I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 159

Energy similar to the power of Ambrosia was emanating from that veil. However, Ambrosia’s power, which fluctuated when it encountered the same power, was quietly holding its breath for some reason this time. It meant familiar but not exactly the same. Ethan pushed his hand in with a little more force. The veil accepted Ethan very gently.


Jade narrowed his brow as he looked at Ethan’s arm, which passed safely without any resistance. He looked around quickly, and Jade patted his chest when he confirmed that no one was watching.

“Are you all right?”

“I think so.”

Ethan held the hand that had passed over the veil and opened it. He didn’t even feel the slightest discomfort. He thought that he could pass through the veil with ease.

“Do not go in further as it may be dangerous.”


At Jade’s insistence, Ethan tilted his head for a moment, then took a big step and passed through the veil.


Jade, who was reaching out in surprise, stiffened as he saw Ethan making eye contact with him from beyond the veil.

“Why are you there?”

“Because I passed through it.”

“I mean…… How?”

“Because I’m special?”

“……I think you’re becoming more and more like Countess Millen, but I’m mistaken, right?”

“I don’t think it’s an illusion.”

Ethan smiled softly and looked into the veil that no one had ever passed through. A little further from here, he would come to Alton Estate. About an hour or two on foot. Except for the First Prince and the people from other countries who were in communion with him, no one had ever grasped beyond the veil. Without them, even Ambrosia’s informants would not have been able to understand the situation in Alton. However, the quality of information was different between finding out through an information source and directly entering Alton to grasp it.

“……My Lord, put that idea back in.”



“I’m sorry but……”

“I’m really going to die. If My Lord goes in there alone, I’ll die.”

“I’ll keep it a secret.”

Jade, who had been tempted by Ethan’s proposal for a moment, shook his head as if trying to come to his senses.

“Is it okay to keep it a secret? Countess Millen will be here tomorrow, so please wait until then……”

“Since when did we Ambrosia become a family that couldn’t solve any of these problems without Sarah’s help?”

“So, does Ambrosia have any history of dealing with such a veil?”

“We don’t have that.”

Ethan was speechless at Jade’s words for the first time.

“Sir is getting better at speaking.”

“Ack, thank you.”

“While you’re at it, I’ll go for a night walk.”

“Yes yes, have a safe…… trip, do you think I’d say that?”

Jade, who had been swamped with Ethan’s rare praise, was back to his sanity. Ethan laughed with his tongue clicked in shame.

“You don’t have to worry too much. I’ll leave my ring behind.”

“What? Without it, My Lord’s power……”

Jade spoke in a worried voice, then shut his mouth as a thought crossed his mind. No one could go inside that veil. Conversely, no one who was inside the veil could come out. It meant that no matter what Ethan did inside, there was no one to tell.


Jade stared blankly at the eyes of his Lord, which were shining blue. It was his Lord who was always wearing a leash around his neck. But for once, the shadow of the leash hanging on his neck seemed to have disappeared.

“I’ll be back before dawn, so there’s something you have to do before that.”


Jade thought blankly, listening to the instructions coming out of Ethan’s mouth. He didn’t know what happened in there.

* * *


Claude grinned uncharacteristically and dug into Sarah’s arms. The soft touch of the quilt and the warmth of Sarah’s body gave Claude a tremendous sense of security. The fact that he was shaking among the scary monsters a while ago now felt like a dream. Claude smiled and said, looking up at Sarah sweeping his back.

“You’re staying with me until tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. We’ll have breakfast together tomorrow.”


The child’s cheeks turned red and his eyes sparkled beautifully. Actually, Claude knew. There was a serious problem in the Empire, and his father and Sarah should be there to solve it. He also knew that Sarah couldn’t be next to him just because he was a little scared and lonely as it was an urgent matter.

‘Actually, I am not interested in the peace of the continent or the glory of the Empire. I just want to protect the things I love. In that sense, the most precious thing to me right now is Young Master Claude. Nothing can take precedence over Young Master Claude.’

Sarah offered to stay by Claude’s side without hesitation. And while restoring the Ambrosia mansion that had been damaged here and there, she never let Claude out of her arms. She didn’t stay away for a long time, but Sarah didn’t want to part with Claude for even a moment. And in fact, that was the most needed word for Claude.


As Claude shyly thanked her, Sarah smiled brightly.

“I’m more grateful, Young Master Claude, for holding on.”


“Young Master Claude will become a strong and tough man later on.”

“Like Father?”

“Yes, like the Duke.”

At Sarah’s words, Claude’s eyes shone as if they had been studded with jewels. Sarah, who was looking into the child’s eyes, felt her heart tighten. It was so clear that pure affection was overflowing.

“I think I’m a little happy, Nanny.”

“Oh my.”

Claude hugged Sarah and dug a little deeper into her arms. He had been actively involved in skinship that he didn’t usually do well unless Sarah did it first. It was a very natural procedure that Sarah’s heart did not remain calm.

“Young Master Claude, I’m so happy right now that I can’t breathe.”

Our baby kitten.

Sarah hugged Claude, rubbed her cheek against his silky hair, and sniffed him to soothe her longing. Claude also chuckled at the tickling but didn’t even think about getting out of Sarah’s arms.

“I want to live with Nanny and Father for a long, long time.”

“So do I.”

Claude’s eyes widened at Sarah’s reply that immediately popped out, and then he pouted his lips and said.

“I’m serious. I really want to live with Nanny for a long time.”

“Oh my, I’m serious, too.”

Sarah and Claude began to argue. Claude’s argument was roughly as follows. There are two main types of nanny for aristocratic children. One is a nursing nanny, who is dedicated to raising children from the time they are newborns. And the other, with the emotional care of the children, stays by their side until they becomes adults. Sarah was the latter of the two. In such cases, when the noble children they served became adults, it was common for them to remain in the family as a family vassel and receive a title, or to become a hrad maid and take charge of the household. But Sarah was the Small Countess of Millen. She had a family to manage, and because she was young, she could quickly marry another man and quit her nanny job early.

“If you get married later, Nanny’s baby will no longer be me.”

As if he didn’t like it just by imagining it, Claude bit his lips tightly. The child was also possessive. It was also very much like Ethan. Sarah was young and beautiful, and he heard that young people were constantly courting her. It was said that she might be taken away at any moment.

“This is so unfair, Young Master Claude. Why would I marry another man?”

Sarah wept as if it was really unfair and sad.

‘How could I fall in love with another man over a man named Ethan Ambrosia?’

Sarah was suffering from the appearance of other men as squids because of Ethan Ambrosia these days. Besides, he was one of the few people Sarah could rely on. He was the first person who made her realize that there was someone stronger and more powerful than her. He was a man who could give his all to protect the things that mattered to him, and he was even a man who guarded them all to his heart’s content. So he became more coveted.

“I have no intention of marrying as I’m being with Young Master Claude and the Duke.”

Sarah stealthily spilled her feelings. Then Claude’s ears were pricked up.


Claude smiled meaningfully and narrowed his eyes. It was because he felt something faintly pleasing. Claude was still too young to grasp the exact meaning.

“You know, Nanny. Can I ask you just one thing?”

“Yes, feel free to ask me.”

“Nanny made an oath with me. You’ll be by my side until I’m happy.”

“That’s right.”

“So if I’m happy, will Nanny leave?”

Sarah’s eyes widened at Claude’s question. It was only now that she first learned that her oath could be interpreted that way. She knew very well that she could not remain Claude’s nanny forever. But suddenly, Claude was afraid of her leaving, and it occurred to her that he might suppress his happiness even in his happy moments. If she couldn’t focus on the happiness in front of him because he was afraid of her leaving, it would be the beginning of another misfortune.

‘There is nothing I can do.’

There was a way for Sarah to be around him even if she wasn’t his nanny. However, she was not sure if Claude could accept this.

“……Young Master Claude, actually, this is a secret.”

Sarah cautiously motioned for Claude to come closer. She was going to tell him one day, but when she did, she felt like she was in a cold sweat.


Claude pricked up his ears at the word “secret” and came close. She put her lips to the boy’s ear and whispered.

“Actually, I want to live with the Duke for a long time. That……, right next to the Duke.”

For the first time, Sarah spoke of her feelings openly.


And she was able to make eye contact with Claude, who opened his eyes wide with a blushing face.

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