I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 57


“Nanny is so pretty!”



Claude hovered around Sarah, seemingly excited, praising her over and over again. Sarah received Claude’s gaze on her body and made a big turn. Then Claude laughed out loud and gave her a round of applause.

“Isn’t Young Master Claude very cool too?”

“Do I look fine?”

“Of course! Our Young Master Claude, aren’t you already like a gentleman?”

Claude was also very lovely, dressed in pretty clothes. Ethan, who looked at Claude and Sarah, who gave each other a thumbs up while praising each other, coughed a little to appeal to his presence.


Ethan pretended not to care, smoothed his clothes, and waited for his turn to be praised. It was because Ethan, who wore the costume of the same design as Claude, was several times more dazzling than usual. However, Claude only blushed slightly while looking at Ethan, but said nothing, and looked back at Sarah.

“What should I do at the party?”

“Eat a lot of delicious food, dance, make a lot of friends and have fun!”


Ethan seemed a little disappointed at the gaze that shifted away from him without regret. Sarah, who noticed it, smiled quietly to herself.

“But what if there’s someone like Young Master Naven?”

“There’s the Duke! He’s going to attend the party with you, I’m sure Young Master Claude will always be in his line of sight.”

At Sarah’s words, Claude looked at Ethan, who looked down at him quietly from his side. When their eyes met, Ethan raised his ringed hand and stroked Claude’s head once heavily. Then a faint light flashed on the ring. Ethan knew it, but ignored it.

“I’d like you to tell me everything like you told me last time.”


Claude blinked his sparkling eyes and nodded. Claude had stammered and told Ethan all about how hard it was the last time he was bullied by Young Master Naven while Sarah was watching. Contrary to Claude’s expectation that he would be severely scolded for being weak, Ethan stroked his head and said this.

‘It must have been very difficult. I’m sorry that I only found out now, Claude.’

After that, the noble children who were there on that day, including Naven, could not pass through the gates of Ambrosia’s mansion. According to Sarah, they were all frightened by their father’s scolding and ran away. From that moment on, Claude’s fear disappeared. Because his father said he was stronger. Because his father said he was on his side now.

“You must depart now.”

At that time, Veron, who was waiting in front of the carriage, approached and said.

“Let’s go.”

Ethan put his hands in Claude’s armpits and lifted him up, putting him in the carriage. Seeing the child sitting quietly on a chair with soft cushions, Ethan turned around and looked at Sarah, stretching out his hand. Sarah smiled and took his hand.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation today.”

“Let’s do our best.”

Ethan answered gently and skillfully led Sarah. Sarah got into the carriage and sat down next to Claude, stroking the child’s head. Claude’s excited feet were fluttering cutely in the air. Ethan asked as he saw the two smiling as they looked at each other without any worries.

“At today’s party, you will be announced as Claude’s nanny in front of others. Will it be okay?”

“Why? Is that a problem?”

“Because you’re Countess Millen. A lot of words will probably come and go.”

“It doesn’t matter. What greater glory could there be than to raise an upright successor of Ambrosia?”

A faint smile spread across Ethan’s lips at Sarah’s casual reply.


The Imperial party hosted by the Second Prince Ilior de Crombell was held in the most spacious and splendid Stenia Hall of the Imperial Palace. On the surface, it was a party to cheer for the First Prince, Cazer de Crombell, who had gone to study abroad and to pray for a safe return, but all the nobles of the Crombell Empire knew the true meaning of this party.

“Have you heard of rumors that the First Prince, who was expelled to the Alton Estate, has become half crazy?”

“It’s very barren, so you can hear the cries of monsters at night, right?”

“Yeah……, it would be more difficult not to go crazy in that kind of place.”

“The Second Prince is also very, very heartless.”

The noblewomen covered their mouths with their fans, biting their tongues as if they were sorry, but from the inside of the fan, they raised their beautiful lips and smiled broadly. The aristocrats who supported the First Prince were either not present here or were watching from the corner without making a loud sound. One power had collapsed. For a very long time, the desires that depended on the Emperor’s blatant favoritism were shattered. And there were other desires to fill the broken vacancy.

“Duke Ethan Ambrosia, Young Lord Claude Ambrosia, and Lady Sarah Millen are coming in!”

The eyes of the nobles shone blue when they heard the name called by the Imperial servant. Everyone in Stenia Hall’s gaze fell on Ambrosia, who was slowly entering the hall at the same time.


A sigh escaped from the lips of the nobles who looked at Ethan Ambrosia walking ahead. A living sculpture was walking in. Since he was Duke Ambrosia, who seldom attends social parties like this, there were a lot of people in the party venue who wanted to see him a little closer.

“Isn’t it fascinating whenever you see him?”

“Why is such a person still alone……, maybe he still has feelings for the deceased Duchess?”

“No way. To be honest, I saw those two together and they were so indifferent to each other. It’s so miraculous that Young Lord Ambrosia was born.”

They couldn’t even think of approaching him, and the sound of swallowing saliva could be heard from all over the place. The Duke of Ambrosia was always polite and well mannered, but he had an atmosphere that was difficult to approach. Even if they tried to ask for a dance, they felt suffocated when they met Duke Ambrosia’s blue eyes.

“Young Lord Ambrosia looks just like his father.”

“I know. If you’re looking at that face, you imagine something sweet without realizing it. For example, like the childhood of Duke Ambrosia……”

The ladies blushed as they alternately looked at the faces of Ambrosia’s father and son.

“Claude Ambrosia……, I am finally seeing the name that has only been mentioned by Viscount Naven.”

“Don’t say that name too recklessly. You don’t want to go sightseeing in Alton Estate, do you?”


The attention of people whispering about Claude was directed to Sarah Millen, who appeared with Ambrosia’s father and son.

“Am I looking in vain now?”

“Oh, not at all.”

“He definitely said Sarah Millen, right?”

“Yes, I heard it clearly.”

The voices of the astonishing nobles rang exceptionally louder in the Stenia Hall. As soon as she was called the flower of the social world, Sarah Millen, who disappeared after receiving the position of Countess, appeared after 6 years. Together with the Duke of Ambrosia and his son.

“I’ve heard that Count Millen’s family is living in seclusion. Was he even a vassal of Ambrosia?”

“Could it be? If it’s the Millen family, it’s the family contributing to the founding of the country.”

“Actually, there is a saying that Young Lord Ambrosia’s nanny is Sarah Millen.”

“What? What are you talking about? What do you mean Countess Millen is just a nanny?”

“The Duke of Ambrosia made an assessment and brought her there. He’s asking her to take care of his son until he grows up. I heard that the deceased Duchess and Countess Millen are close friends.”

The relationship between the deceased Duchess Dieline and Sarah was so famous that they nodded their heads in agreement.

“If so, that could be the case, but…… Isn’t Countess Millen suffering a loss being just a nanny like that?”

“That’s none of our business. Do you know what we should pay attention to here? Sarah Millen is still single!”

“Ah, indeed. If she wants to stay with Young Lord Ambrosia until he grows up, the successor to Count Millen’s family is vacant……”

“If someone comes into the Millen family as a son-in-law, he will become Count Millen! Moreover, since Countess Millen has a strong relationship with Ambrosia’s successor, what better marriage could there be than this?”

The twinkling eyes of the second son who needed the title and the noblemen who had just entered the marriage market turned to Sarah Millen.

“Besides, look at that figure. She’s so beautiful……”

The noblewomen covered their mouths with fans and smiled secretly. What was the funniest thing in the world? It was to see suitors rushing at a woman like a swarm of bees.

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