I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 121

* * *

Little dog sh*t.

Everyone’s expression became subtle when the subtly cute and subtly affectionate but subtly insignificant name was attached to Benjamin. The pulsing magic in Benjamin’s hand subsided in an instant.

“……Little dog sh*t?”

Benjamin seized the string of reason that flew away at the word that penetrated his head for a moment. Of course, his face was distorted. He blinked slowly for a moment and looked around at the scene with fresh eyes. People were lying in a dark and narrow alley, a boy who was in a mess, and a mercenary who was holding and threatening such a boy.


Benjamin could quickly figure out what had happened. Penelois, who was tense and hardened by Benjamin’s appearance as if he had regained his sanity, breathed a heavy sigh.

‘As expected, Nanny is the best.’

Claude, feeling his growing affection for his nanny, approached Benjamin.

“Uncle. Did you forget what Nanny said?”


Benjamin was speechless as if he had recalled Sarah’s request. Claude sighed loudly at the sight. It was a deep sigh with the exhaustion of life that you would never think that it came from a child’s lips.

“Do you want to be scolded by Nanny again?”

Claude put one hand on his hip and pointed at Benjamin with the other, giving full-fledged nagging.

“Do you know that our Nanny takes care of everything if Uncle makes a mess like this?”


“Why does Uncle do everything you want and leave the rest to our Nanny?”


“Do you know how to do anything right? Uncle, are you stupid? Is there something wrong with your head?”


“Nanny said that the uncle who left the mansion was the stupidest. I don’t think so. I think I have the stupidest fool in front of me right now.”

While Claude was nagging like a rapid-fire gun, Benjamin was silently listening to them. The mercenary, who had been holding the boy hostage and threatening, realized in a moment that his existence had been completely forgotten.

“You don’t care if this bastard dies!?”

The mercenary once again choked the boy’s neck with his arms and shouted.


After seeing it, Claude narrowed his brows and looked at Benjamin.

“What are you doing now, Uncle?”

“……I’m getting scolded by you.”

“Even if you get in trouble, you have to do what you have to do.”


At Claude’s words, Benjamin sighed quietly and waved his hand lightly.


Then the mercenary fell flat on his face with an agony scream. Claude’s eyes widened at what had happened so quickly. Claude’s face crumpled up because Benjamin seemed to ignore Sarah’s words, which she said that they should not leave any traces of magic.

“Uncle, Nanny said not to……”

“I’m done with this, so don’t nag me too much, brat.”

Benjamin threw a stone in his other hand, caught it, and showed it to Claude. When he looked closely at the fainted mercenary, there was a swollen red mark on his forehead.


Claude patted his chest and was relieved. When the situation was over, the boy who had been held hostage trembled and pushed the body of the fallen mercenary over his body.

“Th, thank……, hic. Thank you……”

The boy struggled to get up his impertinent body and kept his head down. Benjamin stared at him for a long while with his eyes subdued. Complex emotions swirled in those heavy eyes.


Claude looked at Benjamin’s expression and then punched him in the leg with his fist.


“You want to take him?”


At Claude’s words, Benjamin looked at the boy for a moment, then shook his head.

“All right. We’ll be able to move on quietly if we just clear up the traces here. I’ll take care of it later.”

Benjamin said so and brushed past Claude. Penelois and Elexa alternately looked at Benjamin, who was running out of the alley, and Claude, who looked at him like that.

“Hurry up.”

Then, at Benjamin’s urging, Penelois quickly grabbed Elexa’s hand and followed him.

“Let’s hurry up and go, too.”

Penelois urged Claude, who was immobile as if he were stuck in the spot. But Claude didn’t follow Penelois’ footsteps and looked up at the boy and said.

“You know, what’s your name?”

The boy replied with extreme nervousness when Claude, who was with the man who saved him, talked to him.

“……It’s Dewey.”

He was completely crushed by Benjamin’s overbearing tone and his overwhelming energy. Dewey was convinced that Benjamin would be a nobleman.Because there was no commoner who could touch the mercenaries who joined the mercenary guild. And Claude, who nagged Benjamin like that, seemed to be a noble as well.

“I see!”

Claude smiled brightly on purpose to make the boy who was having a hard time as comfortable as possible. Sarah always told Claude this.

‘Young Master Claude is a very noble man. And as noble as you are, you have an obligation.’

‘Noble status can have, enjoy, and exercise many qualifications. But never forget this.’

‘All of that comes from the people of the Empire.’

‘You must help those who are weaker and have nothing. In order to do that, Young Master Claude’s hands have been empowered.’

‘Young Master Claude will one day learn to use what he has for good.’

‘I’m looking forward to that day.’

Claude somehow felt that the day Sarah spoke was now.

“All right, Dewey, if you need a place to get away from the bad guys, come to Ambrosia’s dukedom.”


Dewey was startled by Claude’s suggestion and involuntarily raised his voice. Ambrosia’s dukedom. For Dewey, a commoner, it was a name that would be difficult to reach even after a lifetime.

“By, by any chance……, were you two no, nobles……?”

Claude added hastily, seeing the boy start to tremble again just by the name Ambrosia.

“The man who just saved Dewey’s name is Benjamin. Say you came to visit Uncle Benjamin. He’s in Ambrosia’s dukedom for some reason.”

“Ah…… He, he worked for the Duke of Ambrosia.”

Dewey seemed a little relieved then. It seemed that the tremors had gradually stopped. He seemed to think that he was a capable person working in a noble family, not a noble.

‘I didn’t say no.’

Claude felt bad about telling a lie. But he didn’t even say he wasn’t a noble, so he comforted himself.

“Those bad guys wouldn’t dare cross the gates of Duke Ambrosia’s family. You’ll be safe.”

“Th, thank you.”

Dewey bowed his head, again and again, thanking Claude. Claude kept his eyes on him for a while, then turned around and approached Penelois.

“Let’s go now.”


Penelois squinted at Claude, who was walking very carefully with an innocent face.

‘……How the hell did they teach him?’

Seeing Claude, who was very mature and thoughtful despite being the same age as Elexa, she fell into deep thought. She heard from Eleon the stories of various noble families, and also the story of the Ambrosia father and son. When she heard the word ‘about the same age as Elexa’, she heard the story about Claude a little more carefully and remembered it clearly.

‘Young Lord Ambrosia was said to be very weak and timid.’

She heard that Claude was very timid and didn’t show any noticeable excellence in social activities.

‘That must have been before Countess Millen became his nanny.’

But that was the story before Countess Millen took over as Claude’s nanny. Claude, whom she saw with her own eyes, was a very smart and mature child, worthy of the term Ambrosia’s successor. Even though he had childlike innocence, he was very sharp to judge and act coolly at times like this.

“Hmm? Mother, why are you looking at me like that?”

Unlike Elexa, who still looked like a child in her eyes.

“It’s nothing. Elexa, hold on to the hand of Young Lord Ambrosia?”

“Yes, I’m holding on tight.”

She thought as she saw Elexa waving his hands, which held her hand in one hand and Claude’s in the other.

‘What kind of education did Countess Millen give? It would be nice if our Elexa could learn together with Young Lord Ambrosia……’

How did the Duke of Ambrosia really bring Sarah to Claude’s nanny? Penelois was very envious of that ability.

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