I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 190

* * *

A miracle descended on Crombell.

“Did you hear that the Continental Army surrendered and withdrew? It seems that black magicians were hiding among them. Those who put the honor of our Empire to the ground in the name of killing the black magicians have the audacity to do so……”

“Fortunately, the wise Third Prince killed the insane Emperor, erased the black magician Kazer de Crombell from the royal genealogy, and handed over the corpse to the magic tower, right? The Continental Alliance is now in a position to have to vomit a huge amount of compensation, not just because its justification has disappeared.”

Black magicians sneaked in between the Continental Army, and the magic tower revealed that each of the emperors and kings who had formed the Continental Alliance knew about it but remained silent. The justification they made while invading the Crombell Empire was, on the contrary, strangling them. That was how the situation was completely reversed. The Continental Alliance had now been forced to bow to the new Emperor of Crombell.

“Crombell’s honor has been restored by His Majesty the new Emperor. Besides, isn’t it said that the Small Countess of Millen was the Master of the magic tower? A noble of the Empire is a magician. What greater glory could there be than this?”

“That’s right. It’s said that she died in Alton…… Indeed, it makes sense that Ambrosia has not been able to show up. There’s a saying that it’s to save Sarah Millen. That’s why the magic tower only works through the Duke of Ambrosia.”

“Heaven…… But why was Sarah Millen working as a nanny for Ambrosia’s family?”

“I’m also wondering about that.”

The nobles paid attention to Sarah Millen, who was newly emerging in Crombell’s power structure. The overwhelming power she and the magicians showed on the battlefield was both beautiful and destructive. Besides, she was a person who was so loved by the nobles, and who wore the honor all over her body. The nobles’ heads were already spinning rapidly.

* * *

When all the Imperial people and nobles of Crombell were immersed in a festive mood, the Imperial Palace was now running wild preparing for another war.

“Duke Ambrosia, do you think I can handle all of this now? I can’t even remember the last time I saw the faces of Elexa and Penelois.”

Eleon de Crombell, who became the new emperor of Crombell, kept crying with a pale face. Having stripped away all of his face and dignity, he lay down on his desk and wept bitterly.

“Negotiations with the Continental Alliance have not yet been completed, and the nobles who do not acknowledge the usurpation of the throne have not been dealt with. What is the meaning of the coronation ceremony?”

It was Eleon, who vigorously drove out his father, the Emperor, and took over the Imperial Palace, but even he could not regain his senses as he felt like he had become a chess piece on the board arranged by Ethan Ambrosia. Eleon mechanically carried out the schedule Ethan had drawn up over and over again, and eventually raised the white flag.

“Don’t worry too much, Your Majesty. When do you think I started preparing for this?”

Ethan ignored Eleon’s angry declaration of surrender with a snort. He slammed a huge amount of ledgers down on the desk where Eleon was resting his cheek. Raising his head in surprise, Eleon’s eyes were filled with Ethan’s cold smile.

“I have all the circumstantial evidence that the nobles stole slush funds while the war was in full swing, and the circumstantial evidence of using the war to fill their own pocket and not protect the territories’ people.”

“This is all……”

“There will be no one who will not follow Your Majesty even after seeing this.”

Eleon looked at the ledger Ethan held out with a slightly tired face. There was a lot of evidence that half of the Empire’s nobles could be executed just by revealing and punishing them one by one. Thanks to this ledger, Eleon could wield the strongest Imperial power in history.

“……Is Ambrosia not greedy? At this level, even if you claim the throne, no one will be able to say anything.”

“You’re talking nonsense, Your Majesty.”

Ethan narrowed his brows as if he were saying something really useless and continued.

“Why would I do that bothersome thing? I’m busy.”


Eleon looked at Ethan, who seemed to find the position of emperor of the Crombell Empire really, truly, a chore, and kept his mouth shut.

“So, Your Majesty, hurry up and take full control of the Empire, and give me a vacation.”

“……I promise you, Duke.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Ethan’s lips. Seeing that, Eleon asked in a subtle voice.

“Are you rushing my coronation because you want to go on vacation?”

“……It’s not necessarily. It’s similar.”

Ethan answered, stretching his words. Upon noticing that, Eleon realized that his mood had loosened up a bit.

“What else is similar? There seems to be a reason why my coronation must be expedited.”

“I have to get married.”

“Get, married……?”

“Yes. The ceremony can only be held after Your Majesty’s coronation is over.”

A pleasant smile formed on Ethan’s lips. Eleon opened his mouth wide at the sight of that blatant liking.

“With Countess Millen?”

“That’s right.”


It was only then that Eleon remembered what Penelois had said about the suspicious relationship between Sarah and Ethan. Come to think of it, there was no other lady like Sarah as Ethan’s companion, but Eleon was also the Emperor after all. The huge profits that the combination of Sarah, the Master of the magic tower, and Ambrosia would bring to Crombell poured into Eleon’s head. Naturally, a pleasant smile formed on his lips, just like Ethan’s.

“When the hell did you propose to Countess Millen, Duke?”

The corner of Ethan’s mouth sank again at the question of Eleon, which was full of excitement. Eleon, who looked at the figure and tilted his head in wonder, thinking there was no way.

“Could it be that you haven’t proposed yet?”


Ethan didn’t answer again. Eleon didn’t know that it meant positive. He said with a laugh as if it was absurd.

“To think about marriage without even proposing? You’re really tired, Duke.”

“Be quiet, Your Majesty.”

A man who dared to tell Eleon, who had become the Emperor of the Empire, to shut up was unable to propose marriage. Eleon said, feeling the thrill of Penelois talking about Sarah and Ethan.

“Don’t you need any help, Duke? I’m really good at proposing. Why would Penelois accept me even though she knew she wouldn’t be my official companion?”

Ethan’s eyes shook faintly at Eleon’s words. Ethan’s upper body tilted towards Eleon a little while clicking his tongue as if he was not very trustworthy.

* * *

“The Duke is here?”

“Yes, Lady Sarah. He bought a huge bouquet of flowers. That means……”

“Is it today?!”

Sarah couldn’t hide her excitement, put her hands together and cheered silently.

“Young Master Claude was right. As expected, the Duke is trying to propose to me!”

Even if it wasn’t so, testimonies were pouring in here and there that Ethan seemed to be preparing to propose to her. The nobles were busy debating who the owner of the ring was when they heard that Ethan was calling all the excellent craftsmen in the Empire to make the ring. Jewelers screamed with happiness that they were buying the highest price from Ambrosia, the family where diamonds came in. Belluna hinted to Sarah that she was researching a magic that would make flowers bloom more lusciously and fresher at Ethan’s prompting.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my……”

Sarah couldn’t stay still for a moment, pacing around the room and fidgeting. May and Ronda swallowed their smiles as they looked at Sarah, whose face was red as if it was going to burst and whose hands were shaking. Then Veron came in knocking on Sarah’s door and said.

“Countess Millen, His Lord wants to talk to you for a while.”

“Heok, really? Now?”

“Yes, he wants to see you in the greenhouse.”

Sarah only nodded. Seeing her like that, Veron’s face was also full of smile. Everyone in Ambrosia’s family knew it. That today was going to be a very special day.

“Lady Sarah, don’t pretend to know! Pretend you don’t know and pretend you didn’t expect it!”

May and Ronda jumped more excitedly than Sarah. However, Sarah, whose mind quickly turned blank, could no longer hear their voices. Ethan Ambrosia proposed to her. Ethan Ambrosia became her husband. She could officially say that Ethan Ambrosia was now her man, her! How pissed off she was watching the young ladies fooling around with Ethan until now. Now that was over. Over!

“Let’s go.”

Sarah walked away with a grim face. At every step toward the greenhouse, servants passing by cheered her on with their eyes. It was truly a marriage proposal supported by everyone in Ambrosia.


So Sarah stood in front of the greenhouse, catching her breath, trembling with tension.

“Please come back as our Madam.”

May saw Sarah off with a smile. Sarah nodded her head with a face that looked like it was about to burn.

“……I will be back.”

When she opened the door of the greenhouse, the scent of flowers, which was different from before, suddenly flooded in. It was a pure and sweet scent with green notes. Sarah’s heart began to beat fast at the scent. The greenhouse was full of Sarah’s favorite flowers.


It was splendid yet elegant, and it was magic lamps embedded with magic stones that scattered pretty light here and there. Gorgeous light fell from the ceiling like snowflakes, and when it touched Sarah’s shoulder, it burst and spread a soft scent. Even at a glance, magic circles that cost an astronomical amount were spread throughout the greenhouse. It was clear who would have researched and produced them all. Ethan Ambrosia was now a man who had magicians of the magic tower in his hands.

“Really, I can’t help but fall in love with this.”

Sarah’s muttered voice was filled with excitement. It was so obvious how much effort the busiest man in the Empire put into this moment. Sarah walked slowly, admiring the greenhouse Ethan had decorated. At the end of her gaze, she saw Ethan’s figure standing there waiting for her.


Sarah had to hold her breath for a moment when she saw Ethan. Ethan, who neatly swept up his brilliantly shiny platinum blonde, was dressed in Ambrosia’s uniform. A bright smile appeared on Ethan Ambrosia’s sculptural face as his eyes met Sarah, who was staring blankly. Seeing Ethan’s smiling face, Sarah unconsciously said what she was thinking.

“I really want to get married.”

Did he really hear that murmur? Ethan opened his eyes wide for a moment, and soon blinked his eyes and approached her with a smile.

“That was the first thing I had to say, Sarah.”


Sarah stared at Ethan, who spoke with an embarrassed smile as if he was in trouble. Originally, Ethan Ambrosia possessed an appearance that didn’t seem to belong to humans, but today he was really something. It seemed that the earth and the universe could be destroyed by his beauty. If that man could become her man, it would not be enough even if she gave him the whole world. The most handsome man in the world slowly got down on one knee in front of her and reverently kissed the back of her hand.


The back of her hand where Ethan’s lips touched became hot as if it had been burned. A quivering breath leaked from Sarah’s lips. Seeing her like that, Ethan smiled bitterly at her and said.

“Sarah, I don’t know if I dare say I want you.”

“Duke, I……”

“I’m more greedy than I thought. If I ask permission, you can’t even imagine how far I’ll crave for you.”

Ethan was talking about his anxiety. Ambrosia’s power completely changed into the power of wanting and longing for Sarah. Ethan’s power held Sarah, who was shaken by instability after one soul was annihilated due to the magician’s oath. Benjamin and Belluna were anxious because they did not know which direction their master’s soul would go without Ethan’s power, but in fact, Ethan was delighted with the fact. Capturing Sarah’s soul was his own power. Sarah could take root here because of him. He was afraid of himself, deeply satisfied that Sarah could not escape from him in this way.

“That’s always been the problem. You have hundreds of reasons to abandon me, and I have none.”


At Ethan’s words, Sarah felt her heart tighten. It never occurred to her that Ethan would be trembling with anxiety in this way. Transparent tears began to fall down Sarah’s white cheeks.

“So I beg you, Sarah.”

Ethan took out the ring from his bosom and held it out. The diamond with azure light resembling Sarah’s pupils sparkled in the light.

“So that I can no longer covet you in a vulgar way. Please marry me.”


Sarah quietly looked at the ring Ethan held out. Even in the blurred vision due to tears, the light of the ring was clearly visible.

“I’m the one who’s vulgar, Duke.”


“It’s insanely good that the Duke longs for me and covets me. I wish you could do more.”

Ethan’s eyes widened at Sarah’s words. Seeing him like that, Sarah smiled with her tear-stained face.

“I love the man named Ethan Ambrosia more than you think. I’ve been in love for a really, really long time. It’s bad that you don’t know it.”

Saying that, Sarah picked up the ring that Ethan was giving her and kissed him. Ethan, who blinked his eyes slowly, smiled softly and cupped Sarah’s cheeks with both hands.

‘It is best to look pitiful when making a marriage proposal, Duke. Do you understand? I had to lie down, looking pitiful, to ask her to accept me.’

He thought Eleon’s advice was very useful.

“Done! It’s done!”

At that time, Claude, who was watching the two hiding in the distance, came running with cheers.

“Young Master Claude?”


Surprised by the child who appeared out of nowhere, Sarah and Ethan jumped in shock.


Benjamin, who was crumpling his face awkwardly behind Claude, was lowering his hand awkwardly to stop the child.


“……Yes, yes!”

“Be my mother!”

This time, Claude took the ring from his bosom and held it out to Sarah. It was a ring with a green opal that was as beautiful as Claude’s eyes.


Sarah stared at it, frozen and breathless. Then, when she saw Claude smiling brightly, she sobbed and collapsed in a different way from the tears shed earlier.

“I will……, I will, Young Master Claude.”

Seeing Sarah crying and hugging Claude and swimming in the waves of emotion, Ethan was silent for a moment in dejection. But then, as Sarah and Claude reached out to him, he gently hugged them and smiled contentedly.

“I love you, Sarah.”

“I love you, too.”

Sarah thought as she listened to the confessions of the two men.

Now, I feel like I’ve finally found my place.

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