I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 52


Inside a deserted alley.



“Huhung, huuhung, ueeeeek!”

Belluna and Benjamin stared at Oliven, who was vomiting everything he had eaten with tears in his eyes, with a tired look.

“How many days has he been like that?”

“I know.”

Faced with an unanswered problem, Belluna and Benjamin looked at each other, then frowned.

“Hey, I’m dying……, kkueeek.”

Oliven reached out his shaky hands to Benjamin and Belluna, then bowed his head again and vomited. His desperate and dirty appearance made Benjamin and Belluna rather take a step back and say.

“Tell us the closest place to Master’s location, Oliven. Then we’ll find her on our own.”

“Urk, uh uh……, No, you’re going to leave me alone!”

“So, how long are you going to waste our time here?”

“Please, just one recovery magic……”

“We’ve been using it all this time. If it’s still useless, it’s your mental strength.”

“Bellunaaa pleaseee.”


Belluna took a deep breath and reached out toward Oliven. Her mana flowed from her fingertips and gently wrapped around Oliven.


Only then did Oliven exhale loudly as if he was going to live and fall to his side.


Seeing that he was lying by the side whether there was vomit or not, Benjamin pondered for a moment whether it was true that Oliven had a weak stomach. He didn’t think he could lie down next to the vomit he had vomited unless he had a strong stomach.

“I think I’m finally alive.” 

“It’s okay now, right? Hurry up and activate the magic circle.”

“Hold on, hold on. I’ll re-enter the coordinates.…..”

Oliver, who raised his body with a healthier complexion, took his magic ball out of his arms and looked into it. As Oliven infused his magic power, it shone with an olive light following the magic circle engraved on his magic ball.

“Hurry up. Before it gets worse again.”

“Okay, okay. Since the previous coordinates were in the monster forest, I’ll erase it……”

Oliven, who was trying to correct the coordinates while muttering, shut his mouth for a moment. His face, which had gotten better a while ago, suddenly turned yellow and clouded again.

“Oliven, don’t tell me……”

“Mon, monster forest, dead, dead body……, kkueeeeeek.”

Oliven bowed his head as he was holding the magic ball and spit out the vomit again.

“I’m going crazy, really!”

Benjamin nervously swept his hair and spit out his anger. While escaping from the monster forest and resting in the small village of Alton Estate, Oliven was in that state the whole time. He continued to puke day and night, saying that the bodies of the monsters he saw in the forest kept coming to mind. He vomited for a long time, and then he got sick, and then he left and said he was hungry, and he ate a full meal, and repeated vomiting again even when only the word ‘mon’ in the ‘monster forest’ came out. Benjamin finally couldn’t stand it and blew his magic ball at Oliven.


Oliven away flew like a paper doll while holding his magic sphere. Oliven jumped out of the alley where they were and was kicked by passersby rolling the ground.


“What with this guy!”

People looked strangely at Oliven, who suddenly jumped out of nowhere and was shaking and trembling, and then ran away as if avoiding dirty things. Belluna, who had been watching the tragic sight, raised her hand toward Benjamin.

“…….Good job.”


Benjamin high-fived Belluna and turned around.

“If we wait for that punk, we will miss Master’s track.”

“I agree.”

The figures of Benjamin and Belluna, who turned their backs on Oliven without hesitation, began to disappear. Without Oliven’s coordinates, they wouldn’t be able to move to the closest location of their master, but since he definitely said it was the capital, they were going to search there first.

“We’ve waited long enough for you, so you can follow us or not.”

Belluna looked at Oliven, who was looking at their side while crying, spoke harshly to him, and then disappeared.

“Hic hic hic, those bad guys…… I’ll tell Master everything. I’ll tell……”

Oliven, who had been crying for a long time in the middle of the street where people were passing by, lifted his head as his sadness calmed down. They really went away. Both of them abandoned him and went away.


Oliven slowly lifted the hem of his sleeve, wiping away the tear marks from his cheeks and wiping away the traces of vomit from the corners of his mouth. He looked at the alley where Benjamin and Belluna disappeared, only their magic waves remained weak, but no signs were felt.


It was then that Oliven finally realized that he had been abandoned.

“You guys are so impatient. If you go right now, will you recognize Master right away? Even if you’re next to her, you’ll pass by.”

As a great magician, their master perfectly sealed her original mana of this world, so it was obvious that Belluna and Benjamin would not be able to recognize their ordinary master. Oliven thought that was a waste of time. Of course, he had no intention of telling them about it. In particular, he didn’t intend to tell Benjamin, who was crazy about his master and turned his personality 180 degrees.

“Master left without saying a word because he was crazily obsessed with her. Isn’t that too much? So disgusting. He has to be cute like me.”

Benjamin needed to learn how to handle things flexibly. When it came to teleportation magic, except for his master in the magic tower, Oliven was the best. In particular, being able to draw a magic circle and enter coordinates to move to an exact location was Oliven’s specialty. He couldn’t believe they left him like that. Belluna and Benjamin were so desperate to find their master to realize this fact, thus they gave up on him.

“The first thing to do is to find out how Master’s traces exist. Idiots.”

Oliven brushed off the dirt on his clothes and entered the alley where Benjamin and Belluna had disappeared. Looking at the size of the fragments of mana left in the air, it looked like they were trying to move slowly without going too far. Alton Estate and the capital were quite far away. Oliven, who judged that he would be able to catch up with the two even after finishing his business here, slowly raised his mana. First of all, the priority was to wash off his dirty body.


After washing his body with cool magic, Oliven exhaled a big breath as if he was going to live. He looked fine as if he had never been so ill. As if it was a lie that he had been whining and groaning nonstop a while ago.

“Then, should I slowly find it…… Where is it?”

Oliven walked slowly, humming and singing. He had been conducting extensive research before telling Benjamin that their master’s location had been briefly seen in the magic tower. He was well aware of his master’s personality because he had been with his master longer than anyone else. If his master was in the Crombell Empire, she would have been involved in the most intense incident taking place there. It was his master’s specialty to cause accidents everywhere she passed by. So, Oliven searched for the biggest event that made the Crombell Empire tumultuous, and that was the loss of the right to the throne of the First Prince.

‘I’m sure it’s related. If I shake off the First Prince completely from head to toe.’

Oliven recalled the residence of the First Prince, which he had known beforehand, and sent a thin thread of mana to the vicinity. The magic that started from him stretched out like a spider’s web in a dense entanglement. Oliven’s magic passed by the passersby as if they were invisible. Unless they were sensitive to magic or gifted, they probably didn’t even know what was passing by their bodies.


He closed his eyes for a moment and seemed to be concentrating, but then his eyes lit up.

“Found it.”

Oliven smiled brightly and recovered all the mana that had flowed out. Then, the information buried in his magic thread began to seep into his mind.

“As expected, you were bad-mouthing your master well. Right?”

Even if it was not the First Prince himself, there were bound to be people who followed him, and their mouths were bound to become infinitely lighter under their tyrannical master.

How many people who work underneath him will protect his weaknesses with all their loyalty for the master who has lost the connection? What Oliven found was not the First Prince, but his attendants. The knights, servants, and nobles who could not give up hope to the First Prince and came all the way here to take a risk that was close to gambling. They would all become valuable sources of information for Oliven.

“I’m shy, but can I get to know you?”

If he was lucky, he might even be able to meet the First Prince in person. Oliven moved on with a strange smile on his lips.

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  1. jennie has spoken 9 months ago

    Sure, her other two disciples are obsessed psychos, but no one is a bigger psycho than Oliven in my opinion. Why do I feel like he’s gonna play a far more significant role later in the story? I hope it’s not in the evil route since I genuinely like him. Characters like him are what breathe life into scenes that may be mundane otherwise.

  2. Manhwaisagreathingtoexist has spoken 12 months ago

    Lol they said benjamin was crazy and belluna was even crazier but then the actor award goes to oliven 😂 how did sarah raise all her crazy disciples 🤣


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