I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 126


The knight was startled and took a step back. He, a knight of the Imperial Palace, did not feel any presence. The knight, who had put his hand on the scabbard around his waist without realizing it due to the sudden tension, slowly lowered his hand and opened his mouth.

“Duke Ambrosia, how……”

“From here on, I will escort Countess Millen, so I suggest you go first and tell His Majesty that Countess Millen will be arriving soon.”

The knight blinked his wide eyes in surprise, then came back to his senses when Ethan’s forehead narrowed slightly.

“Yes, roger that! Duke Ambrosia.”

As he turned around gently, he glanced at Ethan holding Sarah’s hand and leading her. He thought it was because he was distracted by Sarah Millen that he couldn’t read the signs of Ethan’s approach. After confirming that the knight had completely moved away, Sarah looked at Ethan and asked.

“Why are you here?”

Ethan, whom she thought was with the Emperor, appeared in front of her. She was happy to see him a little earlier, and Sarah struggled to press the corner of her lips that was about to go up.

“We still have a long way to go to the Emperor’s Palace.”

There was still some distance left to the Emperor’s Palace. The existing Empress’ Palace was close to the Emperor’s Palace, but it belonged to the deceased Empress. The Empress’ Palace, where the current Empress lived, was the furthest away from the Emperor’s Palace. Since they were as far apart as the distance between their hearts and feelings, Sarah would have to walk a little further to get on the waiting carriage.

“I came to meet you because it seems to take longer than I thought.”

“If you wait, I’ll be there.”

“If we head to each other’s way, we will be able to meet sooner.”


Sarah’s eyelashes trembled at Ethan’s words. He was right, but what made her heart flutter was probably because she gave meaning to Ethan’s words. Even though she knew it all too well, it was insanely good.

“How was your meeting with the Empress?”

“Ah, it was better than I thought. We decided to be good friends.”

“……With the Empress?”

“Yes, she was a good match.”

At Sarah’s words, Ethan’s eyes narrowed subtly.

“You must have had a great time with the Empress.”

“……I just hope it will be that way in the future.”

He looked intently at Sarah’s face and asked in a meaningful voice.

“I have a question, may I ask?”

“What is it?”

“Who do you sympathize with more, the Emperor or the Empress?”

“……What do you mean?”


Sarah blinked slowly for a moment at Ethan’s words. Was she sympathetic to the Emperor and Empress? As she was weighing the meaning of the question, he continued.

“If Oliven did not create this incident in Alton Estate, Sarah would probably have met the Empress at the Imperial Palace and then went to see the Emperor.”

“……That’s right.”

Sarah nodded quietly. If this wasn’t Oliven’s fault, she’d probably have acted on her own to fix it.

“You do more than what you have to as a noble of the Crombell Empire.”


“The same goes for Ambrosia.”

Sarah’s legs came to a standstill. Only then did she realize the meaning of Ethan’s question. He was jealous now. He wanted to monopolize Sarah, but he couldn’t, so he seemed to be upset. It could have been her own delusion, but it felt like it.

“So sometimes I wonder. How far your mercy will go.”

Sarah listened to Ethan, then glanced at Ethan’s face. Ethan made eye contact with Sarah, as always, and smiled softly.

“Are you mad?”

“A little.”

Ethan pulled Sarah’s hand gently again. As she moved as he led her, Sarah tried to press down on the corners of her mouth that rose pleasantly.

“For Ambrosia to monopolize, your mercy is more than enough to cover the Empire.”

Ethan’s voice showed a subtle desire for monopoly. It felt so subtle that Sarah’s heart began to beat irregularly.

“I doubt it.”

She evaded the answer and glossed over her words. As Ethan’s eyes narrowed, Sarah smiled mischievously, pretending not to know.

“You asked me earlier who I sympathize with more, the Emperor or the Empress?”

“I did.”

“Neither, but if I had to pick one, I would sympathize with the Emperor.”


Sarah continued, looking at Ethan, who tilted his head curiously.

“The Emperor doesn’t have much time left.”

* * *

Ethan Ambrosia and Sarah Millen stood side by side in the Emperor’s secret office.

“Are you finally showing your precious face, Countess Millen?”

The Emperor’s eyes were darkened. At the end of his gaze on Sarah, it was as if there was a sharply gleaming blade.

“I greet you, Your Majesty.”

“Here am I, not knowing what happened to Kazer there……”

The Emperor wrinkled his eyes as he raised his hand and rubbed his temple as if he had a severe headache.

“That’s not Countess Millen’s fault, Your Majesty.”

Ethan pointed out the faint resentment from the Emperor’s voice. The Emperor looked at him with low sunken eyes, then immediately lowered his hand and nodded.

“I know. I’m sorry. Please consider it as the lament of a father who cares for his son, Countess Millen.”

“How do I not know that feeling? I sincerely feel sorry for you, too.”

At Sarah’s words, the Emperor sighed loudly.

“It wasn’t an area that could only be created by human power.”

“I know. I’ve already finished talking to the elders of the magic tower.”

“Does that mean that the magic tower will take action?”

At Sarah’s words, the Emperor leaned forward as if interested. The name ‘magic tower’ would be interesting to anyone, but to the ruler of a country, the interest was very different.

“Magic tower…… Yes, you’re also a magician, so you must have something to do with the magic tower.”

Sarah smiled and nodded to the Emperor, whose eyes of a father worrying about his son were completely changed into the eyes of a ruler.

“Yes, this is the domain of magicians, so the magic tower wants to take care of it.”

“The Alton Estate is a land of the Empire. You wouldn’t know that everything that happens within the Empire should be in my eyes and ears.”

“Of course. That’s why I’m standing in front of you like this.”

“Oh, will you be the link between the magic tower and the Imperial family?”

The Emperor’s face quickly glowed. Although the situation about the Alton Estate was kept secret by the Crombell Empire, it was secretly spreading across the continent. Even the Crombell Empire, the most prominent empire of the continent in name and reality, was in a situation where this small crack could give other countries something to justify. Dealing with this situation sensibly, wisely, and neatly would show the status of the Empire.

“If you can borrow the power of the magic tower, Crombell is ready to pay for anything. Tell them so.”

In the Emperor’s mind, various methods of how to seize this opportunity and wield it came to mind and then disappeared.

“Oh my.”

Sarah covered her mouth at the Emperor’s words and smiled softly. Then she said in a sweet, soft voice.

“There is no need to tell the magic tower, Your Majesty.”

“Um? So, Countess Millen, you’re gonna take care of this alone? Is that what the magic tower means?”

The Emperor’s ambition, which had just been inflated, died down in an instant. He narrowed his brows as much as he could to reveal his discomfort. He knew that Sarah Millen was a magician, but it was different for a single magician to take action and for the magic tower to take action. In order to keep Sarah as a noble of the Empire, it was impossible to reveal that she was a magician without her consent. That meant that they had to settle this matter quietly, without the knowledge of those around them who were aiming for Crombell.

“Maybe the magic tower is forgetting that you are a nobleman of Crombell. Your help is an obligation to be fulfilled as an imperial nobleman.”

“That’s right.”

“Then there is no price to pay to the magic tower from the Empire. Don’t they know this too?”

“They know it too.”

Sarah nodded obediently and agreed with the Emperor’s words. The Emperor could not read anything from Sarah’s smiling face.

“Countess Millen.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Are you really going to keep your mouth shut until I really ask?”

In the Emperor’s voice, a subtle anger was now expressed. Sarah was a little grumpy at the Emperor’s attitude to using her as it was only natural. She opened her mouth, thinking that she should stop bringing up the subject.

“I mean, if Your Majesty needs the magic tower, you don’t have to tell them.”

“What do you mean……”

“I, am the magic tower.”

The Emperor’s face, which was briefly trying to understand the meaning in Sarah’s soothing voice, quickly hardened.

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