I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 55.2

Staring straight at his eyes, Shao Bai said expectantly. “Brother, Although I am seriously injured, it is not difficult for me to deal the demon with a sword. If I can kill him, I’ll take you with me. After that, you follow me to cultivate, and I’ll help you lift the inhibitions he has placed on you. I also have many spirit pills which can help you cultivate. In the future, you follow me back to…”

As he talked about his future plans, he was full of words as if he had already arranged the rest of Shao Xin’s life, but what he did not know was that Shao Xin was disgusted by such a him.

Who was he to dictate his future affairs?

Back then, he was really helpless. At that time, where was he? After years, he suddenly appeared again with a condescending attitude. Like he got it all figured out and arranged this for his own good.

It looked like he was doomed to accomplish nothing without this elder brother.

The more Shao Xin saw him like this, the more resentful and annoyed he became, and cut him flatly, “Enough!”

Shao Bai was taken aback and looked at him. “Aren’t you satisfied? What else makes you unworthy of leaving with me? I will not harm you.”

Shao Xin just pursed his lips and said nothing.

He did want to leave. When he was captured, there wasn’t even a minute in which he didn’t want to escape at all. Even if he ended up bruised, he didn’t want to be a prisoner of the demons.

But then what happened later…

Shao Xin’s heart was in turmoil for a while.

Shao Bai persuaded in a low voice, “Think again, if Yin Xuezhuo lives one more day, countless people will die at the hands of the demons. He killed so many innocent people. If you don’t want to help him do evil, you must kill him, even if you don’t want to go with me, at least kill him first.”

“Shao Xin.” Shao Bai’s tone sank, and said word by word: “This is the best opportunity.”

By the time he came out, his demeanor was cold, with his eyelashes hanging lightly, no one could see any emotions.

As soon as Ji Yan saw him come out, she greeted him. “How is it? Did he take that pill?”

Shao Xin raised his eyes to Ji Yan.

When she flew over, her posture was very proficient. Perhaps because of these days of practice that made her lose a lot of weight, but her pair of black eyes became brighter and brighter, and there was a vigorous vitality all over her, and her smile was like a sun, bright and dazzling.

Shao Xin nodded and asked: “I don’t understand, you are also a human. But, why do you have to abolish him because of the Demon Lord?”

Ji Yan said with a smile: “Of course I want to face Yin Xuezhuo, but Shao Bai and I have no grievances or enmities, and it is not necessary for him to die, let alone he is your brother, let him go out alive, okay?”

Okay, but…

Shao Xin wanted to speak, but he felt that Ji Yan had already put her whole heart on Yin Xuezhuo. So how could she give up Yin Xuezhuo for the sake of the world??

The demon also liked her very much, didn’t he?

He had no position to blame Ji Yan, because to her, Yin Xuezhuo was indeed the best person in the world. But what about him?

He was lonely and helpless since he was a child. Even though he did not hate the human race, he has always been unable to forgive his elder brother. He grew up cultivating hard, but till now he didn’t have many friends.

Ji Yan and Bai Bai were the only friends he has made in Demon Realm.

Ji Yan was very similar to him, the one who was abandoned, except that she was far more decisive than him. She withdrew and chose the person who was good to her, and her nature was not bad.

Bai Bai as a demon, although he was cruel and bloodthirsty in nature, he was also naive and simple, unaware of the world, very easy to be pleasing.

Shao Xin was in a state of confusion, without any expression he just said he was tired. Ji Yan saw that his mood was not right, this time she used him, she was a little embarrassed, so she didn’t bother him anymore, let him go back to rest.

Seeing his departing figure, Ji Yan turned around and ran back to Yin Xuezhuo’s chest.

Yin Xuezhuo stared at Shao Xin’s back, and said coldly, “He didn’t give any pill to Shao Bai.”

“Huh?” Ji Yan said in surprise: “Is he…”

Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes had murderous intent. If it was in normal times, he was bound to make a move. After a little hesitation, Ji Yan opened her mouth. As if to guess what she was going to say, he covered her mouth with one hand. “Okay, don’t kill.”

Ji Yan:? ? ? I haven’t spoken yet.

Does he know her that well?

She began to reflect on whether she had been pleading too often and set up a persona of a little white lotus directly here in Yin Xuezhuo. This was why he did not directly kill her in order to accommodate her.

If it was because of her words… Ji Yan was a little frustrated at the same time she was a little happy. If he really cares about her thoughts, does he have her in his heart?

With this thought, she couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

Yin Xuezhuo looked down at her and narrowed his eyes again, somewhat puzzled, why she was smiling again. Smiling so happily was it because he didn’t kill Shao Xin?

He was extremely displeased, and changed his mind on the spot, “I will kill him.”

Ji Yan:? ? ?

‘Dog man, do you want to be so fickle!’

Yin Xuezhuo was on a whim. When he said he wanted to kill, he really wanted to go there. Ji Yan hugged his waist and kept yelling: “Zhuo Zhuo, let’s not bother with him, okay? You are so powerful, why do you care about a mere Shao Xin? He’s not worth killing!”

Likewise Zhuo Zhuo was smoothed, he turned his back on her, while a fleeting smile appeared on his face, and asked: “If I kill him, will you get angry with me?”

Ji Yan: “No, no, Zhuo Zhuo is the best, I won’t be angry with you for others!”

He snorted softly, and only then did he stop. Ji Yan thought to herself that this elementary school chicken was really good at coaxing. Just breathed a sigh of relief, Yin Xuezhuo’s hand suddenly reached out in front of her.

In his palm, there was a silver-white necklace, jade-like texture, glossy and beautiful.

He titled his chin. “For you.”

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