I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 85

* * *

“Other guests also came.”

Ethan said, looking at Belluna walking next to Sarah and Benjamin following her from a distance. He didn’t want to be disturbed during his breakfast time with Claude and Sarah, but he didn’t show it.

“Father, good morning!”

“Hello, Claude. It looks like you slept well.”


Claude greeted loudly, came down from Sarah’s arms, and quickly found his place and sat down. Now, he seemed to get used to breakfast time. It felt so natural to accept the time he spent with his father as a daily routine. Sarah looked at the child proudly and greeted also greeted him.

“Good morning, Duke.”

“Thanks to you.”


Sarah’s cheeks heated up at Ethan’s answer. It was as hot as the body temperature that he leaned on her shoulders last night.

“……What’s on the menu today, Ronda?”

Sarah changed the subject and sat awkwardly. Belluna stood behind her, taking her place. Of course, about 20 steps later, Benjamin was likewise standing.

“Aren’t they supposed to eat too? Ronda, prepare their seats.”

“No, please don’t mind us and have your meal.”

When Ethan invited them in a soft voice, Belluna was greatly embarrassed and refused. After an accident at the Imperial Palace, Benjamin was the first to be captured by Ambrosia. Then after that, wasn’t he a demon-like man who found Belluna and Oliven, who were hiding, and subdued them with his overwhelming power? The pressure of the power flowing from Ethan Ambrosia’s hand was still vivid in front of her eyes. Anyway, there was no way she could have a meal face-to-face with that man.

“It’s because I’m uncomfortable. Aren’t you precious disciples to Sarah?”


“You’ve been sleeping for a long time, so you’re probably hungry. I’m going to ask the chef to serve you some light soup.”

Sarah, unaware of Belluna’s inner circumstances, put her hands together as if she had been touched. In fact, she found it was hard to swallow because she was sorry to eat with the disciples standing up like that. To Ethan, Sarah’s disciples were nothing short of an obstacle, but he was considerate of Sarah’s face and cared for them.

“Since the Duke recommends it, sit here.”

Sarah pointed to the chair that Ronda put next to her and said. Belluna looked at Ethan’s face for a moment, then sighed quietly and followed her master’s will.

“He’s too far away.”

Ethan pointed to Benjamin standing far away. Ronda put another chair on the opposite side. His seat was next to Claude.

“Is this fine, Claude?”

“It’s a little scary, but it’s okay!”

When Ethan asked Claude for permission, the child nodded vigorously.

“My son is very brave.”

Gently stroking the boy’s hair, Ethan praised him. A delightful smile appeared on Sarah’s lips at that heartwarming scene. She motioned for Benjamin to come closer.

“The Duke suggested we have a meal together, so come and eat.”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m sure you’re still hungry…….”

“That’s all right.”

Unlike Belluna, Benjamin flatly refused. A red flame flashed in his eyes as he raised his gaze and looked at Ethan. At that blatant gaze, Ethan clicked his tongue slightly and said in a sorry tone.

“My consideration was lacking. It would have been uncomfortable to eat with the person who stabbed you with a sword.”

“What do you mean being stabbed?”

Sarah was surprised by Ethan’s words and asked back. She didn’t know about it.

“Ah, it’s natural that Sarah doesn’t know. When you collapsed in the Imperial Palace that day, your disciple disguised himself as a priest, but I misunderstood and wielded a sword.”

“……Heaven, then!”

Sarah hurriedly turned around and checked Benjamin’s condition. Seeing that anxious gaze, Belluna gently grabbed her shoulder and said.

“Master, I treated Benjamin, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Is that so?”

Sarah was greatly relieved by Belluna’s words. Ethan continued in a bitter voice as he watched Sarah pat her chest.

“You vomited so much blood that day that you couldn’t even breathe properly because your airway was blocked. The disciple was also worried about that, so Claude and I stopped him because he tried to take you.”

“Benjamin tried to take me? Where?”

“I heard that he was taking you to the magic tower that day.”

“……Benjamin, is that true?”

Benjamin, who was keeping his mouth shut at Sarah’s question, nodded. Then Sarah sighed quietly and said.

“The magic tower doesn’t know about Ambrosia’s power, but you meant to tell all those curious magicians?”

Sarah became the strict master and scolded him. It would have been difficult to recover no matter what she did until she took all the power of Ambrosia and burned it. In such a situation, she sighed at the impatience of her disciples.

“I’m sorry. I lost my mind back then…….”

As soon as Benjamin tried to apologize, Ethan gently wrapped Sarah’s hand over the table and said.

“What kind of disciple can be sane when the master is dying right in front of his eyes?”

“I’m sorry, Duke. The children……”

“Didn’t I say that it’s rather me who should apologize? And it was Sarah who suffered the most that day.”

“That’s it, but in the end, it happened because I didn’t say anything to those children.”

“Don’t tell me that’s why they’ve done such a huge thing. Blaming yourself in that way is not like Sarah.”

Ethan’s tone was subtle and soft. It seemed to caress Sarah’s heart delicately so that she could be at peace and not feel guilty.


Benjamin clenched his fists, glaring at Ethan, who was holding Sarah’s hand. He was a fox-like man. At first glance, that soft gaze and good manners seemed to care about Sarah’s disciples in consideration of her. However, at the same time, he quietly criticized their atrocities.

“It will be a short time, but it will be helpful that Sarah has time to spend with your disciples.”

He didn’t give them much time, so they meant to say goodbye before that. It was also a warning to never do anything like this again because he let them meet their master like this.

“Thanks to that, Claude seems a little surprised, but he’ll get better gradually. Aren’t they Sarah’s disciples?”

He was saying that unless Claude’s heart was resolved, they didn’t even deserve to be called her disciples.

“So don’t think about me and Claude. Isn’t it a precious time?”

It was a call to pay attention.



Belluna and Benjamin exchanged glances at the same time. The attempt to do anything to remain by their master’s side somehow seemed to end without even starting. After hearing the soft warning from the Duke of Ambrosia, they realized even more. That man had no intention of leaving them in this mansion.

“How can I do that? I’m Young Master Claude’s nanny and I’m a person of Ambrosia. I didn’t forget what should be the top priority.”

“Thank you, Sarah.”

Ethan, who finally got the answer he wanted, smiled brilliantly at Sarah. It was the smile of the winner. Then Claude looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“So, he doesn’t eat?”

“Ah, yes. You keep it up.”

At Claude’s words, Ethan said with a very sorry face.

“Since the child has given you permission, why not sit down and enjoy your meal?”


Benjamin eventually had no choice but to sit down as he recommended. Seeing him like that, Belluna cast a pitiful gaze. He was holding back well because he was in front of the master, but she could see Benjamin reaching his limit. It was when they just looked at the light soup in front of them.



At that time, handwritten letters with azure mana appeared on the soup, which was transparent enough to reflect even the patterns on the tableware.

―Our Duke. He’s a scary person, right? So take it easy and go back. Don’t force him to completely destroy you that not even your bones are left.

It was Sarah’s message. Sarah winked at Benjamin and Belluna, who were looking at her in surprise, and then focused on eating again.

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