I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 103

Sarah took out a crystal ball from her arms and injected mana into it. Then the video crystal ball gradually became transparent and disappeared.

“That is?”

“For Lady Penelois and Young Master Elexa to meet each other comfortably, we need to get rid of anything that gets in the way.”

As Sarah smiled, Penelois’s face brightened sharply. She noticed that she was referring to Crassida. But her joy was short-lived, Penelois said in a troubled voice.

“But Crassida Orlin is a sister that Her Majesty the Empress is especially fond of. Eleon trusts her deeply.”


“She’s not someone I can compete with.”

“She’s not someone you can compete with……”

Sarah pondered Peneloa’s words, then tilted her head slightly and asked.

“Who is His Highness the Third Prince’s lover?”


“What is the main reason why Crassida Orlin, who is the Her Majesty the Empress’s dearest sister, and who the Third Prince trusts deeply, came to this place?”

At that question, Penelois’s eyes widened. She never thought about it like that. Sarah sighed quietly and said.

“Crassida Orlin is a person only prepared for Lady Penelois and Young Master Elexa. Why do you think you can’t compete when such a person forgets her duty and doesn’t do what she has to do?”

It was understandable enough to think about how Penelois must have been treated by people throughout her life. But now she was the companion of the Third Prince, and the mother of Elexa, who would become the Crown Prince of the Crombell Empire. She couldn’t be tied to the past forever. So Sarah spoke in a voice with a slightly stronger resonance.

“Imagine that there is no one in this Empire who can do anything to pay tribute to Lady Penelois except His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress. Then you will feel more comfortable.”

As long as the Third Prince loved Penelois and intended to officially enlist their son, Elexa, into the royal family, she must now be treated like that of the royal family. The fact that the Empress’s sister, Crassida, was here meant that the Empress’s permission had been granted. No one could treat the lover of the Third Prince, whom the Empress of the Empire recognized, carelessly.

“I didn’t know I’d say the same thing I said to Young Master Claude again……”

Sarah looked at Penelois and smiled softly.

“Please tell him.”


“Tell the Third Prince everything.”

Claude, who was listening next to them, nodded his head as if Sarah was right. It was all over when he got to his father. His father cleaned everything up for him. Claude was now having quite a blind faith in those words.

“That’s right. I also told my father and he kicked those bad older brothers out.”

Penelois opened his mouth blankly and blinked, then burst into a grin and chuckle.

“That’s right. All I have to do is to reach Eleon……”

“Mother, can we get rid of Nanny now? I hate Nanny.”

Elexa asked with a bright face. Seeing the child’s face brightening in an instant, Penelois spoke in a voice that seemed to have a lot of determination.

“Sure. Let’s drive out the bad Crassida together.”

Even the Third Prince, who was said to be weak, would spit fire from his mouth just by hearing the atrocities committed by Crassida.

“Even if the Third Prince is busy, it’s not to the extent that he can’t care about Lady Penelois and Young Master Elexa.”

Saying that Sarah hung the crystal ball that had turned transparent in the corner overlooking Penelois’s room. This would help to reveal the duality that Crassida had completely hidden.

“I left the video crystal ball on. Lady Penelois, pretend you don’t know anything and gently rile Crassida up. You know it?”

“I can do that well. That woman jumps like she touched something dirty when I call her name.”

A bright smile formed on Penelois’s lips. Her skin, which had turned pale because of her poor health, began to turn red. Also, it seems that her illness was not serious enough for Crassida to prevent her from seeing Elexa.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“There is a medicine that Crassida gives me when I am ill. Somehow, every time I take it, I feel like my body loses energy. Could you please investigate?”

Crassida, who hated Penelois, would never have given her medicine with a kind heart. She didn’t want to doubt it this way, but Penelois decided to be firm for Elexa.

“Leave it to me. I have a disciple who knows such things very well.”

Sarah reassured Penelois with her soft voice while narrowing her brow at the still stinging smell of medicine. If Crassida really did something with Penelois’s medicine, this wasn’t something she could get over once and for all.

“I’ll take this.”

Sarah picked up the medicine vial next to Penelois and put it in her arms. If she brought it to Belluna, who showed great talent in healing magic, she would be able to know the efficacy of the medicinal herbs.

“Sooner or later, Young Master Elexa and Young Master Claude will be able to interact comfortably.”

If Crassida were to step down, the Third Prince would try to find another helper he could trust and rely on. And Sarah was sure that the Third Prince would find her.

‘That’s why I put so much effort into it.’

If she could gain Penelois and Elexa’s trust, the Third Prince would roll in on his own. Having made connections with the future Emperor and Empress, Claude’s future would be peaceful.

“I look forward to the good news. Young Master Elexa, use the brooch when you go outside.”

Saying so, Sarah lifted Claude up. Now it was time to go back. It was an outing like an escape, so they couldn’t stay long. Claude knew it too and waved his hand to Elexa.

“Bye, Elexa! See you again!”

“Eung, Claude. See you again.”

As the children were saying goodbye, Penelois also said goodbye to Sarah.

“Thank you, Countess Millen.”

“Please feel free to call me Sarah, Lady Penelois.”

Sarah squinted her eyes and smiled and snapped her fingers. Then the figures of Sarah and Claude vanished from her sight.


Penelois was once again astonished to learn that Sarah was a magician. She felt as if she had been possessed by something.

“Claude has it good.”

Seeing that, Elexa muttered as if envious. Claude’s nanny was kind, pretty, and cool. Unlike his own nanny.

“……I know. Young Lord Ambrosia really has it good.”

Responding to the child’s words, Penelois held the child in her arms tightly. When Sarah could help her, Penelois intended to protect her child with all her might.

* * *

After leaving Penelois’s room, Sarah and Claude were floating again outside Elexa’s mansion. Claude looked at Penelois’s room for a moment and then said to Sarah.

“Nanny, I think Elexa’s nanny is a really bad person.”


Sarah nodded and looked at the largest window visible from outside the mansion. The figure of Crassida could be seen through the wide-open window. That was Crassida’s room, full of more splendid and luxurious decorations than Penelois’s. Anyone who didn’t know would think that Crassida was the master of the mansion.

“You have time to drink tea so leisurely, but you don’t seem to have time to contact His Highness the Third Prince.”

Crassida was sitting on a chair on the terrace with the window open, tilting her teacup and savoring tea.


Claude snorted disapprovingly. Penelois was sick in bed, and Elexa was crying his eyes out. He couldn’t believe Crassida was having such a good time with such a peaceful face. He didn’t like the way she looked.

“Shall we tease her for a second?”


“Like this.”

Sarah raised her hand, which was not holding Claude, and blew in her magic, then a cool breeze began to gather over her palm. Claude, noticing what she was trying to do, laughed mischievously. The two, who smiled at each other like that, immediately shot the wind she had gathered while looking at Crassida with their eyes open.

“What, what’s this! Aaargh!!”

In a gust of wind that suddenly blew without notice, Crassida was pushed backward holding a teacup. When Crassida, covered in tea from head to toe, screamed, the knights outside rushed in.

“Mrs. Crassida!”

“What’s going on!”

The expressions on the knights’ faces became more subtle when they saw Crassida, who had always maintained her dignity and showed the true essence of a noble lady, lying on the floor in a shabby manner. Crassida, unable to overcome her embarrassment, said while pointing out the window with a red face.

“Suddenly a strong wind blows……!”

“You mean the wind?”

The knights looked out the window at Crassida’s words, but the wind didn’t blow so much that even the thin lace curtain didn’t shake. They didn’t think the wind was blowing hard enough for Crassida to roll backwards.

“……Well, that’s possible.”

The knights stepped back awkwardly, thinking that Crassida was lying in embarrassment.

“I’m telling you, the wind was really strong.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Crassida continued to make excuses as if she was frustrated, but the knights rather nagged that she should take care of her body as she got older. It was a very terrible situation for Crassida, who had been trying hard not to show a single mistake as a noble until now.


Finally, Claude laughed out loud as he saw Crassida disappearing into the room to change clothes, yelling nervously.

“Nanny is the best.”


Sarah smiled brightly at Claude, who gave her a thumbs up, then snapped her fingers again. Snap, and the scene in front of their eyes changed once again.

“……Young Master Claude, Countess Millen!”

Surprised by the sudden appearance of Claude and Sarah, the servants approached in astonishment. Among them was Ronda, whose face had turned white. Sarah smiled awkwardly, ready to hear her nagging.

“I’m back.”

“Aren’t you tired? Are you okay?”

“Of course. It doesn’t hurt my body at all.”


Ronda sighed in relief at Sarah’s words, and then looked at her with a sad face. From now on. This was the beginning of the nagging, and it was a time when Sarah was secretly nervous.

“We are sorry, Countess Millen.”


Suddenly, Ronda and the other servants bowed their heads and apologized to Sarah.

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