I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 76

* * *

Sarah quickly recovered thanks to the utmost care of the people of Ambrosia. When she was just lying down like she was dead, she could feel that it was getting lively day by day.

“Uh…… It’s really better now, do I have to take this medicine?”

“Yes. If you secretly throw away the medicine today too, the Duke said he would blow the neck of the doctor who made the medicine.”

“……If he’s going to blow the neck off, he’s just going to fire him and hire someone else, right?”

“I doubt it.”

May shrugged and handed Sarah a vial of medicine. Doctors with even a little bit of fame in the Empire were gathered and they put their heads together to make this medicine. It smelled very bad, bitter and astringent, but the effect was certain.

“It tastes so weird.”

Sarah frowned and drank all the medicine. May said, handing over candy to Sarah.

“Today is the day you promised Young Master Claude. He’s really looking forward to it.”

“I know, so I have to be in better shape than usual today, right?”


Sarah closed her eyes tightly and drank every single drop of the medicine left in the vial. Then she immediately put the candy in her mouth and munched. Today was the day she had time to play with Claude and Ethan after a very long time. Sarah was now trying to keep her promise, which she couldn’t keep before because she was lying in bed.

“……Let’s go.”

“Yes, Claude has already gone first.”

“Really? I should hurry up.”

Even as she hurriedly moved, Sarah thought of her disciples who were still asleep in the secret room. The desire to talk with her disciples was still there, but the friction between the Imperial family and the magic tower surrounding them never ceased. Still, on the Imperial side, Ethan did some tidying up, but it remained the same in the magic tower. Sarah was planning to visit the magic tower someday and try to convince the angry magicians. Until then, her disciples could not be sent to the magic tower.

‘I can’t just put them to sleep like that forever.’

Sarah was thinking of suggesting something to Ethan after this playtime was over. Couldn’t he just let the disciples stay in Ambrosia for a very short time, really for a very short time? If the Duke didn’t allow it, there was nothing she could do about it. With that thought in mind, she opened the door, and a man with platinum blonde hair stood in front of her, shining even more in the sunlight.


“I came to meet you.”

Ethan was in front of her as if he knew Sarah was thinking of him. Sarah looked at the large, firm hand that was reaching out to her, then smiled softly and took it. Then she said in a shy voice.

“It’s okay not to support me like this every time. I have my cane.”

Sarah said, pointing to May, who was following her with her cane from behind. It was a trend to carry a cane decorated with jewels and luxurious patterns, but it was also good to support her body if she used it.

“So you don’t like it?”

“Ah no!”

“That’s good.”

Ethan smiled lightly and took a step. Sarah looked at his face for a while and soon walked together as if she couldn’t help it. It was embarrassing, but it wasn’t a bad feeling. The nicer Ethan was to her, the more strange a sense of accomplishment she felt. Ethan Ambrosia was a much more difficult opponent than Claude. Unlike Claude, whom she knew that he was longing for affection, Sarah didn’t know what Ethan really wanted.

‘I think I’m doing pretty well considering that.’

Sarah smiled proudly, praising herself.


Seeing Sarah smiling bashfully alone, Ethan threw a questioning look at her. Sarah, who was embarrassed for no reason, coughed in vain and opened her mouth.

“I’m talking about my disciples.”


“Didn’t the Imperial family say anything more?”

“The Emperor seems to have some lingering feelings, but he’ll be fine. He doesn’t want to let anyone know that Oliven has contacted the First Prince.”

Sarah sighed deeply. Fortunately, Ethan was convinced not to hand Oliven over to the Imperial family, and Benjamin and Belluna to the magic tower, but it was too difficult to persuade the Emperor completely. He was the ruler of the Crombell Empire for a very long time. Ethan and Sarah knew very well how far he could do to get what he wanted.

‘If the Duke hadn’t helped, it would have been a headache.’

Ethan attacked the nobles first. First of all, many nobles witnessed Sarah vomiting blood and collapsing at the party, and many saw the magic stone shining. The nobles knew that Sarah was poisoned and wandering around the death. Some of them claimed that she protected the Second Prince because they witnessed Sarah push the Second Prince and was attacked with poison instead. When the battle for the throne was fierce, it was obvious that somebody wanted to assassinate the prince.

‘Honestly, isn’t it obvious? If you think about the meaning of that party.’

‘Damn, it seems that the First Prince was very angry that he couldn’t attend the party where he was supposed to be the main character.’

‘Come to think of it, that man was sent as an opportunity to inflict harm on Countess Millen……, in fact, he may have been aimed at Countess Millen rather than the Second Prince.’

Ethan made their murmurs reach the Emperor’s ears.

“……Should I say that it is fortunate that the child handed the magic stone to the Third Prince? Or I don’t know if I should say it was lucky that he approached the First Prince first.”

“It could be said that it should have been fortunate if he hadn’t done that in the first place.”

“That’s true.”

Sarah nodded and sighed again.

“Thank you, the Emperor’s stubbornness must have been formidable.”

“It wasn’t difficult because the justification was held by this side.”

What Oliven did was so great that she was at a loss where to start to scold him if she woke him up. Sarah asked Ethan’s permission with a cautious voice.

“Now that the Imperial side has been resolved, I think it is time to wake up those children.”

“Will you be okay?”

Ethan nodded as if it was natural to expect that and worried about Sarah instead. It was only then that Sarah’s shoulders, which had been tense for a while, relaxed.

“I’m fine. They’re my disciples. I’m just sorry that they seem to cause trouble for Ambrosia.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll send them out as soon as I solve the magic tower side.”

Ethan didn’t hide his displeasure, saying that he couldn’t yield it, but he still helped. Even though Benjamin did bad things to Ethan and Claude.

“Thank you enough for that. You’re being considerate to make me feel comfortable. I’ll make it all up to you later.”

At Sarah’s words, Ethan’s eyebrows slightly went up and down. He was silent for a moment as if thinking about something. Then he smiled lightly as if the wind was passing and spoke in a low voice.

“That’s weird, Sarah.”


“Why don’t you think about what you’ve done to me and Claude?”

Ethan leaned back slightly and made eye contact with Sarah, who blinked quietly. His blue eyes deepened, and Sarah’s face was all that reflected in them.

“I always give back what I receive. So get used to it.”


Maybe the day would come when she got used to what Ambrosia gave back. He was a man who took his lovely son in his hand and negotiated a deal that was close to intimidation in front of the Emperor of the Crombell Empire. Sarah thought so and walked again as Ethan led her.


Claude, who was playing in the garden first from far away, approached with a bright face. Looking at his clear face, Sarah also smiled brightly.

“So, shall we have fun today?”

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