I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 133

Ethan sighed deeply as he thought of the dirty tricks that would fall on Sarah.

“Even if Sarah wants to reveal her identity, I have no intention of doing so.”

She was a person who shone just by her presence, so anyone could recognize the light and be attracted to it. Even if she wasn’t, the competitors kept getting entangled, and he had no intention of adding more.

“It’s enough that I’m the only one who knows her worth.”


Belluna felt the lust for monopoly hidden in Ethan’s voice and narrowed her brow. Sarah’s value cannot be exchanged for anything in this Empire, but something subtly different in meaning. As if Ethan was going to monopolize Sarah.

“Ah, even Claude. Two would be enough.”

“Yes, I’m sure it will.”

But after hearing Ethan’s further comments, Belluna tilted her head to the side and then nodded. It had been a long time since Belluna lived in the magic tower to notice these subtle feelings.

“The value of Master cannot be judged.”

“No one deserves her.”

“She’s not going to belong to anyone.”

“You’re saying things for granted. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?.”

“You’re right.”


Ethan and Belluna looked at each other, feeling the flow of their conversation subtly at odds with each other.



After looking at each other in silence for a while, Ethan crossed his arms as if intrigued.

“You……, are a woman of words.”

Belluna seemed to agree with Ethan’s words, so she spoke in a slightly more peaceful voice than before.

“It seems that the Duke is also different from those greedy humans.”

Belluna looked at Ethan with a more trusting gaze as if she had resolved the misunderstanding.

“I don’t want you to compare me to them.”

Ethan, who was more greedy than anyone else for Sarah Millen herself, not her power, brazenly drew a line with a sullen face. Ethan’s face was even as holy as an upright priest who could be seen by anyone. His appearance was so different from the faces of nobles who were full of filthy desires and greed that Belluna had seen, and her trust in Ethan increased a little more.

“I think that Master must have received the gaze of the nobles like wild dogs who looked at her at the Ambrosia mansion earlier…… It was hard to put up with what she wanted to overturn.”

Ethan’s eyes narrowed at Belluna’s words, and a satisfied breath leaked out between his lips. It was very satisfying for her to think like that.

“Ah ah, I also wanted to pluck out all those eyes.”

“I’d appreciate it if you could save me a share.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Belluna and Ethan faced each other with different thoughts and nodded their heads. Ethan was greatly satisfied to see Belluna, who had the momentum to slay all humans who would approach Sarah instead of him. Belluna would be the most appropriate person to keep by Sarah’s side, he admitted. Of course, Ethan Ambrosia would not be among those who would be slain by Belluna.

“I have to go now. Now that we’re slowly moving away from the crowd.”


Ethan counted the signs of people far enough from the carriage and nodded. The Third Prince, who was supposed to move together with them, was supposed to meet in the closest village to the capital because he was said to be delayed a little due to the Emperor’s order. Now, if Belluna went away, he would be able to spend that time completely alone with Sarah.

“Let’s go.”


Belluna narrowed her eyes for a moment, looking at Ethan’s bright face. It was subtly uncomfortable. But for some reason, Belluna, who was insensitive to male-female relationships, did not notice.

“Please take good care of my master.”

In the end, she nodded her head and lit up magic from both hands. Her silver mana stretched out like fine threads, and in an instant it climbed up the carriage and shot into the sky. It was a signal to call Sarah.

“Please take good care of our Claude.”

“……Don’t worry. I’ll do my best.”

At Ethan’s words, Belluna recalled Claude, who was rubbing his red-hot eyes with tears brimming in his eyes.

“……I’ll really do my best.”

There was a slight flush on Belluna’s face. At that time, she envied her master who hugged and comforted Claude. Even when she witnessed the overwhelming power of her master, she was not that envious.

‘How is Young Lord Ambrosia so cute……’

Thinking of Claude, who was like a very small and cute kitten, Belluna made a determination. No matter what happened, she would protect Claude. She was about to realize through Claude that she was weak against small and cute things.

“Don’t let your guard down. We have to protect the Elexa de Crombell as well.”

“It won’t be difficult because those two will always be together.”

“But let’s just in case.”


At Ethan’s request, Belluna also recalled Elexa’s face. Elexa next to Claude. Cute next to cute.

“I’m confident.”

Belluna is determined to do everything in her power.

* * *

At the very edge of Ambrosia’s mansion was Penelois’ room. Although it was at the corner of the mansion, it was also a room overlooking the garden. In consideration of Penelois, who was unable to take a step out of Ambrosia, Sarah turned the entire side of the room into glass. Then she carved a magic circle that could not be seen from the outside. Thanks to this, Penelois was able to stand by the window and watch the procession of the Duke of Ambrosia.

“I’m sorry, Lady Penelois. The event took longer than expected.”

Sarah’s voice was heard behind Penelois’ back, who was quietly looking out the window. Penelois, who was staring blankly outside, looked back in surprise and said.

“Is it over already?”

“Yes, they’re all gone.”


In response to Sarah’s answer, Penelois slouched down her shoulders, which had been heavily tightened, and swept her heart out.

“How does it feel to see the nobles from afar?”

“……I was nervous.”

The graceful gestures of the nobles, the gaze of looking at each other, and the naturally divided groups. From subtle nerve warfare felt in the passing gaze, to high-ranking nobles secretly talking to each other in a certain corner. Even from afar, it felt like a lot of interests were moving at the same time with the incident of Alton Estate.

‘If Eleon ascends to the throne…… I have to get in there, too.’

Thinking about it like that, her heart swelled up in a corner of her chest. Penelois sighed deeply and led Sarah to the sofa. Sarah smiled at her face as she looked like she had something to say, and put Claude, who was in her arms, down.

“Young Master Claude, would you like to play with Young Master Elexa?”

“……Uh um, but Nanny will be leaving soon. Can’t I stay with Nanny more?”

Claude grabbed Sarah’s hem in a mumbled voice and looked up at her with a gloomy gaze.


Sarah clutched her chest at the cute kitten-like figure. Penelois smiled and opened her mouth.

“It’ll only take a minute, Young Lord. I’m not gonna take that long.”

“……I understand.”

At the request of Penelois, Elexa’s mother, Claude sighed and nodded as if he had made up his mind. Sarah quietly swallowed a smile as she watched Claude copy Ethan’s expression in an unhappy situation.

“Come quickly, okay?”

“Yes, I will.”

Sarah waved to Claude, who turned around and glanced at her as he walked out of the room. His footsteps, as if he was left with a lot of regret, were so cute. Even though Claude opened the door and left, Sarah continued to look at him, and upon seeing this, Penelois said in a soft voice.

“Countess Millen, Young Lord is gone now.”

“I know, but……”

Somehow, Sarah wanted to capture all of Claude’s appearance in her eyes. She felt like she had to. The child grew so fast. He was changing day by day. She had been a little heartbroken to think that she would miss Claude’s small and big changes while she was at Alton Estatee. Sarah blinked slowly and then looked at Penelois with a smile.

“So, you have something to tell me?”

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