I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became Villain’s Pendant Chapter 36 Part 2

Shao Xin remembered the previous conversation.

At the time she talked about Linshuang City, but he thought she was instigated by the demons, so no amount of her words were completely taken to his heart, but her sudden poisoning made him realize that she was not lying.

“Do you think I’m still afraid of death?” In her mouth it turned out to be the wreck of a man who is about to die.

But after knowing that she was Ji Yan, his heart sank.

Of course he knew who Ji Yan was.

The younger sister of Ji Leader, who framed Sect Leader Yin back then, made all the people in the world of immortals despise her, and some even clamored to punish her, so she became a “sacrifice” and was offered to Yin Xuezhuo.

That’s how she got to know Yin Xuezhuo.

Shao Xin was in a complicated mood, no matter who the person in front of him was, he had a stand to refute her.

But it was only “Ji Yan”, who was brought to death, she had all the reason to stand in Yin Xuezhuo’s perspective, because they wanted her to die first.

Ji Yan watched him staring at herself without saying a word. She didn’t know what he was thinking and felt a little embarrassed by being stared at by him, so she raised the medicine in her hand and broke the silence, “Why don’t …… I give you the medicine first?”

But Shao Xin just stared at her and said nothing.

Ji Yan: Brother, what are you looking at like a creep? It makes me panic.

Shao Xin suddenly asked. “Did you turn to Yin Xuezhuo’s side because they forced you to die, so you just want to get back at them?”

Ji Yan froze for a long time, but shook her head. “No.”

Shao Xin was slightly taken back.

“I don’t need to be so extreme to hate everyone because a few people tried to kill me. I’m also a human being, am I not?” Ji Yan thought for a while, but didn’t know how to explain to him, and organized the language. “Actually, there is no need to rise to that level. I don’t have that big ambition. I’m just good to whoever treats me well.”

Shao Xin frowned and said, “But, the devil is evil.”

Ji Yan said. “Maybe.”

In fact, she had come into contact with so many demons and didn’t feel any evil. The gentle sister Qiu Mi, and those little demons who don’t even want their lives for being strong, and the big python that was scared into a loach by Yin Xuezhuo. The little furry lynx, and Bai Bai that had to lick her, and felt that they were all quite fun.

It’s just that all beings have their own ways of survival.

Ji Yan didn’t forget why she came back to find Shao Xin. She thought for a moment and said, “I came back to you this time, because I want to tell you something.”

“I don’t want to change the fact that you think the devil is evil, and I don’t need to ask for your position. It’s just that I am coming back, not for the demons, but for the nightmares.”

Shao Xin was startled. “Nightmare?”

There were actually many kinds of Nightmares, the rarest of which was Yin Xuezhuo, but they all have one thing in common-they are all as weak as they were when they were young.

It is very weak, and because it is full of treasures, they were often caught by people for various benefits.

So there is almost no Nightmare clan that can reach adulthood, and Yin Xuezhuo was the first one in a thousand years.

However, the cultivation world had previously stipulated that capturing the Nightmare clan in private was a violation of the sect rules, and Shao Xin didn’t know why this happened to the Nightmare clan again.

Ji Yan said: “Yin Miaorou recently fell off a cliff, life and death is unknown, many people are looking for her.”

“What?!” Shao Xin was shocked, and was about to stand up, but he caught the wound and gasped with pain.

Ji Yan quickly handed him the ointment in her hand, signaling to apply it to himself, and said: “You don’t need to worry about your Yin head. Since the body has not been found so far, she must be alive. There are many nightmares at the bottom of the cliffI’m just worried. What if those people go under the cliff to find Yin Miaorou and find the Nightmare Clan?”

What she was actually worried about was that the Nightmare tribe was refined into a pill, which would eventually increase the cultivation base of the protagonist group.

Moreover, the Nightmare clan… she couldn’t bear to think that they were the same race as Yin Xuezhuo.

This group of people already knew how strong the Nightmare clan can be after they grow up. It was also mentioned in the original text of “Q&A” that some people wanted to use the same method to raise a new Nightmare to deal with Yin Xuezhuo, but they all failed.

A completely demonized nightmare was actually not that easy to nurture. They were eager for quick gain, and in order to deal with Yin Xuezhuo, they also used the same cruel methods and tortured the nightmare. Ji Yan feels that they were no different from the real Mingshu who was regarded as an evil demon. 

It was the same capture again, could it be that thousands of Yin Xuezhuo would appear?

Apparently, Shao Xin also strongly agrees with this point, he also heard a little about many such things, as soon as Ji Yan mentioned, his expression became gloomy.

Ji Yan said: “You don’t have to stand from the demon’s point of view, but you are Shaobai’s younger brother with a special identity. If we want to save the nightmare, we still need your help. I promise you, as long as you can help. After solving this matter, I will definitely ask Yin Xuezhuo to let you go.”

She said so, and Shao Xin had no reason to resist any longer.

Shao Xin’s heart was slightly shaken, but he doubted: “Why do you suddenly want to save the Nightmare Clan?”

Ji Yan smiled at him, “Then why are you moved by my words again?”

The two were relatively silent.

Leaning against the cold stone wall the young man stared at her blankly. His heart suddenly became blank. He originally thought she was selfish, but now he couldn’t see her clearly.

Ji Yan gave him time to think, and shoved the medicine to him, “You’d better quickly apply the medicine to yourself, this is the elixir that Qiu Mi gave me, it is said to be very useful.”

Shao Xin lowered his head blankly and slowly smeared the medicine on his wound. In fact, most of his injuries were in the body. After being corroded by the devilish energy, he had to recuperate properly to recover. Now he couldn’t use any spells anymore, just like a waste person.

Because he experienced the fear and helplessness of being a useless person, he looked at Ji Yan, who also had no cultivation base, and wondered why she seemed to be so open-minded when she doesn’t have anything? How can she live more comfortably than anyone else?

Shao Xin was distracted and accidentally asked this question.

Ji Yan’s answer was simple.

The girl sat on the ground with her knees folded, thought for a moment, and said with a smile: “Although I am weak, but I don’t think that the weak should be trampled underfoot. Those people are proud of their strength, arrogant and rude, I don’t like them. I don’t like to cater to people I don’t like, so why should I be upset because of their prejudices?”

“It’s better to enjoy life than to feel inferior because you have no cultivation base. I think this kind of life is quite good, there is no great academic work pressure. Every day you want to eat and sleep when you want to eat, it is a bit dangerous, but Yin Xuezhuo to protects me.”

It was not known when it started, but whenever Ji Yan encountered danger, the first person she thought of was Yin Xuezhuo.

He was there to protect her anyway.

She deliberately suppressed her voice very low, fearing that Yin Xuezhuo’s ears would be too sensitive to hear what she was saying through the thick stone wall.

Then when the time comes he would have to laugh at her again.

After Ji Yan and Shao Xin finished speaking, she went out.

As soon as she came out, Yin Xuezhuo saw her empty hands, and sneered: “Why do you need medicine if you have cultivation? You are a bit too lenient..”

It was this kind of yin and yang tone again.

This person was really boring, she just loves to give people medicine.

Ji Yan ignored him, and Yin Xuezhuo turned into a cloud of black air again, leaning on her neck, and said in a cold voice: “Now pretending to be concerned. When you lied to him before, you didn’t hesitate at all, huh. Are women so hypocritical?”

This “oh, woman”, Ji Yan always felt a little weird when she listened.

She replied, “I will have to get ridiculed when I give someone medicine, huh, man.”

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

He frowned, and slowly followed behind Ji Yan, and said gloomily: “I can kill him, and your medicine will be given away for nothing.”

Ji Yan: “…”

No it’s not, is he?

Just to get the medicine for nothing, he is going to kill?

Ji Yan turned around, looked at Yin Xuezhuo strangely, and suddenly said seriously: “Yin Xuezhuo.”

“Huh?” Yin Xuezhuo glanced at her from the corner of his eye, his tone was sloppy.

She is going to ask him not to kill, right? Yin Xuezhuo lazily waited for her to come over and curry favor.

But the next second, he heard her say: “Do you think you are very sour now?”

Still sour inexplicably.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

His expression froze for a while, and when he turned his head again, he saw Ji Yan already walking forward on her own, while muttering something as she walked.

Yin Xuezhuo approached invisibly and leaned closer and heard her complaining about him——

“What’s sour? Those who don’t know will think you like me.”

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