I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 136

Sarah lost her reason for a long time and enjoyed hugging Claude and Elexa. Meanwhile, Belluna’s mana, which was sending a signal to Benjamin, grew stronger and stronger, and in the end, Sarah had no choice but to put the children down from her arms with a face full of regret.

“While I’m away, you have to eat well, brush your teeth well, don’t fight with Young Master Elexa, and get along well……”

“I know, Nanny. It’s your fifth time saying it, so I memorized it all!”

“Ah, really? Then again……”

Sarah, who was holding on to Claude and asking for this and that, kept looking for words to say. However, since she had already delayed a lot of time, Sarah bit her lips, stretched out her squat legs, and got up.

“Lady Penelois is free to explore in Ambrosia’s mansion, but you should refrain from going outside.”

“Countess Millen had asked me to do it five times, so I memorized them all like Young Lord Ambrosia.”

“Oh my.”

Not knowing that she had said the same things to Penelois, Sarah raised her hand in surprise and covered her mouth. Seeing Sarah like that, May, who was behind Claude, pounded her chest and said.

“Don’t worry too much because I’m here.”

“I left it to you, so I have to believe you.”

Sarah nodded and looked at Penelois.

“That child is quick to see and act, so she will help you a lot in living in the mansion.”

“I heard that you are the maid of honor for Countess Millen, and thank you for your consideration.”

Penelois looked at May, holding Elexa’s hand. May bowed her head deeply toward Penelois like that.


Sarah’s eyes narrowed as she looked at May carefully. Everyone in the Ambrosia mansion knew that Penelois was a slave and was the Third Prince’s hidden lover. Sarah was implicitly worried that May’s bad habit would come back, but now that she looked at her, she realized that the worry was useless.

“Then I’ll be back!”

Only then did Sarah, who was finally relieved, smile and wave. At the same time, Sarah’s toes were enveloped in azure mana.


Mysteriously shining mana swirled like the wind and slowly rose from her toes as if drawing grain. Everyone, except Benjamin, opened their eyes wide as if surprised by the sight and looked at Sarah.

“Nanny needs to come back quickly!”

Claude saw the azure light gradually covering Sarah’s head and waved his hand urgently. Sarah smiled broadly as she saw Claude waving his hand to her while everyone looked at her in awe. So before she was completely engulfed in her light, Sarah called out to Benjamin, who was looking at her with her silent face.


“Yes, Master.”

“Protecting something is harder than harming it. But, that’s why it sometimes looks cooler.”

“I know.”

“I look forward to it.”


Benjamin’s eyebrows twitched subtly at Sarah’s voice filled with laughter.

“Show me your cool image.”

Sarah had treated Benjamin harshly in the past, but this time her voice was so sweet. For the first time since coming here, Benjamin firmly vowed to see his master being benevolent and warm towards him.

“I will not disappoint you.”

“So that’s my disciple. I’ll trust you.”

A faint smile appeared on Benjamin’s hard face at Sarah’s words. A peaceful smile appeared on Sarah’s face as she looked at that smile.

“Then I’ll be on my way. Bye!”

With a cheerful goodbye, the azure mana quickly swallowed her up to the tip of her head. And from the tip of the foot, her figure slowly began to disappear.


The azure light, which had disappeared like that, approached Claude for the last time, wound around the child’s head like a touch on the head, and soon disappeared without a trace.

“……I hope Nanny comes back soon.”

Claude smoothed his hair with a flushed face, somehow as though Sarah had touched it. Benjamin, who was looking at it, said as he ruffled Claude’s tiny head with his palm.

“It’s so sweet that I can die. Anyone who sees it will know that Master is coming back.”

“Ah, really!”

Claude raised his disheveled head and glared at Benjamin. He glared at Benjamin with a sullen face, then turned his head and said.

“Are you jealous of me?”


“You’re jealous because Nanny only loves me, that’s why you’re being mean, right?”

At Claude’s words, Benjamin trembled as if he had been stabbed to the head. What a sensible little brat. Benjamin narrowed his eyes and looked at his child with subtle emotions. Where did he learn the tact and speech skills that do not fit his age? With Claude and his friend Elexa next to him, the child’s extraordinariness came even greater.

‘Is it genetic?’

He contemplated the face of Claude’s father, Ethan Ambrosia.

‘……He’s that man’s son after all.’

Then he immediately convinced himself. Thinking so, his complicated mind calmed down. Soon Benjamin spoke in a curt voice.

“Master will love me more soon. What jealous?”

“Hmph. She only wants to see your cool image.”

“You’ve just gone too far, brat.”

“I know!”

A smirk leaked from Benjamin’s lips at Claude’s bold reply.

“Does she know this? Does Master know this?”

“She doesn’t know!”

“Don’t you think I’m going to tell Master everything?”

“Yeah, it’s not cool when an adult like Uncle snitches to your master.”

“Ha, this little thing.”

Benjamin eventually shut up when he realized that it was no good to argue with Claude. Claude, who pressed down on Benjamin, looked triumphant and turned away. It was a really ugly stab in the back.

“……Uh! There!”

At that time, while holding Penelois’ hand and watching Claude and Benjamin’s argument, Elexa pointed his finger in the air and let out a small exclamation.


At the same time, from the place where Sarah disappeared, a human form slowly began to emerge along with silver mana.

“It’s Sister Belluna!”

“……Why I’m an Uncle and Belluna is a Sister?”

“Because Sister is not Uncle”

“You really ask for it.”

As Benjamin and Claude were about to start quarreling again, Belluna’s figure became clear.


As soon as Belluna arrived at the mansion, she took off the robe she was wearing with a deep sigh.

“Sister Belluna!”

Claude happily ran toward Belluna.

“Ah, Young Master Claude.”

Belluna smiled slightly at Claude, who was approaching her and spread her arms. Claude jumped into Belluna’s arms as if he was familiar with it.

“Anyhow, that brat is only unfriendly to me.”

Seeing this, Benjamin groaned, clicking his tongue. Then, when he saw the face of Belluna holding Claude, he narrowed his eyebrows and hardened his expression.

“You, what’s wrong with your face?”

At Benjamin’s words, Claude looked at Belluna’s face. She was smiling quietly, but her face was pale and bloodless, and she was sweating in cold sweat.


Belluna sighed heavily and opened her mouth.

“You too, try to stay with the Duke.”

“Ah……, that’s a bit……”

Benjamin shook his head in agreement with her words. Claude asked with a worried face.

“Why? Was Father terrifying?”

“No, he is not. Even so, the Duke treats me with respect as I’m Master’s disciple.”

“But why?”


Belluna glanced at Benjamin, speechless. The power of Ambrosia within Ethan was too overwhelming for the magician Belluna and Benjamin. She even knew all too well how dangerous it could be and what would happen if it ran rampant because she had studied its power with Sarah. As Sarah came late, Ethan’s mood became increasingly uncomfortable, and it was really hard to be next to him. As it was a power he could not control himself, she continued to prepare for the worst in a tense state. As a result, her energy was used up properly.


Benjamin, who knows why she was doing this, sighed and ruffled Claude’s head once more.

“There’s something you don’t know, brat.”

“Ah, really! Uncle!”

“If you want to know, grow up and come.”

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