I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 1

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 1 – Narcissus

That is a pot of boat orchids.

The leaves are thick and round, with the tail slightly curved up. The huge flowers are thick and smooth, just like the skin of a maiden, charming and un-deceptive.

The way both the leaves and flowers glow is truly elegantly unparalleled.

The beta teacher of the flower arrangement class, Teacher Jin, walked around it twice before stopping in her[1]gender is not revealed, i will assume she/her steps and lifted her head away from it reluctantly. She announces: “Let us congratulate Qin Yi, who completed his course today.” 

There were more than 30 students in the classroom, they simultaneously looked towards the youth sitting in front of that pot of boat orchids. 

That youth is the only being that could overwhelm the elegancy of the boat orchids in the area. 

This youth has a pair of Ruifeng[2]瑞凤(ruifeng) directly translates to propitious phoenix; ruifeng eyes are long and narrow, the ends of the eye lifts up a little, comes with double eyelids, and often seem like it’s smiling, p.s. … Continue reading eyes, the tails of his eyes are lifted and there seems to be an immovable flow of light within them.

His nose is as beautiful as jade, and his lips are like jinghuas[3]jinghua is a flower, the english name is ‘electric blue spider lady’, which sounds kinda funky so i just left it as jinghua.

No matter frowning or smiling, it was as if he was the beauty that came to life from an ink painting, people were astonished from a single glance. 

His name is Qin Yi.

He is the youngest son of the Qin family, one of the four major families in PanDa[4]it’s not the animal, just two words with spelling pan and da so i will capitalize the d Star[5]星(xing) = star is in 星球(xingqiu) = planet, so PanDa Star is basically short form for Planet PanDa, and is an omega so gorgeous that he suppresses all other beauties. 

Nowadays, omegas who grew up in wealthy environments did not like to learn flower arranging. He, however, joined and mixed into a class of betas and poor omegas, and learned earnestly for three months.

In this world, there are three types of genders, alpha, beta, and omega. 

Alphas are born naturally strong, they dominate and lead both betas and omegas, they are outstanding but few in number. Alphas are every country’s precious resource. 

Omegas, on the other hand, are born naturally weak and they release pheromones from their body that are extremely attractive to alphas. It’s easier for outstanding alphas to be born when an omega and an alpha mate. Therefore, delicate omegas are also every country’s precious resource.

Lastly, betas are the most mediocre gender, they are in charge of most of the work in society. They have no pheromones, and although they can also reproduce, they cannot produce outstanding alphas.​​

So, other than omegas born in poverty who want to improve their family background by learning various courses in order to marry into a better alpha family, the omegas with noble backgrounds aren’t ever seen here.

Qin Yi is the only outlier.

Everyone sized up Qin Yi with eyes full of lamentation and astonishment, but the person being sized up did not even realize it.

He stood up not too anxiously nor too leisurely, then said: “Thank you.” 

Teacher Jin knew that he was leaving, so she hurriedly handed him the certificate of completion of this course.

Qin Yi took a pot of narcissus from the window with him.

This pot of narcissus was a gift from his teacher when he first entered this class, it isn’t expensive, far less precious than the boat orchids.

However, it has been grown by him to be quite comparable. It has petals that open up like a bowl, decorated with golden dots, emit a rich fragrance, and look even more pleasing to the eye when held in the palm of a beauty.

Everyone watched as he walked out of the classroom and slowly disappeared from the corridor.

However, the rich fragrance continues to linger in their nose, just like Qin Yi, who, after leaving people astonished, still left a long lingering aftertaste in their hearts.

As for Qin Yi, he left the Wensi[6]wen(文) = literature/art , si(思) = to think building and walked straight to the Wuying[7]wu(武) = martial arts , ying(英) = brave/handsome building in the other direction.

Wuying building consists of the most alpha classrooms. 

They’re here to learn how to drive mechs and how to train their bodies in order to improve control of their mental power. 

This is not a place an omega should come to. 

It is known that alphas can mark omegas through the glands.

If an unmarked omega appeared right now in the middle of a group of alphas, the pheromones of the omega can easily trigger all the alphas to go out of control. 

But the alphas in the building did not lose control after Qin Yi stepped into the Wuying building, in fact, they weren’t even surprised.

On the contrary, they actually poked their heads out, with smiles that revealed the taste of mischief: “Here to find Kong Jiaxiang again?” 

“He’s at the training ground on the 4th floor.”

“Hey, did you know? Young Master Kong’s family just recently arranged a pheromone matching for him, and the match rate with the omega was as high as 81%! “

Qin Yi only laughed softly, and said: “Is that so?” 

The group of alphas opposite him, who were originally teasing actually restrained themselves quite a bit.

They watched Qin Yi walk towards the fourth floor, their eyes still clinging tightly to him.

“Objectively speaking, he is so damn good-looking that I can’t bear to say harsh words in front of him.”

“His aloof pheromones really pull on people’s heartstrings.”

“Right? Who knows how many times the alphas from the sports department next door said privately that he should be selected as PanDa Star’s No. 1 most suitable candidate to marry home as a dutiful wife and loving mother.” 

“Hah, if he really were to get married, would they even get a chance?” 

“It’s such a pity that not a single alpha could perceive his pheromones. No matter how beautiful and gentle he is, if his pheromone cannot make an alpha go into heat, then the alpha can’t successfully mate with him, and therefore, cannot give birth to outstanding children.”

They sighed one after another.

“You have to think of the good side, if it’s not because of this, where the fuck can you even see such a good-looking omega? Which omega with normal pheromones dare to come here?”

“…That’s true.”

“Pull yourself together, if we end up successful later on, he can’t be a wife but we can allow him to be a lover!”

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere was hyped up quite a bit.

Everyone revealed a knowing grin, then turned around and resumed what they were doing.

Qin Yi very quickly arrived on the 4th floor. 

He also accurately located the E3 training ground. 

With a single glance, the person in the training ground noticed his arrival from the surveillance camera at the door. He immediately walked over and opened the door.

“You’re here?” The person from the other side of the door revealed a smile. 

Which is Kong Jiaxiang. 

Also born in one of the four major families, the Kong family. He is a rare alpha whose mental power has been tested as S-level.

“Is this for me?” Kong Jiaxiang stared fiercely at the narcissus in his arms.

Qin Yi nodded: “This flower suits you.” 

The corners of Kong Jiaxiang’s mouth couldn’t help but lift even higher.

Qin Yi rarely gives compliments, but once he gives it, you will feel that it’s extremely melodious, as if they were love words. 

Kong Jiaxiang rapidly took the flower pot over, and said: “I’ll take good care of it.”  

Qin Yi answered not too soft nor too harsh: “Mn.” 

He walked straight past the door.

Kong Jiaxiang quickly put the flower down, took off his protective uniform, and gave it to him: “Put this on first!” 

Qin Yi nodded, received it, unbuckled the buttons of his outerwear, took it off, tossed it aside, and put on the protective uniform.

Kong Jiaxiang, who was watching him from behind, unconsciously tightened his throat.

It’s very strange. 

Even without the attraction of pheromones, he still makes people’s hearts move. 

It’s even to the extent that he can’t help but start to picture in his mind…

His protective uniform wraps around Qin Yi’s body, as if he was the one who hugging Qin Yi, all tight and close together… 

Qin Yi, on the other hand, frowned lightly. 

This protective uniform came with the smell of sweat.  

Forget it.

This isn’t important. 

Qin Yi walked forward. 

It was a small radiation field and the radiant light was turned on. Students who come to train need to drive lightweight mechs under the influence of radiation. They must work hard to hold up their mental power shields through mech confrontations.

Kong Jiaxiang’s mech was parked over there. 

He already let Qin Yi sit inside it before and taught him how to use the control panel. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have had the chance to hold the most beautiful Omega in his arms.

Kong Jiaxiang watched as he climbed into the mech with difficulty. 

It’s adorable, an omega who never played with mechs, can only rely on him to experience it.

“Qin Yi, be careful!” He shouted. 

He might fall off later, right?

It’s alright, I can go and teach him one more time. 

“If you have any problems, call me anytime, I’ll come help you.” He continued to say in a loud voice. 

Qin Yi did not responded.

For a while now, countless thoughts have been circling Kong Jiaxiang’s head.

Qin Yi was born an omega in the famous Qin family of PanDa Star, his grandfather had participated in World War Eight and was commended and received by His Majesty.

On top of that, Qin Yi was considerably pretty. 

It’s to the extent that it is impossible to find an omega prettier than him on PanDa Star. 

Logically, Qin Yi should be extremely popular and held in the palm of his family, if he scraped his skin, they would’ve been distressed for a long time.

But the truth is, it’s the opposite.

Qin Yi’s not one bit close to his family. 

His position in the family is quite awkward. 

This is all because… his pheromones could not attract alphas. 

And to omegas, this is fatal.  

If your pheromones are strong enough, even if you’re ugly, there will be families that are eager for you. 

But once your pheromones are flawed, even if you look better than a fairy, nobody would want to marry you as the main wife.

And how could a family like the Qin family allow a member of their family to be the mistress of other families?

Thinking of this, Kong Jiaxiang felt that it’s a bit of a pity. 

He’s already of age, and his family is looking for an omega for him. The omega who currently matches the highest with him isn’t even half as pretty as Qin Yi.

Fortunately, the Kong family and the Qin family are family friends. It seems that Qin Yi would never be married off in this lifetime, so he could still visit Qin Yi at the Qin family’s house.

If he spent some effort on it… maybe he could try spraying some perfume that attracts alphas on Qin Yi’s body, then they could successfully sleep together…  shouldn’t be that hard right? Since he doesn’t need Qin Yi to give him children.

His thoughts stopped abruptly as they got here.

Because that mech, which looked like a giant praying mantis, three meters tall and painted in blue, moved.

It first walked two steps, and the mechanical claws scraped against the ground, making an ear-piercing sound.

Kong Jiaxiang instantly tightened his heart.

“Qin Yi! Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that enough experiencing? Okay, don’t move anymore, be careful not to fall. Omegas will be sent to the hospital for just one fall!” 

The mech suddenly changed from walking to running.

It galloped three meters forward and waved the sharp blade of the mechanical claw. Just like a praying mantis out hunting, it swung its sickle and broke through the air with determination.

Kong Jiaxiang’s heart tightened, and his eyes widened: “Qin Yi!!!” 

The sharp blade swung.

And made brief contact with the radiation pillar.

The radiation briefly paused and jammed.

Then, the sharp blade was gently retracted, completely different from the manner when the blade was just released.

Kong Jiaxiang breathed a sigh of relief and urged: “Hurry down.”

There was a moment just now that he thought Qin Yi would use the claws to lift the entire wall of the training ground.

He’s thinking too much.

How could that be possible? Qin Yi is just an omega, he’s weak and beautiful, just like a flower in a glass cloche.

Qin Yi quickly opened the hatch of the mech.

Upon seeing this, Kong Jiaxiang ran forward immediately.

This bit of radiation is not a big deal for S-class alphas, it is more important for the hero to save the beauty.

Kong Jiaxiang opened his arms towards Qin Yi.

Qin Yi did not reject it, he didn’t even bat an eye before jumping down from three meters tall. 

The body of an omega is very light. 

But Kong Jiaxiang miscalculated the hardness and weight after adding the protective uniform.

The beauty fell like a butterfly with its wings spread out.

‘Click’ Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help groan from his throat.

Qin Yi quickly broke away from his embrace. Kong Jiaxiang didn’t have the strength to firmly hold on to him anyway.

He sweated a bit from his forehead. 

Qin Yi asked while taking off his protective uniform: “What’s wrong?”

Kong Jiaxiang: “It’s nothing.” 

His joint might be dislocated.

But he can’t lose face in front of an omega.

Right at this moment, Qin Yi’s communicator suddenly rang.

The communicator was connected to his watch, he buckled the last button, raised his wrist, lowered his head, and connected the call.

“Qin Yi, I don’t care what you’re doing now, rush to the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately.” His father’s dignified voice came from the other end.

Qin Yi answered very quietly: “Mn.” 

Then hung up.

The endurance of an S-class alpha is quite strong.

Kong Jiaxiang endured the discomfort in his arm and asked, “Uncle[8]not his relative uncle, people can call those from a generation older aunties/uncles and those from two generations older grandmas/grandpas to show intimacy called you over… to examine your matching rate?”

Qin Yi replied absentminded: “Mn, perhaps.”

Kong Jiaxiang smiled: “You… don’t need to have too much psychological pressure. You still have me.”

You’re fucking useless, lil’ dumbass.

A good-for-nothing with a mind full of erotic shit.

Qin Yi kept swearing nonstop inside his head, but on the surface, he calmly said: “I’m leaving.”

Anyway, Kong Jiaxiang’s value has come to an end and they will never see each other again.

Kong Jiaxiang nodded: “Okay, go on.” 

The moment Qin Yi walked out,  Kong Jiaxiang called his roommate to pick him up.

After the roommate came, he helped him carry the flower.

“Be careful with it, Qin Yi gave it to me.” Kong Jiaxiang said. 

The roommate immediately softened his actions: “I heard that last month, the boat orchids that Qin Yi helped grow for the school got a grand prize. The school’s executives are so happy, in two days, it will be sent to General Zhou’s desk. They’re counting on this flower to exchange for the General’s favor. Damn. That pair of hands that Qin Yi has is truly impressive.”

He halted: “He even grew a pot of flowers especially for you… this treatment is almost as good as General Zhou!” 

The corners of Kong Jiaxiang’s mouth lifted.

Qin Yi’s gentle dedication could always make him feel better.

“It’s just quite a pity.” The roommate said, “Why are his pheromones defective?”

Everyone who saw Qin Yi would say this. 

The roommate halted, asked again: “I heard you and the omega from the Fang family met? I heard he’s quite cute?” 

“Just average I guess, it’s good that he’s obedient, knows how to act cute, our matching rate is high, and he has a decent family background.” 

The roommate nodded, and didn’t ask what about Qin Yi?

Everyone knows that Qin Yi will not get married in this lifetime. Qin Yi, himself, also knows this very well. Alphas shoulder the responsibility of the family and Kong Jiaxiang is destined to not stay for him. 

Such a gentle and beautiful Qin Yi.

Such a pity. 

The roommate weighed the flower in his arms: “What’s the name of this flower?”  

Kong Jiaxiang: “I think it’s narcissus?” He grinned: “Qin Yi said this flower suits me the most and especially grew it for me.” 

The roommate’s complexion turned weird. 


Why does he remember that… narcissus is connected to some mythology god? Isn’t it something about how the god was so narcissistic that he looked at his reflection in the water every day and eventually died from narcissism?

When Qin Yi walked out of the school gate, he saw the floating car from home that came to pick him up.

He got into the car, but the driver was not the only one inside. 

There was his stepmother, his second aunt, and his third aunt. 

As well as his two omega cousins[9]older male cousins

His cousin Qin Yuan moved forward a bit. 

His hair was combed soft and he was born with distinctive features[10]the term used here is 五官 which is the five features: eyes, nose, eyebrows, ears, mouth. The pheromones emitting from his body were the scent of vanilla ice cream, which alphas find very likable.

Qin Yuan said: “Cousin, I heard uncle say that today is your last chance. Even if there’s someone who has a 0.1% matching rate with you, you will have the chance of getting married instead of being locked up in the Qin house for the rest of your life.”

When alphas and omegas reach 18, they will go under a pheromone match detection. 

Today, Qin Yi turned 18.


1 gender is not revealed, i will assume she/her
2 瑞凤(ruifeng) directly translates to propitious phoenix; ruifeng eyes are long and narrow, the ends of the eye lifts up a little, comes with double eyelids, and often seem like it’s smiling, p.s. Xiao Zhan has these eyes
3 jinghua is a flower, the english name is ‘electric blue spider lady’, which sounds kinda funky so i just left it as jinghua
4 it’s not the animal, just two words with spelling pan and da so i will capitalize the d
5 星(xing) = star is in 星球(xingqiu) = planet, so PanDa Star is basically short form for Planet PanDa
6 wen(文) = literature/art , si(思) = to think
7 wu(武) = martial arts , ying(英) = brave/handsome
8 not his relative uncle, people can call those from a generation older aunties/uncles and those from two generations older grandmas/grandpas to show intimacy
9 older male cousins
10 the term used here is 五官 which is the five features: eyes, nose, eyebrows, ears, mouth
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