I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 42 Part 1 Cong Shuang

Yin Xuezhuo stood in the mid-air. Even though his long hair scattered over his body, no strand of hair or corner of the robe was disturbed by the wind. As far as the eye could see, the endless demon race prostrated at his feet, willingly bowing their head to the submissive.

How powerful was he to conquer the entire Demon Realm?

Ji Yan had no idea about it.

He was born from heaven and earth, swallowing countless finest spiritual veins that could produce spiritual treasures and stones. The spiritual energy in his body was like the ocean, running endlessly, so that he would never feel exhausted and could always be invincible. 

Ji Yan still remembered the original text, that those powerful people, seven or eight Yuan Ying Daman and several monks of the transformation stage, worked together to besiege Yin Xuezhuo, only to be met with the losses.

It was difficult to kill him, unless, by special means. The usual “killing” method was just a child’s play to him, and it would also help him rebirth, if he could not be disillusioned at once.

It was like cutting off pure black ice scales. Once the old scales were gone, countless new scales could grow on the butterfly wings. The new scales derive devilish energy, which makes them harder to kill, and more indestructible. 

Ji Yan hung tightly around Yin Xuezhuo’s waist. From her perspective, when looking down from high in the sky she was very astonished.

The scenery below was so marvelous.

She was deterred by the scene, as if she were infected, and didn’t move.

Even though she knows that Yin Xuezhuo was a big demon, she didn’t feel anything when she gets along with him. As she got to know him better, she found he was more of a naive ghost, but at this moment, she realized ‌he was the king of the entire Demon Realm, and why it was so intimidating for them to utter his name.

He could really exterminate the human race.

Ji Yan stared blankly at all the demon and wrapped her arms around Yin Xuezhuo with all her might, and buried her head in his chest—she was suddenly a little afraid of heights, standing in the air like this made her timorous.

Yin Xuezhuo slowly landed on the ground and stood at the head. In front of him stood four demon generals who had been waiting his arrival for a long time. Ji Yan in his arms took a quick glance. She had seen Chang Ming, Chi Yang, Rong Ge, and there was only one man who was new to her.

The demon general whom Ji Yan hadn’t seen stepped forward and said in a deep voice: “The subordinates have seen the demon master! The subordinate will clear the troops.”

Yin Xuezhuo nodded, noncommittal. The demon general suddenly became a prototype. He turned into a huge snow beast, taller than a human, and much larger than Bai Bai, but it looked extremely similar.

He raised his head and let out a long, thunderous roar, that roar instantly made the tide of demons recede.

The birds hovering in the sky slowly flew away, soon the sky and the earth regained it’s vitality.

By now, Ji Yan knew who this was.

It turned out to be Bai Bai’s father, Cong Shuang, who Qiu Mi mentioned before.

After the roar, he changed back to a human form. Even if he did nothing but just standing there, his momentum was extraordinary and solemn, his eyes were as sharp as an eagle, cold-blooded and ruthless, making people scared to look at. Ji Yan didn’t dare to look at him directly, and finally understood why this man nearly killed his own son because his son was not strong.

He was really the coldest demon.

The demon generals stepped forward and talked to Yin Xuezhuo about the demon camp. Yin Xuezhuo’s attitude had been lazy, as always, but the little girl in his arms instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Chi Yang, Rong Ge, and Chang Ming had known each other and were accustomed to it, but Shuang’s cold and sharp-knife eyes instantly pierced over, causing Ji Yan to cowered a little.

It’s too terrible.

The look reminded her of her high school head teacher. It was the kind of look “I saw through everything and you’re done.” Compared to Yin Xuezhuo’s gloomy “you are dead” eyes, this one was a bit less sinister and a little more fierce.

Just like the big social brothers wandering in the busy streets in some modern dramas, obviously they wanted to punch someone in the face.

Ji Yan had a feeling that if she took one more glance at him, he would coldly say “what are you looking at.”

Then she had to prepare for the fight.

Ji Yan: I hurt ia

She clutched Yin Xuezhuo tightly and hid behind him, wishing to hold his sleeve to block her face. She felt a cold gaze scraping across her face. It was like being caught holding hands with her boyfriend in class by the teacher. 

Rong Ge was a little delighted when he saw Ji Yan was afraid of Cong Shuang.

Tsk, the girl was scared again.

So timid.

Sure enough, she was not only afraid of him.

Finally, he had a companion.

So what if Cong Shuang has hair? It’s of no use. No Demon Realm could match his stinky temper and he still scared Ji Yan.

Rong Ge suddenly had an illusion of “I’m finally going to turn over”, looking at Cong Shuang’s eyes with great relief.

Chang Ming looked like he was watching a good show. Chi Yang, who didn’t know what happened between Rong Ge and Ji Yan before, didn’t find the subtlety of the atmosphere, but smiled at Ji Yan: “Ji girl, I heard you are bleeding?”

Ji Yan: “…”

Damn it, would you mind not talking so awkwardly?

Chi Yang didn’t know that this bloodshed was not the same as other bloodshed. The matter of catching the “big aunt” was still buzzing. But no one could blame him for asking this, because the demon lord did not send anyone to refute the rumors. He saw Ji Yan’s face was flushed and thought she was ashamed of her bleeding. For demons, such a small injury was indeed something to be ashamed of.

So he continued to ask: “Is the injury better? Does it still hurt?”

Ji Yan: “…It’s alright, alright, really alright.”

Brother, don’t ask.

It’s embarrassing.

Rong Ge also joined the conversation with a smile, “So …your name is Ji Yan? We met twice before, but I’ve only known your name now, and it’s sounds nice.”

As soon as Rong Ge took the lead, others joined in.

“Oh, your name is very meaningful at first. It must have been given by an educated person in your human world… The little girl is quite beautiful, and she is pleasing to the eye with the devil…”

“Yeah, although you can’t fight well, you’re so good-looking, maybe there is no need for you to fight, and the enemy will be fascinated at a glance. This is also one of the strategies.”

“Hahaha, that… In fact, every time the demons go out on an expedition, they also need a good-looking auspicious…”

“This mortal is very smart at first glance. They don’t need to fight, they are strategic…”


Ji Yan: Just blow it up.

It’s too embarrassing. This group of demons couldn’t find that strength was everything, rather than the pursuit of what was weak and slender. Even a great beauty like Qiu Mi — a wet nurse had both beauty and strength, who could nurse the entire regiment. And in par with every standard.

But when it comes to Ji Yan, she has thin arms and thin legs. She didn’t even have enough meat to meet the minimum standard of food, so eating like this was still a toothache.

They boasted so seriously with a straight face that Ji Yan was really convinced.

Fortunately, Yin Xuezhuo didn’t bother to waste time with them. Without bothering, he assigned new tasks, and then took Ji Yan around to patrol.

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