I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became Villain’s pendant Chapter 34 Part 2

Ji Yan: ? ? ? No, what do you mean by throwing the pot and disliking her for being unpalatable?

Sure enough, the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. What kind of boss is this and what kind of subordinates do you have?

Ji Yan wanted to refute, but was afraid to see that big python as soon as she raised her head, she held Yin Xuezhuo tightly and continued to be her sloth.

Yin Xuezhuo happily cradled the soft young girl’s body in his arms, while listening the ins and outs indifferently, his eyelids fluttered slightly.

The pupils under the dark eyelashes were as cold as frost.

The demons under him were more rebellious than the others, and they were rarely disciplined. Even if they fought in private, as long as they didn’t violate the rules and swallow the lower demons, he didn’t bother to care about them.

Once, Chang Ming and Ronge fought against each other, and knocked down a mountain in the Demon Realm, which affected thousands of little demons, Yin Xuezhuo did not interfere at the time.

He was actually a lazy monarch.

But this lazy monarch’s little waste was almost swallowed.

If she was really eaten, and nothing else, he would also be digested by Rong Ge’s stomach … Yin Xuezhuo couldn’t accept it at all, no matter what.

His eyes were full of hostility, he could not wait to pinch this loach-sized Rong Ge to death now, his black nails slowly creeping across the back of Ji Yan’s neck, bringing up a creepy itch.

Ji Yan: My scalp is numb.

Ji Yan quietly twisted under Yin Xuezhuo’s palm, she raised her head with great discomfort, revealing a pair of wet eyes, trying to show a pitiful expression, and staring at him eagerly.

Demon Yin turned her head and took his hand back.

“Call Chang Ming.” Yin Xuezhuo said lightly.

Rong Ge was faintly pleased and hurriedly crawled out in the form of an earthworm, just as he was about to reconstitute a giant python at the door, he heard the cold voice of the demon lord behind him adding, “Just crawl over.”

Rong Ge: “…”

This, this, this is too far, how long will it take to climb…

Rong Ge was instantly dumbfounded.

In order to atone for his merits, even if Rong Ge was ordered to climb, he really went to call Chang Ming.

Chang Ming was famous for his wickedness, the whole Demon Realm knew his cruelness, cold-blooded and ruthless. This time he actually shrunk and turned into the original form. Rong Ge thought he had found his conscience and was going to take the  initiative to admit his mistake, but who knew that as soon as he entered the demon lord’s chambers the furry poisonous ice lynx stretched out an elegant lazy waist, and let out a soft “meow”.

Rong Ge:? ? Are you selling a fart?

The deadly rival suddenly changed his style, seeing that Rong Ge got goosebumps.

Chang Ming didn’t bother to look at Rong Ge, he tilted his head, turned over and lay on the ground, revealing a soft belly, and continued to stretch out the soft pads and meow.

Obviously he was not a cat, but his meowing was very skillful. As expected, after a few cries, Ji Yan in Yin Xuezhuo’s arms quietly poked her head out, revealing a pair of curious eyes.

After seeing Chang Ming in front of her, she exclaimed in delight. “So cute!”

This one! Fluffy! Pointy ears! It’s a cat!

It hit her in the heart!

She took a closer look, her dark eyes glinted with curiosity, and she locked eyes with Chang Ming, who tilted his head.

Well…The body was a bit like a Maine Coon cat, but the ears were a bit more pointed, the body was thicker, and the fur was darker, a bit like a tiger, but more like a lynx.

Ji Yan was still looking at Chang Ming and hesitated, on the other hand Chang Ming suddenly let out a soft “meow” again.

The ending was soft and delicate, terribly cute.

Ji Yan couldn’t hold it anymore, jumped out of Yin Xuezhuo’s arms and rushed directly at the big cat.

She wants to lure!

Ji Yan was so excited to run that she completely forgot that she hadn’t learned how to walk yet, and then she slipped just as she had before and fell forward with her hands waving wildly.

Then with a “bang”, she fell on the ground.

Fell flat.

Everyone present: “…”

Ji Yan on the ground, her arm hurt from falling, and her face flushed red at a speed visible to the naked eye.


So embarrassing.

Laying on the ground, Ji Yan silently buried her head in her arms, the roots of her ears were so red that blood could drip, and she laid motionless as if pretending to be dead.

Yin Xuezhuo frowned.

Apparently she was soo stupid.

Chang Ming carefully looked at this clumsy and lovely mortal girl. He heard Chi Yang mention before that her status was extraordinary, and it was precisely because he knew that she might not be an ordinary mortal, so he urged that silly Rong Ge to eat her.

Chang Ming had always been a cunning old yin and yang person.

Rong Ge, this stupid python was very good at agitating.

And indeed this Rong Ge was really unlucky, this mortal was really extraordinary.

Chang Ming knew very well that mortals like to keep cats, especially this kind of half-grown mortal, who had no resistance to furry, so he turned into his original form.

Seeing that the demon lord had no reaction, Chang Ming spontaneously moved to Ji Yan’s side, stretched his two claws forward, arched his back slightly, and let out a soft cry in front of her.


“Meow meow meow……”

Ji Yan was really attracted, as soon as he called.

She raised her head tentatively, revealing a pair of dark eyes, and stared at the little lynx.

So cute.

Ji Yan was so close to it that she could clearly see the soft hair on his body. She didn’t feel the pain anymore. She got up and sat on the ground, opened her arms, and hugged Chang Ming tightly in her arms and rubbed against him.

“So cute, little cutie, where did you come from?” Ji Yan didn’t realize that this was the demon general “Chang Ming” and continued to stroke his belly happily, then buried her head on its furry belly, and took a deep breath!

Smoking cat! Cool!

Rong Ge: “…” God damn cute.

For the first time, he discovered that his colleague was so shameless and skinless, how old he was, that he actually deceived an ignorant girl.

Demon Python Rong Ge also wanted to get close, but remembered that Ji Yan was afraid of him, so he had to wrap himself up and aggrievedly shrink alone in a corner.

He’s just hairless. Why is the treatment so big?

Ji Yan was very happy over there. She held down this miniature version of the lynx on the ground and rubbed back and forth, then holding the armpits she raised it up, and watched whether it was male or female first, and said in disappointment: “It turns out you’re a male, you can’t give birth to cubs.”

Chang Ming: “…”

Ji Yan changed her mind and thought that male was not bad, and she hugged his little butt, like holding a child, she couldn’t have a heart to put it down.

Chang Ming in her arms was quite proud at first, but he didn’t expect that Ji Yan’s cat licking technique would gradually become rude, and finally touched his tail and buttocks. seeing that his moral integrity was not preserved, he reluctantly stretched his hind leg in Ji Yan arms. Ji Yan squeezed his face again, dissatisfied: “Be a good boy, give mom a hug.”

Chang Ming:? ? ?


Chang Ming was silent, even Yin Xuezhuo watched this scene weirdly, his eyes fell on Ji Yan’s hand, which was on Chang Ming’s butt, and he said solemnly: “Come here.”

Holding the little lynx, Ji Yan moved over obediently.

Yin Xuezhuo grabbed the poison ice lynx in her arms with one hand, threw it out, and raised his hand a little, and instantly this cute fluffy became a man in black with fox eyes with a trace of evil in his appearance that looks extremely bad-tempered.

Ji Yan: “…”

She looked at her hand, and then realized what she had done.

After a long silence, she grabbed Yin Xuezhuo’s sleeve and wiped her hand on it, in an attempt to transfer the smell of lynx to Yin Xuezhuo.

“…” Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes twitched.

He endured it and said coldly, “Go away”. The snake and the lynx hadn’t started to move yet. Ji Yan thought he was talking about her, so she got up obediently and planned to walk away, only to be dragged into his arms by Yin Xuehuo, he frimley clasped her chin.

She was forced to raise her head, her pupils shrinking slightly, and she looked at him in shock.

Yin Xuezhuo’s heart was filled with unspeakable anger, he narrowed his eyes dangerously, his face half hidden in the darkness, and his lips arched coldly.

Ji Yan looked at him with a guilty conscience while he stared at her, and heard the sound of the chamber door closing. The two demon generals who were clearly responsible for the misfortune slid faster than the rabbits, and the surroundings quickly returned to quiet.

Only the two of them were left.

Ji Yan thought for a while, may be Yin Xuezhuo was born with a habit of cleanliness, because she smeared the smell of lynx on him so he was dissatisfied. She felt that the atmosphere should be alive, so she laughed awkwardly: “Haha… I didn’t expect that the demon in your demon realm would be so cute…”

Yin Xuezhuo looked at her coldly, the look in his eyes was “you are finished”.

Ji Yan felt a guilty conscience, his eyes became more and more mocking, Ji Yan felt that he was going to start to ridicule her again in the next second before he could open his mouth, she raised her hand and covered his mouth.

Oh it slipped.

It’s over.

She accidentally used the hand that touched the lynx’s butt.

Ji Yan saw Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes grow cold at a speed visible to the naked eye, and he showed a familiar cold smile again, and he slowly put his hand on the back of her neck, slowly exerting force, obviously trying to pinch her again.

Ji Yan’s scalp went numb, and she closed his eyes nervously.

But the next second, there was a soft touch on her lips.

Ji Yan’s mind went blank, and her eyes widened in disbelief, she just saw Yin Xuezhuo’s enlarged and dense eyelashes. He was lowering his eyes and pressing his hand against the back of her neck, not trying to pinch her.

It was a posture that didn’t allow her to back up.

His lips rubbed heavily on her lips, as if venting.

Yes, it was not a kiss, but a grind.

A vindictive grinder.

It was like trying to smear the bad things on her lips.

Yin Xuezhuo backed away slightly, and then looked at Ji Yan with satisfaction.

In this way, you should be pissed off.

The author has something to say: Yin Xuezhuo: Chang Ming-hands-my mouth-Ji Yan’s mouth, well, it’s fair.

Ji Yan: So why do you have to use your mouth?

ps Actually, as a magical demon, Chang Ming’s original shape is very clean.

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