Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 8

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s


“The president of Jingcheng University?! Is that the Jingcheng University that Li Xiangxiang just mentioned?”

“And the leaders of the county town, I haven’t met them yet!”

“They are looking for Baizhi?! What’s going on?”

“My God, there are so many great people, hurry up, hurry up and have a look!”


Suddenly, the people who had just surrounded Li Xiangxiang’s house all dispersed in an instant, and ran towards Baizhi’s house.

The educated youth stay point is a little far away from Baizhi’s house. If you enter the village, you can go directly to Baizhi’s house without entering the educated youth point, so these people all ran in the direction of the sound of the car.

In front of the once lively Li Dazhu’s house, there were only firecrackers and everyone in the Li family left.

Even the three brothers of the Li family who had just been eavesdropping in the yard came out, blank and shocked.

Chen Guifang stretched out her hand to hold Li Xiangxiang in disbelief: “Did I just hear it wrong?!”

How is that possible? !

How could these big men come to Li Baizhi? !

“Did Li Baizhi cause something?!” Chen Guifang guessed.

Li Xiangxiang’s heart was beating wildly, and a bad premonition suddenly rose.

“Let’s go! Let’s take a look!” Chen Guifang gritted his teeth.

Today is a big day for their family. Unless Li Baizhi is unlucky, Chen Guifang doesn’t want anyone to steal their limelight!

She doesn’t believe what good luck Baizhi can get!

Li Xiangxiang was stunned for a while, and then hurriedly followed, but her heart was beating wildly, and she always felt something bad was going to happen.

Even the three brothers of the Li family, who didn’t want to go out, followed. Second Li walked by himself with a sullen face, while First Li, who covered one eye, pushed Third Li’s brother’s wheelchair to follow.

What exactly happened?

Yeah, what the hell happened.

The entire Lijia Village was full of stunned expressions, and when Baizhi heard the sound of the car stopping, her hand moved slightly, and then the corner of her mouth raised.

They come.

The president of Jingcheng University came with the President of the Academy of Sciences and others.

Principal Zhang didn’t know much about scientific research, but the “half” letter he saw that day still shocked him.

Yes, half a letter, he had one portion and the other half was with the Academy of Sciences. Both combined to make a whole letter, the whole envelope is a long paper, and the title is simply shocking –  ‘All the breakthroughs in the development of science and technology of today.’

When Principal Zhang saw the title, his brows instantly wrinkled.

If this was written by a student of his school, he would definitely call people over in an instant, and also verify all the breakthrough points of technological development. Why is it so whimsical, don’t you know what down to earth? !

But unfortunately, this is what the Academy of Sciences asked to find out.

The Principal also watched along, and the more he looked, the more he felt that there was something to be said.

Especially the excitement of these experts and researchers of the Academy of Sciences made him even more ignorant.

Because of this paper, experts from the Academy of Sciences stayed at Jingcheng University for several days, and they have been discussing all around this paper. The more they discussion, the more excited they were.

His friends at the Academy of Sciences told him that the content of the letter was worth digging into, and some of the content explained the kinetic energy part of their research, which gave them a lot of inspiration.

The person who wrote this letter must be a extraordinary genius!

Thier country is trying to catch up with other countries, there are many foreign countries, and what they don’t have makes leaders and scientists very anxious.

All scientists in the country are working hard for the development of the country, and no one will be spared.

What’s more, the letter sent by this genius is enough to shock them and let them know that this genius is very, very powerful, and she will definitely contribute a huge force to the development of science and technology together with other scientists.

Originally, Principal Zhang was not used to meeting with others. Although he also wanted to meet this outstanding talent, the people from the Academy of Sciences obviously did not want to take him.

But the student Baizhi who sent the letter said on the last page of the letter that she could not take the college entrance examination because she did not have the admission ticket, but she really wanted to study at Jingcheng University, so she also sent half of the letter to Jingcheng University.

Hey, he is the President of Jingcheng University. Of course, what he has to do is to dig talents for the motherland all over the country.

How can she not come and study there?

So, because of this sentence, people from the Academy of Sciences took him along.

However, as he went further and further away, he was still thinking, can such a remote village also cultivate such advance talents? What if… it’s just a waste of time for them?

There was a reason why Principal Zhang thinks this way. He has seen many students, and places with backward education and lack of learning awareness. These places are always more difficult to produce talents than advanced places. This is a common phenomenon.

It’s not discrimination, it’s a rational and objective analysis and summary.

Just as Principal Zhang was in wild thoughts, under the leadership of the villagers, the car stopped outside a yard.

The gate to the yard was closed.

“Baizhi lives here!” The Brigade Leader suppressed his shock, let out a long sigh, and said politely.

He was about to go up and push the door directly, when an old expert pushed him away, “Be polite!”

So he knocked on the door, looking a little nervous.

“Knock knock knock.” It felt as if knocking on the hearts of everyone.

A voice came from the door: “Please wait a moment.”

Immediately, the door made a “click” and the door opened automatically.

Everyone: “!!!”

Yes, it’s the sound of the door!

The door opened automatically!

 Automatic door!

These experts didn’t even want to go in, they just started researching from one side of the door to another side of the door.

The door is the same as the previous door, but the lock has been changed, and a black box is locked. It can be seen that this is the thing that controls the opening and closing of the door and makes the sound!

Seeing that some experts had itchy hands, and were ready to dismantle it.

Principal Zhang hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Cough cough, experts, shouldn’t you…go and say hello to Li Baizhi?”

“Hey, yes, yes!”

“You should find Baizhi first!”

“There are still many questions that I want to discuss with Li Baizhi! “

Everyone rushed in.

There were various parts and semi-finished products in the yard. Among the piles of parts and tools, there is a girl squatting.

She looked slender and thin, her face was pale, her hair was long, pinned behind her ears, she was also wearing the simplest blue cloth, her hair were freshly washed, and there were lot of patches on her clothes. She had tools in one hand and some mechanical oil in another.

This was a pretty girl who didn’t care much about her image.

But her eyes were firm, and when she saw them, she smiled lightly, her brows and eyes half-bent.

She kept squatting all the time, smiled and said to them, “You are here.”

 Principal Zhang obviously did not expect that he would see this scene.

But the dean of the Academy of Sciences has already taken the lead, rubbed his hands, stepped forward, and squatted down: “Student Baizhi, hello, I am the dean of the Academy of Sciences Xiang XX…”

He stretched out his hand.

Baizhi also stretched out her hand, one disregarded the oil stain on the her hand, and the other didn’t dislike the oil stain on the other’s hand.

 ~Shake hands.

Then soon, other experts who gave the dean face, squeezed away from the dean, and shook hands with Baizhi one after another.

After shaking hands, these experts immediately asked—— “Student Baizhi, the paper you sent before said…”

“Is XXX really a breakthrough in improving the engine?”

“Also, you said about…”

“Classmate Baizhi! I’m even more curious about what you did to the device on the door?!”

“Classmate Baizhi, what is this you have in your room…”


A group of experts gathered around Baizhi, and the discussions were in full swing, and there were even people taking out their notebook and kept writing down something.

When she got tired of squatting, she just sat on the ground without any care.

Whether it’s these experts or Baizhi, they don’t pay attention to Principal Zhang and the others. They only care about their own communication. From time to time, Baizhi takes out tools to demonstrate, no matter how many people were watching.

Principal Zhang looked at the Brigade leader, and then at the county town leaders who had followed them, and they looked at each other in dismay.

What Baizhi and the experts said… they couldn’t understand anything about it! !

“This…” the Brigade Leader said.

Principal Zhang immediately showed a polite smile, put a finger to his lips, and said silently: “Quiet.”

He is not a scientific researcher, he can only understand half of it, but he knows that these people are the future of the country, are the hopes of development, and he respects them.

The Brigade Leader was even more confused.

He looked at the leaders who came from the county seat. All of these leaders were quiet, just standing here and listening, daring not to approach or to interrupt.

The Brigade Leader also quieted down and didn’t say a word.

But at this moment, when he looked at Baizhi who was integrated into the experts, he suddenly felt awe.

There was a commotion outside, Principal Zhang frowned, and the Brigade Leader went out immediately. Soon everyone outside became quiet, but they didn’t leave. They stood at the door curiously and looked inside.

Soon, the low voices of these villagers rustled—

“I can’t understand what Baizhi is talking to those big men inside!”

 “Me too, it seems to be some kind of research…”

 “Oh my god, Baizhi is really amazing!”

“Yes, I also saw that some expert is still asking her for advice!”

“What the hell is going on? Is Baizhi so powerful?”


The low voice of discussion did not affect the people in the discussion at all.

Dean Xiang sighed quickly and said, “The conditions here are still too rudimentary, classmate Baizhi, it’s really amazing that you can make these things with such rudimentary things!”

“Dean, let’s take Baizhi back to the Academy of Sciences. I can’t wait to put into practice the advice that Baizhi has just given!”

“Yes, the conditions of the Academy of Sciences are much better than here. Baizhi will definitely be able to contribute better to the development of our country’s science and technology.”

“Yes, Dean, let’s take Baizhi back quickly!”


Hearing this, President Zhang finally interjected: “Don’t worry, classmate Baizhi will of course go to the research institute to do scientific research in the future, but classmate Baizhi is still young, I see classmate Baizhi said in the letter that she wants to come to our Jingcheng University to study, right?”

Baizhi smiled: “Yes.”

Principal Zhang was slightly excited, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became higher and higher: “Then I am willing to issue an admission notice to Baizhi on behalf of our Jingcheng University.”

Such talents must be from Jingcheng University!

The sound was not too loud, but because of the silence, it could be heard in and out of the courtyard.

“Impossible!! She didn’t take the college entrance examination, how can she get the admission letter from Jingcheng University?!” Li Xiangxiang’s voice was a little sharp and out of control because of the shock, and people could hear it clearly inside and out.

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