Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 7

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

“Host, are you really not going to take the college entrance examination route?” System 444 asked.

Baizhi’s hands were constantly moving. The technology of this era is really too poor, and the materials are extremely scarce. No matter what Baizhi wants, she has to make it by herself.

“Didn’t I say so? No college entrance examination.” Baizhi replied calmly.

System 444 couldn’t help saying: “Then are you sure that the things you send will be seen by others?”

Baizhi: “Technology is very poor in this era.”

System 444: “Ah? I know.”

“But people work hard.” Baizhi continued, “They will read what I have written, and as long as they read it, they will come to me.”

“But I think you should still study with peace of mind, wait until next year’s college entrance examination, go to university, and have the ability to be with the Gu family as soon as possible .” The strength to compete, otherwise, when Li Xiangxiang contacts Gu Xinchen, you will have nowhere to turn. But so far, you have not fulfilled all the wishes of the original owner, and the original owner will not give you a good score…” System 444 rambled.

Although it sentenced Baizhi to death before, the ending of the three brothers of the Li family gave it hope again.

The corners of Baizhi’s mouth twitched slightly, and she didn’t answer, she just continued to do what she was doing.

A system is a system in the end, and there is a natural gap between it and the human brain. It cannot understand how amazing and powerful technology is.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, System 444 let out a long sigh, then continued to withdraw, connected to other systems in the system world, and began to complain.

Baizhi is at ease doing her own thing in her yard.

Li Xiangxiang is waiting for the results.

She believed that as long as the grades came out, their family’s status in the village would definitely change dramatically, and the distance between her and Li Baizhi would become a natural moat, and Li Baizhi would never be able to catch up in this life.

Time passed by along with Baizhi’s busyness and Li Xiangxiang’s anxiety.

At the same time the President of Jingcheng University was busy with the issuance of admission notices.

At the end of last year, the college entrance examination had just resumed, and the school had countless things that he needed to handle. A brand new future was being written by them, and the pillars of the future country were being cultivated by them.

The Principal has a heavy responsibility and is very troubled, but his footsteps are also very brisk, and the future full of hope is always particularly beautiful.

At this time, he received a call from an acquaintance of the Academy of Sciences.

“Hey, Director, why did you suddenly call me? Do you have any news about the few students I sent you for internships last time?” 

The Director’s voice was a little anxious: “Principal Zhang! The Dean wants to talk to you!”

“What?” Principal Zhang almost lost his hold on the phone.

The voice on the phone quickly changed to another person.

“Hey, it’s me, it’s me, hello to the dean!”

“Letter? What letter? We receive countless letters every day, and we don’t open them one by one.”

“Sent from XX province? Dean are you in a hurry?”

“Alright, alright, I’ll look for it right away!”

“I’ll definitely find it! Don’t worry, I won’t be sloppy!”

“Ok, I’ll go right now!”

After hanging up the phone, Principal Zhang stood up,and his footsteps left in a hurry.

Li Xiangxiang’s grades came down.

She did the exam very well and was admitted to one of Beijing’s Normal University, which caused a sensation in the entire Lijia Village.

Compared with her brilliance, a “repairer” like Baizhi is not enough.

That is the university in the capital, that is their capital, the center of the country!

Li Dazhu’s family, who had always been gloomy and gloomy recently, raised their eyebrows and even set off firecrackers at the gate for a while. Their place was remote, and from this village and the neighboring villages no one had gone to the capital to go to college, but Li Xiangxiang was the only one!

That’s a college student!

You know, not all the cadres in their village have graduated from primary school.

When the news spread, many people came to watch the fun, and people from many surrounding villages came to congratulate.

The gloom in Li Dazhu’s eyes dissipated, and he smiled.

“Congratulations to Xiangxiang, Xiangxiang is really amazing. She is a college student now.”

“Xiangxiang went to a normal school, right? Then maybe she wants to be a teacher, right? Just like the educated youth teachers in our commune.”

“It should be, that’s the capital, and I don’t know what the capital is like.”

“That must be 1,000 times, no 10,000 times better than ours!”

“Oh, it would be great if the kid from my family could go to university in the future. “


“What kind of commune teacher, those educated youths may not be as good as our Xiangxiang, in our commune, Xiangxiang is the first person! Even if she becomes a teacher in the future, she will teach in the city and teach in Beijing!”Chen Guifang said loudly, it has been a long time since she was so excited and proud.

“What?! She will actually teach in the capital!”

“Oh my god, Xiangxiang is too powerful.”

 “Then, isn’t Xiangxiang going to stay in the capital?”

“Of course!” Chen Guifang nodded heavily,

“Our Xiangxiang said, she will take us all to the capital, eat commercial food, and live a good life!”

Suddenly, there was a commotion around, and everyone looked at Chen Guifang with envious eyes.

“Xiangxiang is really amazing…” As if seeing Li Dazhu’s family following Li Xiangxiang to the capital, some villagers swallowed and muttered.

Chen Guifen stood proudly at the door, holding Li Xiangxiang’s admission notice in her hand, her chin raised high: “Our family Xiangxiang is promising, but she is not like a cat or a dog! Her three brothers, as long as there is Xiangxiang, they can follow along and live a good life!”

Immediately, everyone in Lijia Village was even more envious.

But when someone heard the three brothers of the Li family, their heads became clearer, and a young boy whispered –

“Li Xiangxiang was admitted to the Normal University in Beijing, and her grades in the commune were second, and the first was Sister Baizhi, if it weren’t for her three older brothers burning Sister Baizhi’s admission ticket, Sister Baizhi would have done much better than Li Xiangxiang in the test, maybe the one who would have been admitted would be Sister Baizhi.”

As soon as these words came out, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Yes, Baizhi’s grades were better than Li Xiangxiang’s, and recently because of the corn thresher thing, they have seen the strength of Baizhi.

For these villagers, they don’t know who has the better grades, and they don’t know how to judge.

But apart from Baizhi, no one can make corn threshers and rice mills, whether they are educated youths or children studying in the village.

It can be seen that Baizhi is the student with the best grades in the commune, and it is not mixed with any water!


If the three brothers of the Li family did not burn the Baizhi admission ticket, would this honor belong to Baizhi?

This is stealing someone else’s life!

“What nonsense! Who said that the admission ticket was burned by my kid, I think Li Baizhi was afraid of taking the test, so she burned it himself! Even if you study well, you don’t necessarily do well in the test, and Li Baizhi, where are all her books? It’s sold, she won’t take the exam next year, the matter with my three sons this year was false?!” Chen Guifang said loudly, her voice shrill.

For Chen Guifang, Li Xiangxiang’s admission to Beijing Normal University was like getting on an engine, and her combat effectiveness suddenly exploded.

The eyes of the villagers changed again.

No matter how good Li Baizhi’s grades are, she has indeed sold the books. It seems that she can’t review and prepare for next year’s college entrance examination, so she can’t compare to Li Xiangxiang.

It is impossible for the villagers to challenge Li Xiangxiang for Baizhi, and Li Xiangxiang will leave in the future. If Baizhi has such ability, they will not stand on Li Xiangxiang’s side.

After Chen Guifang finished speaking, seeing that no one supported her words, her face became a little bad.

It just happened that the kid who said before was particularly admiring Baizhi recently, and continued: “Who doesn’t know that it is Li Xiangxiang’s three brothers who burned the admission ticket of Sister Baizhi, otherwise they will not be punished…”


“Mom!” Li Xiangxiang walked out of the house at this time.

Chen Guifang’s face suddenly blossomed with a smile: “Xiangxiang, why did you come out? You can’t sunbathe outside, just rest inside for a while.”

Li Xiangxiang shook her head, glanced at everyone, and said unintentionally: “Mom , When I went to the country town today, I also contacted Xinchen.”

“Gu Xinchen?!” Chen Guifang was surprised.

That is the son-in-law she fancied, the young master of the capital!

The villagers also pricked up their ears, and their faces were full of curiosity.

——Obviously, they all wanted to know what happened to Li Xiangxiang and that young master in Beijing.

“Xinchen told me to go to the capital ahead of time, he will take me around, he is very familiar with the capital.” After a pause, Li Baizhi’s voice became louder, “Also, Xinchen was admitted to Jingcheng University!”

Jingcheng University !

That was a very famous university when the college entrance examination did not stop!

Of course, there were still people who didn’t know and asked: “Jingcheng University? Is it also a good university in Beijing?”

Li Xiangxiang nodded, with a little pride on her face: “Of course, Jingcheng University is the best university in China, and the requirement for this college entrance examination is the highest. It is the most popular university! As long as you can enter Jingcheng University, and there are no accident, you will be the pillar of the country in the future!”

The rating of the Universe was just too high!

“Even your Beijing Normal University can’t compare to Jingcheng University?”

“No.” Li Xiangxiang shook her head, not feeling depressed at all, but with pride, “Jingcheng University is not for everyone, Xinchen has already passed the entrance exam, and he said that when I get to the capital, he will take me to see Jingcheng University.”

Speaking of this, her cheeks were slightly red.

“Oh, it seems that Xiangxiang and that young master Gu will achieve good things!” 

“Hahaha, Guifang, your son-in-law is amazing, he was admitted to Jingcheng University, the most powerful university in the country!”


The kid who just mentioned the matter of “Burning the admission ticket” was slapped by his mother and scolded: “Don’t talk nonsense, today is a good day for your sister Xiangxiang, you will study hard in the future, and don’t talk about taking the test in the capital University, you have to go back to a normal school!”

The boy covered his head and still muttered: “Li Xiangxiang, if you can pass the test. Sister Baizhi is so good, she can also pass the test.” This time, Li Xiangxiang didn’t need to say anything. Chen Guifang has raised her chin with a look of disdain –

“Li Baizhi? Just her? Bah, she still wants to go to Jingcheng University. Dreaming nonsense, Jingcheng University is not a cat or a dog that anyone can enter!” Her voice fell, and there was a burst from the village. “Bah–” sound.

“This is?”

“This is the sound of a car!” Someone exclaimed.

Immediately, the people surrounding Li Xiangxiang’s house spread out and looked towards the village.

In just a moment, a ten-year-old child rushed over, shouting excitedly as he ran-

“The Principal of Jingcheng University, some old experts, and the leaders of the county town are here!”

“They are here to find Sister Baizhi! !”

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