen Guifang is about to start again.

Li Xiangxiang pulled her: “Mom, the college entrance examination results are about to come out, and then I will make you proud!”

Her eyes were full of disdain, isn’t she just a repairman?

Can she become a college student like her?

She is going to the capital to go to university!

From the day her brothers burned Li Baizhi’s admission ticket, she was someone Li Baizhi could never compare with!

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