I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became The Villain’s Pendant Chapter 27 Part1 The Fire of the Nine Serenities 2

Ji Yan felt that her mentality was too good.

Maybe it was a broken jar, she didn’t have the slightest bitterness of going to a dead end. The wind in the Demon Realm was so cold and it blew Ji Yan’s skirt upside down. She walked slowly in front, and Yin Xuezhuo followed behind her quietly. Neither of them spoke, but as long as Ji Yan turned around, she could see that he was always three steps away from her and never turned invisible.

Standing here and letting all the demons know, so that no demons could come close to hurt her.

Occasionally, Ji Yan stopped to take in the scenery along the way, bypassing many paths. There were many strange creatures in the Demon Realm. Even plants were slightly aggressive. As long as Ji Yan gets close, they will stretch out branches and attack Ji Yan, a vine even directly entangles Ji Yan and was about to break her neck but Yin Xuezhuo instantly cut the vine into pieces.

“The magic vine usually does not attack creatures stronger than it.” Yin Xuezhuo frowned, and gave her a cold glance.

Don’t bother to hurt her anymore.

Before Ji Yan came to the Demon Realm, these plants were the weakest creatures in the Demon Realm. But after she came, even the plants had ideas for her.

This little rubbish, it really proved useless time and again, and it was an eye-opener for him.

Ji Yan squatted down and looked at the vines that were thicker than her arms. She shuddered in fear, and crept over to Yin Xuezhuo, not standing too far away from her.

Yin Xuezhuo still had a cold face, and it was written brightly on his face “Do not approach me for this trivial matter”.

Ji Yan just ignored it and clinged to him.

“Yin Xuezhuo, what is that?” She suddenly caught a looming red light in the sky.

It was as if something radiated a dazzling light, like the aurora, blending with the sky, very beautiful.

He glanced along with her, and suddenly curled his lips in interest and chuckled lightly.

“There, your kind is locked up there, do you want to meet?”

Her kind?

She was a little confused, but Yin Xuezhuo became more intrigued. Without waiting for her reply, he directly picked her up and flew there.

Ji Yan didn’t know her kind until she went to the dungeon of Demon Realm.

Shao Xin.

The dungeon of the Demon Realm was very different from what Ji Yan imagined. It was more like a bottomless purgatory than a dungeon. As they descended from above, countless iron cages were imprisoned with all kinds of strange creatures, including Demons and Humans, and some faces looked like spring dawn, very attractive, some were ugly, with three heads and six arms, and some looked like aliens. Almost like alien creatures from science fiction films, it creepily looked at Ji Yan and she got goosebumps from the sight.

It was evident Yin Xuezhuo was intentionally scaring her.

Frightened Ji Yan hugged his waist tightly and buried her small head in his chest. Yin Xuezhuo stiffened slightly before speeding up and not lingering by those scary cages.

Shao Xin was imprisoned in the bottom cage.

Shao Xin was motionless on his knees, with his eyebrows drooping, he was bound firmly with an iron chain. His clothes were still clean and intact, and there were no injuries. He just looked thin, and his whole body was gloomy.

The cages were not small in size, it was taller than the person, and were sealed with spiritual force so that the people inside could neither see nor hear, but the people outside could clearly see everything inside.

“Do you want to reminisce with him?” Yin Xuezhuo smiled meaningfully, “Maybe, this is the last time.”

After a little hesitation she walked into the cage.

Shao Xin was awakened by the sound of her footsteps when she entered. The young man’s head was hanging down weakly and hearing the sound he raised his eyes. When he saw Ji Yan, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes and he immediately struggled, “It’s you!”

It’s her! She’s been fooling him all along, and always accompanying the devil!

Shao Xin was locked in this large cage these days, he didn’t know what happened to Linshuang City, and spent every day worrying. As soon as he saw Ji Yan appear safely, his already depressed heart sank even more. His hands and feet were cold, chilling through the bones.

Ji Yan looked at the teenager’s mournful eyes, a slight pause, but she still went ahead and told him: “Linshuang City has been destroyed.”

Shao Xin’s pupils shrank suddenly.

His body trembled, causing the chains to clatter. Shao Xin stared at Ji Yan, his breath heaved, and for a long while, he squeezed out a question between his teeth, “You are also a human, why do you have to help the devil to harm people?  What good is this for you?”

She looked at him calmly, and said softly: “I am not helping the devil to harm people, I just simply chose to stand on Yin Xuezhuo’s side.”

“What difference does it make?!”

The young man was surprisingly angry, and asked her angrily in a hoarse voice: “Yin Xuezhuo has killed countless people. If it wasn’t for him, would these demons do harm to the world? You are also a human! Are you just killing your own clan like this?!”

Hearing his question, she suddenly felt like laughing.

“Indeed, I’m a human, but those who want me to die are also human.” She suddenly raised her hand and began counting them seriously, “People from the Taixuan Sect, Ji Yunqing, Feng Liuyun, Yin Miaorou, and that day people who slapped me and there are many, many …”

Except for Shao Xin, no one had ever seen her.

They even made her take the Huiling Pill and wanted her life wholeheartedly.

Ji Yan did not hate the human race, but that does not mean she was a Virgin Mary or White Lotus. Since they treated her badly and Yin Xuezhuo treated her well, she turned towards Yin Xuezhuo, it was so simple.

For her, this is not a real world, just a book.

Sorry, she really can’t be so emotional.

“Shao Xin, I came to see you because you are a good person. I hate people like Ji Yunqing, but I don’t hate you.” Ji Yan looked at him, “I think you want to know the reason, then I will tell you the whole story. All right.”

“Under the spirit veins of Lingshuang City, there are indeed Yin Xuezhuo’s profound ice scales. Ji Yunqing and Feng Liuyun want to take out the profound ice scales and reshape the spirit veins, and they need someone to risk their death and become their pawn. So they chose me to break into the spirit veins full of demonic energy to take out the profound ice scales.”

“I’m just returning the scales to the original owner.” She looked at Shao Xin with pity, and asked: “You were the one who told me that since something was stolen from a spirit nightmare, one should be prepared to exchange it back someday, Shao Xin, is my reasoning wrong?”

His face was pale, and he stared at Ji Yan firmly.

He really couldn’t refute her.

“You broke into the demonic Qi, then why are you okay?” Shao Xin stared at her, taking in the rest of her words, and was skeptical, “What is sacrificing one’s life? Are you saying that Lord Ji is willing to sacrifice your life in order to repair the spirit veins? Lord Ji’s not such an unscrupulous person.”

 In his eyes, Ji Yunqing was young and talented, who was famous all over the world, his personality was cold and unique, bright as the moon, a person that no one could match, he was the most purest person in the world, and now he is the leader of the Immortal Alliance, it is impossible to achieve the goal by such means.

“It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.” She didn’t intend to convince him either.

The young man lowered his eyes and fell silent.

He had been tied up here for many days without a drop of water. If it weren’t for the immortal cultivator, he would have been unable to support it for long, but even so, the young man’s face was weak and pale.

Seeing his weakness, Ji Yan took the lead to break the calm, “If you are willing to work for Yin Xuezhuo–”

Before she finished speaking, the boy interrupted her angrily, “Don’t even think about it!”

So fiercy, Ji Yan closed her mouth again, but still reminded him, “ You’ve already fallen into Yin Xuezhuo’s hands, this is your only way. If you don’t surrender, you will end up with another one.”

That is death.

Yin Xuezhuo was so strong, he was always proud of himself, in his eyes, no one was even worthy to be his enemy. Even if Ji Yan said that he could use Shao Xin to restrain his brother Shao Bai, Yin Xuezhuo might not take it seriously.

He would not, or even disdain to use a small mortal to threaten another mortal.

Ji Yan said so, no matter how much she said, it was useless, so she turned to leave. At the last moment to push open the door, Shao Xin suddenly stopped her and said in a fierce tone: “The devil is cruel, bloodthirsty, and inhuman, he can kill the human race, he also killed his own subordinates, and he can kill you mercilessly. Do you think you will have a good end if you follow him?”

Ji Yan paused slightly.

Outside the cage, Yin Xuezhuo stood floating in the air, his moist eyes looked at the fire at his fingertips, and leaping fire reflected his dark eyes.

Hearing Shao Xin’s questioning, he suddenly raised his eyelids, and his cold gaze fell on Ji Yan’s face.

This little thing has brought him a lot of fun during this time.

But he killed too many…intimate, hostile, and even those he liked. The more he liked, the more decisive he killed.

Yin Xuezhuo’s gaze crossed Ji Yan’s slender neck inch by inch.

If she hesitates now…

With her back to Shao Xin, she couldn’t see anything, just stared at the iron cage in front of her and listened to Shao Xin’s last question.

“That’s what I chose myself.” She turned to look at Shao Xin, her eyes were clear, there was no uncertainty, every word was very clear, “The brutal demon in your mouth treats me better than people. He doesn’t allow others to call me waste. Knowing that I am afraid of the cold, he will wrap me in a quilt before carrying me. He used to die nine years ago just to save a girl who gave him a name. This is the devil in your mouth.”

“I don’t believe you, and I don’t believe anyone, I only believe what I see. Although he is moody, he is much more genuine to me than many people.”

“So, what if he’s hopelessly bad? I’ve settled with him.” She said with a smile of relief. “Besides, do you think I’m still afraid of death now?”

As if to confirm her words, Shao Xin  looked at Ji Yan’s eyes gradually became suspicious. Ji Yan felt some cold liquid was flowing out, she reached out her hand to touch and found that it was all blood.

The nosebleeds flowed uncontrollably, and Ji Yan felt dizzy, subconsciously raised her hand to support the iron railing, but her eyes went black.

The moment her vision went completely dark, her body fell into a cold embrace.

“Ji Yan!”

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