I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 19


Come to think of it, Ronda, the head maid, said this about why she let her be next to Claude even though she knew May’s personality. When Ambrosia’s power was manifested in Claude, there was no one who wanted to get close due to fear, so she had no choice but to use May. After hearing those words, Sarah’s mind was complicated.

‘In Flower of Darkness, I wrote that May stayed by Claude’s side to succeed, but…… If one witnessed Ambrosia’s power firsthand, even the snobbish May would run away. After all, she’s still a noble girl no matter what……’

Sarah was lost in thought for a moment. There seemed to be more things she didn’t know.

“Nanny, Nanny!”

Sarah, who was lost in thought, came to her senses at the sound of Claude calling her.

“Yes, Young Master Claude.”

“What are you thinking of? I called you for a long time, but you didn’t answer……”

“Ah, it’s nothing. But now you’re not calling my name again?”

Sarah smacked her lips regretfully. How good it was when her name flowed out of those dense lips. She was almost dizzy. Sarah’s voice was full of regrets.

“When, when did I call your name? Hmph.”

Claude blushed in embarrassment and turned his head. Even as she smiled at his cute appearance, Sarah still looked toward the pillar where May was standing.

However, in the meantime, May was nowhere to be seen. She had a bad feeling for some reason. Her premonition was generally not wrong, so she was even more worried. She would rather have May’s hatred directed at her, but if it was towards Claude, she wouldn’t sit down to wait and see.

“Anyway, since you promised me that I would win the bet! Nanny, keep your promise!”

“Ah ah, indeed I did that.”

She promised Claude to make one thing for him to be praised by the Duke. In fact, she would try to do so even if Claude didn’t win the bet, but Sarah decided not to tell him that.


Sarah took an envelope made of high-quality material from her arms and handed it to Claude.

“What’s this?”

“Take a look.”

Claude opened the envelope with a curious look. A card made of stiff paper fell on Claude’s small palm. Although he was six years old, Claude, who could now read the Imperial language, stammered and read what was written on the card.

“Imperial Palace, Pass. Ethan Ambrosia……”

As Claude finished speaking, the faces of everyone in the room turned pale. Except for Sarah Millen, who was smiling brightly thinking that ‘Our Young Master Claude is also smart’. Claude looked back at Sarah with a stiff face and asked.

“Why does Nanny have this?”

No matter how young he was, Claude knew how important it was. Whenever his father entered the Imperial Palace, he always checked and took care of it. No, regardless of the importance of this Imperial Palace Pass in the first place, he couldn’t understand why his father’s belongings came out of the nanny’s arms.

“Of course, I stole it.”


“Pretending to fix the Duke’s necktie earlier.”


“With my competent magic!”

Claude was speechless at the bold confession of a crime that flowed out so casually and looked at Sarah blankly. Claude’s creaking head turned toward Veron and Ronda. He was going to ask for help from the smartest and most competent twins in this mansion.

However, both of them gently avoided Claude’s eyes, sweating with pale faces. Even though all the people in the mansion avoided Claude, only the two of them never avoided him.  For the first time, the butler and the head maid turned away from the gaze of their Little Master.

“Now, shall we go and tell His Grace, who has now entered the Palace without the Imperial Palace Pass, before he gets into trouble?”

Sarah smiled and pushed Claude’s stiff back. Only then did Claude, who came to his senses, rush to his room. Regardless of the compliment, he only thought that he should save his father who would be in trouble with his own hands.

“As expected, I hate Nanny so much.”

“Heaven! You hate me even though I tried this hard?”

“I don’t know. I hate you, Nanny!”

Claude ran up the stairs screaming. Veron and the servants, who suddenly had to help their Little Master, hurriedly followed behind.

“Haha, so cute”.

Sarah, who actually turned the mansion upside down, laughed at Claude’s small head. She didn’t want to be hated by Claude, but it was so much fun to tease Claude. The sight of him screaming with such a red-hot face was like a really angry chick itself. Sarah was weak against those things.

“Now, shall I go find the foolish child?”

Sarah muttered and looked at the side where May had disappeared. Her azure eyes gleamed coldly.

* * *

When Sarah found May, she was dipping her feet in the cold water and stepping on the laundry. Along with the angry kick, her pouty lips grumbled nonstop.

“What kind of trouble is this, just because of that damn magician……!”

She gripped the hem of her skirt in anger for a moment, then took a deep breath and started stepping on her laundry again.

“What’s cute about a kid who was born after killing his mother?!”

It was the moment when May grumbled like this.


The water that had been washing the laundry quickly surged upwards and poured into May’s face. May, who was suddenly soaked in the water, met Sarah, who was looking at her with terrifying eyes.


As the smile on Sarah’s face, who was always smiling, disappeared, the pressure May had felt before wrapped around her body. She realized that Sarah had heard everything she had said.

Something colder than the cold water ran down her body. She once read in a book that the wrath of a magician was enough to destroy a small palace. May’s mind went blank at the fact that an angry magician was right in front of her.

“Why do you hate Claude?”

“Wh, what……”

“I’m asking this kindly. Can’t you tell me?” 


“I can make you open your mouth in other ways.”

In Sarah’s hands, the azure magic she had seen before vibrated like smoke. Tears began to well up in May’s eyes when she saw it. She looked like she was about to burst into tears at any moment.


Sarah sighed briefly and tingled her finger.


Then the water storm fell over May once again.

“Don’t be silly, just answer the question I asked.”

May realized that there was no mercy in Sarah’s voice, so she swept her wet hair and spoke in a calm voice.

“I hated Young Master Claude. It’s disgusting to say he’s loved when he isn’t.”

May’s voice was so cold that she wondered if it was the same person who had been trembling a while ago. It was the true form of May.

“…… He shouldn’t expect to be loved when he was born after killing his mother.”

May bit her lips for a moment.

“I’m also a child who was born after killing my mother. That’s why I always had to survive.”


“I had to hide and live in fear of being killed if I caught my father’s eye, and I was beaten by my brothers, and the people in my family tried not to give me food to eat.”

When she was very young, May had a clear memory. The memory of her father coming in on a dark night and trying to strangle her by putting a hand on her neck. The memory of running away from the room when she opened her eyes and begged for help. Her older sisters and older brothers bullied her because they lost their mother because of her, and their father turned a blind eye to it even though he knew it. The faces of the servants whispered that the Baron wanted her to die.

“I struggled with all kinds of things to survive. I couldn’t wish for love, it was a luxury for me who was born after killing my mother. Young Master Claude has to realize that he’s blessed just by being able to wish for it.”

“Do you think it’s a blessing?”

“What if it’s not a blessing? At least Young Master Claude, unlike me, doesn’t have to tremble because he’s afraid he’ll die if his father sees him!”

As Sarah heard the story bursting out like a scream, she remembered May Chenblun from ‘Flower of Darkness’. Was it because she hated Claude Ambrosia that May Chenblun had this fate? Or was it because she had such a fate that she became the character ‘May Chenblun’ and appeared before Sarah’s eyes? She couldn’t figure it out. But one thing was clear.

‘If that child became like that because of the novel I wrote as Park Hyeyeon…… What should I do?’

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