I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 31 Part 1 The Fire of the Nine Serenities 6

Soon, Ji Yan fell asleep again.

In comparison with the previous restlessness, this sleep was particularly sweet. She felt no pain or cold and even dreamed of many past things. She is just an ordinary college student with a comfortable life, a real-world without killing, it was a completely different taste.

Upon waking up again, she only heard faint voices passing into her ear intermittently.

She lazily rolled over, raised her hand to block some light, and quietly opened one eye, only to find the back of the man not far away.

It was Yin Xuezhuo, who was standing.

With his tall stature he blocked a piece of light, and only his shadows cast behind him, his dark wide sleeves hanging down loosely, long hair scattered behind his back, his back was extremely indifferent.

His black robe made the profile of his face extremely white, as white as paper, bloodless, but very beautiful.

It was like coming out of an ink-splashed landscape painting, lazy and casual and just right.

It was just that it was the Demon. So no matter how lazily he stood, his aura still spread across the entire room, increasing a little pressure, making him appear like the king of demons.

A man in silver armor stood beside him not far away, who had strean features, with straight eyebrows, his black hair was tied like a human’s, however, it was intertwined with silver threads, it’s not gray hair that had accumulated over time, but it added a certain degree of solemnity to his features.

Ji Yan had seen him before, it was Chi Yang.

The big dragon, who carried her the other day.

At that time, she was a bit disrespectful. Now looking back, she felt that Chi Yang was indeed the most powerful general under Yin Xuezhuo, he had a steady temperament like a mountain, she could easily imagine how he could command the little demons to slay them all.

Imagine this scene: she curled up into a small ball and lay motionless, at the same time a little curious about what they were talking about.

The conversation between the Demon King and the Demon General belongs exclusively to the discussion between the villains.

Are you discussing how to do bad things? Against the human race?

Indeed Chi Yang was talking about human affairs.

“After Ji Yunqing and Feng Liuyun were seriously injured, they went to Luo City for their treatment. As expected, the group of immortals began to make a fuss again and kept clamoring to attack you and seek justice for their immortal alliance leader, again with a hypocritical look of righteous indignation.”

Chi Yang sneered and changed the topic. “It’s a pity, human nature is greedy while dealing with demons, these groups of the rabble are still thinking about their own interests, and the subordinates only instigated a few insiders. Sure enough, this group of people is good to use, though some people have been trying to exploit the situation in Linshuang City to push Ji Yunqing to step down, saying that he is still young and has no leadership skills even though he has a high level of cultivation which makes Yin Miaorou anxious.”

Yin Xuezhuo listened indifferently after a long while he sneered. “Ridiculous.”

Isn’t it ridiculous?

They clamored to deal with the devil, but as a result, he did a little trick, and the other party began to fight inside, and you were enjoying it.

Chi Yang continued: “Yin Miaorou has been taking care of Ji Yunqing for the past few days, without taking off her clothes(without even moving an inch), not letting the opportunity for others to attack him, but it’s a pity that some people easily take advantage of it. The few insiders who have bought in secretly sneaked in and looking for an opportunity to start, but our people haven’t started because Ji Yunqing’s whereabouts are unknown.”


Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes, suddenly turned back, his eyes swept towards Chi Yang.

Chi Yang was most afraid of the Demon Lord’s sharp eyes, he immediately bowed his head, showing a very humble attitude.

Yin Xuezhuo said: “How did they go missing? Yin Miaorou secretly moved?”

Chi Yang shook his head. “The subordinates don’t think it is. At this time, moving Ji Yunqing will make the situation more chaotic. She shouldn’t be so stupid to make this move? The subordinates think she should be anxious as well but there is no time to spare, those elders have already begun to move, and several sects are gradually unstable, so she can hardly protect herself.”

Yin Xuezhuo slightly raised his chin. “This is better, in that case, it is also a good opportunity we can also take advantage of it to attack that …… what city came?”

Yin Xuezhuo rarely remembers names. He was arrogant and even felt that many names were not worthy to be remembered by him. Chi Yang thoughtfully reminded him. “It’s Linshuang City.”

“Well, Linshuang City.” Yin Xuezhuo nodded and spoke lazily, he lowered his eyes and played with his fingernails while his eyes were dark and unclear. “I’ve heard there’s a lot of spiritual magic stones there, you can also take them and reward them to little devils underneath to play…”

His tone was neither light nor heavy, it was clear, but Ji Yan just sensed a slight chill from his words.

This did not require any excessive modification as there was already an incomparable gloomy aura of a proper villain.

No one really looks more villain than he was. He talks a lot, had a bad temper, always thought about doing(trouble) things when he was free, wanting to get rid of the good stuff all the time. According to the law of the villain, he occasionally would get a little undercover inside the righteous to sow discord.

Everything was in accordance with it.

Especially this costume, pure black, unreserved.

She quietly raised her head and looked at Yin Xuezhuo.

Ji Yan actually moved very quietly, but Yin Xuezhuo’s hearing was so acute that he could hear the slightest sounds from far away, so their eyes met at the same time, in an instant her heart froze—he should hate her for eavesdropping?

Her heart instantly staged countless clips of major dramas and TV series that she had watched from childhood, which flashed one after another, causing her to think of “the harem cannot interfere with political” and then suddenly “the story of the suspicious villain and the little captive” and also pondering over the war between the two armies, what should be the crime of eavesdropping on an intelligence operation?

In short, it was all a scene of being silenced after hearing a terrible secret, which inexplicably made her nervous for some reason.

While she was nervous about what will happen next, she saw Yin Xuezhuo approaching her.

His figure disappeared into a black mist in place and suddenly appeared beside her, sitting lazily, holding her face with one hand, and said bluntly: “Little waste, wake up.”

Ji Yan: Can you just stop saying ‘Little Waste’ she has a name!

Ji Yan’s cheeks were squeezed presumptuously. She snapped up from daze and sit straight up, but before she could do so, he put his arms around her waist, hugged her, and didn’t feel that this posture was wrong. After squeezing her face enough, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Immediately, countless lower-level demons came in with a lot of food in their hands.

It was all human food, and it was still steaming hot.

Obviously, it was for Ji Yan.

Seeing this Ji Yan was stunned and didn’t return to her senses for a long while. In an instant, countless sumptuous dishes were arranged in front of her, steamed, braised, and stir-fried, some of them she had never seen before.

There was also a bird’s nest! Snow ginseng! Deer tail! There were even more than a dozen kinds of fish!


Ji Yan couldn’t wait to pick it up, she frantically shook Yin Xuezhuo.

It’s so scrumptious! Awesome!

There were all kinds of meat and vegetables, and so many of them! This must be more than 40 dishes, right?

Are you Demons are all so generous when making a move?

She stared at the long rows of Manchu seats in front of her with a silly look, with her mouth slightly open.

“This, this… for me?”

Looking at Yin Xuezhuo, she raised her finger and pointed at herself, then at Chi Yang, and finally looked at the little devils who were delivering food.

But everyone’s face was written with, “Who else will eat this except this little spicy chicken”. (** spicy chicken — Waste/ garbage)

It’s really for me!

It’s so cool. She still has to trot to get around all these dishes. Am I really eating it alone? Even if I take one bite of a dish, I should be full, right?

She experienced the feeling of the emperor eating in her lifetime, she was very excited, almost didn’t know where to start, and simply started them one by one.

As Ji Yan buried her head in the meal, Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand and touched the top of her furry head like a pet. Ji Yan lowered her head and consumed her food in small bites, ducked under his harassment in dissatisfaction, but adhering to the truth that milk was a mother, she didn’t bother to care about him.

(** Milk was a mother — Whoever has food to feed the baby is the mother)

She was too embarrassed to bother with him anymore because Big Brother Yin treated her so generously.

Ji Yan immersed herself in the meal, not caring about her image at all. Chi Yang looked at the wolf-gobbling mortal with some surprise. He clearly remembered Ji Yan, the young girl who cursed the Lord last time in public.

Chi Yang had never seen a person who gets along with the Demon Lord so intimately and naturally. There was a Nine Serinites fire inside the Demon’s main body, even their subordinates dare not approach the demon, but this mortal was really an exception.

If Chi Yang had known that Yin Xuezhuo had already given her the Fire of the Nine Serinites, he would be even more surprised to be speechless.

After a moment of pause and making sure that the demon master did not intend to stop, Chi Yang continued the conversation.

“In addition, Yin Miaorou has been secretly searching Ji Yunqing’s whereabouts recently, but was assassinated on the way and fell off a cliff…”


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