I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 45

Viscount Nathan slumped to his knees. After the Imperial Palace meeting, he had a brief private conversation with the Duke of Ambrosia.

‘I’d love to hear from Viscount where my son needed the mercy of Young Master Nathan.’

The tip of Duke Ambrosia’s spear was pointing toward this direction very clearly. The First Prince, who held the Emperor’s heart, had been overthrown, so there were now two candidates left. In this situation, the Second Prince needed Ambrosia’s strength and support more than anyone else. In such a situation, Viscount Nathan, who bought Ambrosia’s wrath, was not needed by the Second Prince.

“Ple, please spare me.”

“……You have been a faithful dog to me all this time. Viscount must have known enough that I thought you were cute..”

“The kindness the Prince has bestowed on me is truly…… beyond words. So please, Prince, please let it pass this one time!”

Viscount Nathan realized his situation and fell flat. His resentment towards his son. The blame for himself for not being able to look into it properly after sending his son to the Duke of Ambrosia was now included. For now, it was important to remain by the Second Prince’s side until the end.

“So, as my faithful dog, I will give you one last word of allegiance to you.”

“Yes, yes…… Prince!”

The Second Prince walked in front of Viscount Nathan, who was kneeling, and sat down on one knee, meeting his eye level. Then he asked, looking into his eyes gleaming with faint hope.

“I have to give the Duke of Ambrosia a present to appease him, but what would be good”

Viscount Nathan’s head turned very quickly at the Second Prince’s question. How he responded would determine the fate of him and his family.

“Mu, Muston…… Rumor has it that the head of Ambrosia is preparing to bid at the Diamond Mine in Muston Estate!”


“I’ll take responsibility and bid for the Diamond Mine at the Muston Estate and give it to the Duke of Ambrosia…..”


A smirk escaped from the Second Prince’s mouth. He shook his head violently and stood up. Not even a hint of warmth remained in his golden eyes, looking down at Viscount Nathan, who was still on his knees.

“There was a time when I thought your stupidity was good.”

“Your, Your Highness the Prince……!”

“Don’t you even know that a mine is nothing but a penny for the Duke of Ambrosia?”

“But the Muston Mine ranks among the top three in the Empire…!”

“It’s Ambrosia. Viscount. Think about the name Ambrosia.”


Viscount Nathan had to sell all of his property as well as part of the estate to obtain the Muston Mine. Even that was a choice he made with the risk of going into debt. However, Viscount Nathan trembled at the realization that even that was useless and worthless in front of Ambrosia’s name.

“You also don’t seem to have a proper way, so I’ll let you know.”

The Second Prince turned around and picked up the topmost of the papers on his desk, then he scatters it as he throws it over Viscount Nathan’s head, he said.

“You embrace everything.”


“I have already done the necessary work. You don’t need to thank me for that.”

As the Second Prince passed by Viscount Nathan, his aide followed him like a shadow and whispered in his ear.

“The messenger to the Ambrosia mansion returned as of now. If we don’t take action, they won’t meet.”

“……The action has just been taken, so let someone go again.”

With that said, Viscount Nathan, who was staring blankly at the back of the Second Prince as he left, gathered up the papers that fell over his head. Viscount Nathan’s eyes widened as he read the documents with trembling hands.


In the document, Viscount Nathan had been designated as the person to take care of the First Prince, and it was written that he should take all the family members and prepare a mansion right next to the First Prince’s residence. Viscount Nathan would no longer be able to advance to the permanent Central Nobility. Because he raised his children wrong. Realizing that, the cries of the Viscount resounded through the empty office of the Second Prince.


“The Second Prince abandoned Viscount Nathan.”

“Tsk. It’s no longer fun.”

Upon hearing Jade’s report, Ethan clicked his tongue slightly. Seeing that he had removed Viscount Nathan from his grasp, it seemed that the Second Prince also cared about Viscount Nathan very much. But he still had no mercy in his hands, seeing that he struck him firmly this time.

“And the Second Prince sent another person to deliver the invitation.”

“There is no need to brighten up the party that wants to build a nest in the place where the First Prince was pushed out. Try to refuse it.”

“Ah, by the way…”

Ethan narrowed his forehead as he watched Jade deliberately stretching his words. Did that mean there was more?

“Young Master Claude has also received an invitation.”


“He invited Claude, saying it’s an apology.”

Ethan tapped the desk with his finger, deep in thought. If rumors spread that the Duke of Ambrosia cared for his son terribly, the Second Prince, who was related to Viscount Nathan, would naturally pretend to be in line with him. To prevent that, Claude was invited in advance.

“It seems that all the children of Claude’s age have also been invited. Wouldn’t it be perfect for finding new playmates?”

“……The Second Prince used his brain quite a bit.”

Other children, including Young Master Nathan, were also spoiled, but Claude had to be friendly with his peers for social activities. It was the foundation for Claude to become Duke of Ambrosia and lead the political world in the future.

“What is Claude doing now?”

“It seems that he has just returned from going out with Countess Millen.”

“Claude, was he smiling?”

“Yes. He came with a very broad smile.”

Ethan breathed heavily as if relieved and touched his head with his hands. The pain in his head, which had been throbbing for a while, seemed to have subsided little by little.


Because of his neglect, he could not forgive himself for belatedly realizing the pain the child must have suffered. He thought he just had to fulfill the child’s needs with everything without lacking anything. He thought he would just have to protect him from Ambrosia’s power. If he did that, he thought that Claude, unlike him, could grow up happily.

‘I don’t have the face to see Hugel.’

Ethan alone made an unreachable oath to Hugel. He promised he would protect Claude at all costs. However, since he had never experienced the feeling of being protected as well as protecting something, he did not know how to protect it, so Ethan missed it this time as well.

‘Does Brother hate me? You’re afraid I’ll get Ambrosia? You know it’s Mother’s will, not mine.’

‘What the hell are you doing with Father? After being alone with Father, Brother is always sick. Please share the burden with me too.’

‘I’d better disappear from Brother’s side. That’s the way for both Brother and Dieline. I won’t come back to you. I will also throw away the name of Ambrosia.’

When he thought he had protected Hugel from his father, he almost lost Claude again this time, just as he had lost Hugel.

“I’m glad Sarah is here.”

Ethan sincerely thought so. There were more than once or twice moments when he felt that he had received not only Ambrosia’s power but also her help. As he walked on a quiet, dark road, Sarah came to him with a smile on her face. When he thought of that refreshing and clear face, he felt like his stomach that had been entangled in a mess had subsided.

“Countess Millen is amazing. Do you know that Young Master Claude is still wary of me? Countess Millen hasn’t been here that long but he already.……”

“It’s Sir’s fault.”

“What? What did I do!”

“Let’s learn from Sarah. Didn’t she say it wasn’t a shame that one lacked learning?”

“No, no matter how true it is…… That’s too much.”

Jade drooped his shoulders with a sullen face. The corner of Ethan’s lips, which had been slowly rising as he watched it, slowly hardened to a straight line as he passed back the report that Jade had handed over to him.

“Why is this child in my mansion now?”

“Countess Millen brought him, saying he was a new friend of Young Master Claude.”

“……Sarah did?”


On the report Ethan was holding, the pattern of the hood the child was wearing when he came to Ambrosia’s mansion was drawn.


“Yes, My Lord.”

“Did Sarah know about this pattern?”

“I don’t think so. Because the Third Prince hid it with all his might. I’m sure His Majesty doesn’t know either.”

“……Are all these coincidences?”

“That’s what I’m saying. Isn’t it amazing?”

Unlike Jade, who was just amazed, Ethan did not believe in fate. He got up from his seat and picked up his coat.

“I’m leaving for today.”

“What? But you will be having an audience with His Majesty soon. He especially calls for you today!”

“I have a prior engagement.”

“What prior engagement? What prior engagement is more important than talking to His Majesty alone?”

“Didn’t I promise to give her my time once a week? I remember that Sir was also there?”

“Are you talking about the promise you made with Countess Millen?”

“That’s right.”

It was then that Jade was able to recall the promise Sarah and Ethan had made. It was a promise that had not been kept because there were many things that happened since Sarah entered Ambrosia.

“I think it’s going to be a fun time.”

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