I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 73

The quiet room quickly became noisy like a market barrel. Jade, Veron, and Ronda came in, and the servants and knights of Ambrosia, who were curious about the inside situation, flocked.

“I was worried, but it went really well. I thought something bad was going to happen.…..”

“Are you feeling okay now?”

“You must feel weak because you’ve been lying down for a month. I’ll make light soup.”

“You, you have to drink water first. I’ll bring you some water.”

“Do you want to wash up first? I’ve washed your body from time to time, but if you want, I’ll get warm water!”

“Hueoong heoooong.”

Everyone came in noisily and was in a commotion as they gave each word to Sarah. Some were talking to themselves and running out by themselves, some were tearful as they looked at Sarah, and some were wailing very much. Of course, that someone included Claude.

“Huaaang, Nanny, Nanny……”

Claude cried very sadly and tried to hold Sarah in his arms. He kept rubbing his cheeks, trying to hold Sarah’s hand, and acting like he was impatient to reach her even a little more. Sarah leaned against Ethan’s chest and held Claude in her arms.

“Hic, hiic…….”

Claude sniffled as if he were relieved only then. Ethan looked at Sarah’s face, which was in trouble, and ordered.

“……Everyone, get out. Sarah’s stability comes first.”

The servants of Ambrosia followed Ethan’s orders with sullen faces. Still, they looked at Sarah until the end and checked her condition. Ethan sighed and said to Veron and Ronda, who stood still as if they were the exception.

“Veron, Ronda. The same goes for you guys.”

Veron and Ronda covered their mouths and mourned as if they had been shocked by Ethan’s cold words. How pathetic was that earnest gaze on Ethan. Jade, who had been watching the whole scene, said, clicking his tongue slightly.

“Are you going to make the Lord order twice?”

It was said that the person who pretended to be nice to you on the outside but slandered you on the inside was more hateful. Ronda and Veron stared at Jade, who was standing carefreely.

“The same goes for Sir Harper. Get out.”

“What? Me too?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m the one that Countess Millen called for herself!”

At Jade’s words, Ethan looked at Sarah. She shook her head slightly as Sarah closed her eyes with a sad look on her face.

“She doesn’t need Sir because I’m here. Get out.”

“No way……!”

Jade eventually had to leave the room with Veron and Ronda laughing at him.


When the voices that were ringing in her mind, which were otherwise distracting, disappeared, Sarah exhaled loudly as if she was about to live.

“Nanny……, are you okay?”

Claude raised his head from Sarah’s arms and made eye contact. Sarah shook her head and smiled softly because the child’s eyes were trembling so pitifully and anxiously.

“I’m okay now, Young Master Claude. I’m sorry for making you worry.”


In response to Sarah, Claude shed tears again and buried his face in her arms.

“Nanny is a liar.”

Sarah stroked Claude’s head, feeling her clothes wet. She felt sorry for the child who would have witnessed his nanny, who promised to return safely, was covered in blood.

“I’m sorry.”

Sarah kissed Claude’s hair and looked up at Ethan as if asking for help. But Ethan also didn’t know if his hardened face could relax, perhaps because he was so angry with her.

“I will never allow you to intervene in such a thing again.”

“But Duke, back then…….”

“I know it couldn’t be helped. But now that will never happen in the future.”

Ethan resolutely cut off Sarah’s words. His will was felt that he would never let her go through such a dangerous situation in the future.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to open your eyes like this, so I……”

Ethan bit his lip for a moment, unable to speak. His arm, which was holding Sarah, tightened.


Sarah thought somehow that Ethan’s hard voice was trembling faintly. Even though it couldn’t be, it just seemed that way. It was then Sarah’s eyes saw the ring on Ethan’s hand.

“The ring, it cracked.”

There was a crack in the ring she made for Ethan. Sarah hurriedly held Ethan’s hand and checked the amount of mana left in the ring.

“It’s almost all used up. What on earth happened while I was sleeping? Did you use your power?”

The function of the ring was significantly reduced. Since it was close to the magic stone that Oliven had dropped at the party, should it be a natural result? Due to the nature of Ambrosia’s power, it must have been fluctuating within him. That made the ring’s power drain faster. Sarah’s brow narrowed slightly, thinking that Ethan must have protected Sarah and Claude while enduring it all. Perhaps if Ethan used his power one more time, the ring would break.


Ethan nodded his head silently in response to Sarah’s question. After a strange power was manifested from Claude, Ethan himself went out of his way to subdue Benjamin, who was staring blankly at the scene, and to capture the other two disciples. Against the magicians who freely used magic, the Knights of Ambrosia had endured brilliantly, but that alone was not enough. It was possible because Ethan’s patience, which had not been able to look at Sarah until the situation cleared up, had bottomed out.

“Sarah’s disciples were so rebellious that I had no choice but to do it.”


It was only then that Sarah could recall Oliver and her disciples, who became the culprits of this situation.

“Those children, what happened to those children?”

“They’re bad people.”

It was Claude who answered Sarah’s question. The bright red, bloodshot eyes of the child raised his head, and there was an evident hostility.

“They hurt Nanny and tried to take you away.”

“Young Master Claude…….”

Sarah was heartbroken by the fact that the child’s pure and blue hostility was directed at her disciples. It wouldn’t be a lifelong relationship, but if they met, she wanted them to get along well. Sarah, who was trying to say ‘I know they are good children’, opened her eyes to Claude’s following words.

“He looked at me and called me a brat.”

“What? Who said that?”

“The uncle with dark red hair.”

“Benjamin, that punk is really!”

What ‘I know they are good children’. Sarah quickly swallowed what she was trying to spit out. She didn’t remember teaching her disciples like that.

“I don’t think I can. I’ll have to scold him.”

Sarah took Claude away from her arms for a moment and tried to get up by mustering strength into her body.

“Where are my disciples? I want to go see them.”

“They are protected by Ambrosia. More than that……”

Ethan stopped her from getting up and hugged her gently.

“Oh my!”

Sarah, who was lifted up in an instant, screamed in surprise, and Ethan wrapped her arms around his neck and said.

“You’ve been lying down for a month. It’s still too much to walk.”

“But, but what if someone sees this?”

“There are only faithful servants of Ambrosia in this mansion.”

Ethan said so and hugged Sarah once more so that she could lean on him comfortably. He thought she was too light whenever he lifted her.

“I can walk there!”

Ethan laughed lowly at Sarah’s small rebellion by waving her legs in the air. When that low laughter rang heavily in Sarah’s ear, she had no choice but to stop rebelling for a moment.

“Even so, I won’t drop this issue. Until you’re completely healed, I’ll be sure to pay attention.”

Thump, her heart skipped a beat. Even if she looked at him a little, she could see Ethan’s face very closely. When she thought her eyes met the blue eyes staring at her, Sarah even forgot how her heart was beating.

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