I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 98

After everyone found out that Sarah was vomiting blood, the Ambrosia mansion was filled with the atmosphere of walking on thin ice. Even with a little movement, they followed her, and their blatant glances also followed her.

‘I’ll take care of this.’

‘I’ll do this, too.’

‘You don’t have to do anything, Countess Millen.’

When she tried to do something, they came out of nowhere and helped out by saying they would do it.

‘Isn’t it a bit heavy?’

‘I’ll have to contact the workshop and tell them to make the tableware again.’

‘I can’t believe I’ve never paid attention to these little things.…. I can’t believe it.’

Even when she ate, they were concerned that the spoon in her hand would be heavy.

“……Nanny, are you sick?”

Claude was the only one who didn’t know anything here, but it seemed that the child also felt that the atmosphere in the mansion was unusual. As Claude looked at her with a halting gaze, Sarah swept the child’s hair and smiled awkwardly.

“Everyone’s been worried lately. Unnecessarily.”

Sarah’s treatment in Ambrosia’s mansion had changed by 180 degrees. In front of Sarah’s visit, there were always a bunch of flowers and blessed objects from the temple that had various effects.

Will she fly away when the wind blows, or will she explode when held in my hand?

Seeing them in a very terrified and anxious manner made Sarah want to run away for the first time in frustration. Would it make sense to treat her, a great magician, as a glass doll that could break at any moment?

“Come this way, please.”

Sarah opened her arms to Claude to soothe her melancholy. But the people of Ambrosia, who were bothered by even the small spoon in her hand, could not let it slide.

“I’ll hold him for you.”

As Claude was about to hug Sarah, Ronda quickly grabbed the child’s body. Claude’s face was distorted as he was held in Ronda’s arms instead of Sarah’s.



A thick silence fell between Sarah and Claude, who had stiffened with their arms outstretched toward each other. At that moment, Ethan saw Sarah and Claude from afar and approached them quickly. In the past, it would have been nice to have Ethan approached in such a difficult situation, but now it was not good at all.

“Sarah, how are you feeling?”

Because Ethan was the loudest among the people of Ambrosia.

“You don’t look well. Your face is also a little stiff.”

He looked at Sarah with a worried look, then looked at Ronda with a hardened face.

“What did Sarah eat today?”

“Fresh salad served with mushroom soup and today’s bread was baguette baked by the baker. I didn’t put any meat on it because it felt stuffy, and I only sprinkled the grilled salmon with a soft sauce.”

Rhonda recited one after another what went into Sarah’s mouth today. Sarah, who was listening to the conversation, turned a little pale as if a little tired. Claude also shook his head with his eyes wide open in surprise.

“There’s nothing to upset her stomach…….”

Ethan fiddled with the ring on his finger with a serious face. It was the behavior he showed whenever he felt anxious. Noticing this, Sarah secretly narrowed her brow.

“I’m feeling well and light. There are no signs of abnormality and the flow of mana is very good!”

“So why…….”

“It’s because I’m frustrated. Do you know that everyone is paying too much attention to me right now? You don’t even have to do this!”

Sarah beat her chest and cried as if she was really frustrated. They couldn’t even let Claude hug her, and she could eat food after it was inspected thoroughly. Wasn’t it just because her disciples were studying Ambrosia’s power again? The sadness that had been pressed down so far came at once.

“Can’t I just walk around freely like I used to?”


Ethan’s eyes shook violently as he looked at Sarah’s tearful face. Ethan was stubborn but he was also thoroughly weak in front of Sarah, who complained of frustration.

“Duke, I said I’m really fine…….”

“That’s right, Father. Nanny is not sick!”

This time, even Claude sided with Sarah. Claude was also tired of the servants who were so sensitive that he couldn’t even remember the last time he had been held in Sarah’s arms. So, two pairs of earnest gazes were fixed on Ethan.


His face clouded in trouble. Sarah’s eyes lit up for a moment as she felt like it was almost over.

“Can’t we take a short walk? I wanted to go out, and I couldn’t keep my promise to let Young Master Claude meet Young Master Elexa.…….”

At the name of Elexa, Claude raised his head and his eyes lit up. Come to think of it, Elexa was inviting him to the mansion, but a lot of time had passed without him being able to do that as various things overlapped.


Unable to overcome the burdensome gazes, Ethan nodded softly.


It was the moment Sarah and Claude were about to cheer. Ethan beckoned, and the Knights of Ambrosia, who had been waiting in the distance, came running quickly.

“We’ll take you there safely, Countess Millen. Young Master Claude.”

The knights wearing Ambrosia’s insignia bowed their heads, determined.

“I will allow you to go out on the premise that you are accompanied by the Knights of Ambrosia.”

At Ethan’s words, the faces of Sarah and Claude turned into tears in an instant. The knights, who were almost fully armed, had solemn faces that were full of determination that they would protect Sarah and Claude no matter what the danger. Seeing that, Sarah muttered involuntarily.

“……I really hate it.”

“Yeah. I really hate it.”

Claude also nodded in response to Sarah’s words. Ethan’s face hardened slightly at the voice full of resentment, but he seemed unwilling to yield.

“I heard that Oliven, one of your disciples, had disappeared. You never know when he will cause the same accident as the last time.”

“But Duke!”

Ethan reached out and tidied up Sarah’s disheveled hair. Still, he lowered his gaze and looked at her full of dissatisfaction and spoke in a grave voice.

“I don’t want to see you spitting blood helplessly again.”


At this, Sarah trembled for a moment and looked at him with shaky eyes. When Ethan spoke with such a face and such a voice, Sarah felt irresistible. Sometimes she suspected that Ethan had found out that she was weak in this way and thought he was doing it on purpose.


As Sarah seemed to shake, Claude struggled in Ronda’s arms and reached for her. Claude was just as sensitive as Sarah, and the overprotective atmosphere in the mansion was frustrating. Sarah pondered for a moment, and then she took a deep breath as if she had made a big decision.

“All right, if that’s what the Duke thinks, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Thank you, Sarah.”

Ethan’s face brightened noticeably. He sighed and smiled as if relieved. Looking at his face silently, Sarah said with a smile.

“You don’t have to thank me.”

She snatched the quietly desperate Claude from Ronda’s arms. Then she said, holding Claude firmly on her side.

“Because I’m not going to listen to the Duke.”


With those last words, Ethan didn’t even know what to say, and Sarah grabbed Claude and jumped out.


They literally bounced off. Sarah’s hair fluttered through Ethan’s fingertips, who reached out toward her and barely touched her.

“No one can catch me! I’ll come back after playing with Young Master Claude, so know that!”

When Sarah snapped her fingers, a small magic circle formed under her feet. Then, her body suddenly soared into the air. The Knights, the servants, and Ethan, who were chasing Sarah, looked up in astonishment.

“It’s dangerous, Sarah!”

“I’m fine!”

Sarah smiled reassuringly and stretched out her hand again in the air. A familiar magic circle was quickly drawn before her eyes. It was a magic circle that could teleport them. Claude noticed this and made a very excited face.

“Then I’ll be back!”

The magic circle swallowed her and Claude in an instant, along with Sarah’s laughing and shouting words.

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