I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 2.1

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 2.1 – 100% Match Part 1

Qin Yi leaned back on the chair, raised his eyes to look at Qin Yuan, smiled gently while revealing his lack of interest.

“Mn, it’s alright, I like being locked up in the Qin house. There’s no need to work, no need to get married, no need to manage family affairs, and won’t turn ugly from fatigue and childbirth. I can even continue to spend Qin family’s money… isn’t that right, Uncle Yu? Since the Qin family is so large, they obviously would not feed the outside world with gossips like; the stepmother treats the stepson harshly after the biological mother died.”

The smile on Qin Yuan’s face cracked apart[1]i believe it’s referencing this wechat emoji on the spot.

Qin Yi is indirectly hinting that he will turn ugly from fatigue and childbirth.

He is far less appealing than Qin Yi, and is especially concerned about the word “ugly beauty”.

Moreover… how can Qin Yi want to stay at the Qin house?

He’s actually not worried about being unable to get married!

He’s even confidently attempting to spend the Qin family’s money, for a lifetime at that!

As soon as Qin Yuan’s brain outlined the scene of Qin Yi happily and comfortably being a good-for-nothing, he felt an indescribable  discomfort in his heart.

No… can’t let this person stay in the Qin house forever.

Can’t let him get what he wants.

Qin Yi’s stepmother is a male omega, his name is Yu Hong.

When Yu Hong heard this, he stared deeply at Qin Yi. He always felt that his stepson was very scheming and has extraordinary tricks up his sleeves.

Yet how do other people around Qin Yi describe him? They would all say that he is gentle, knows to concede, and is pitiful.

Yu Hong smiled: “Mn, of course. Since Xiao[2]xiao is a nickname prefix, means small/little-Yi’s physiological defect was brought from the womb, what else can we do if he’s unable to match alphas? The Qin family is a large household with a large business, it’s not like we can’t afford to raise our own children.”

He paused a little before continuing: “Also, from today’s technology, giving birth to children won’t make you ugly.”

Hearing this, Qin Yuan grudgingly felt that the big rock that was stuck in his chest loosened up.

But he also wittily stopped sarcastically irritating Qin Yi, in case he ended up angering himself again.

Suddenly, it got a lot quieter inside the floating car.

And this quietness lasted until they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Many floating cars were parked outside the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Alpha enters from one passage and omegas enters from another. This is to avoid causing pheromones to go out of control.

Yu Hong and the others were also called over by Father Qin. They didn’t dare to delay time, so along with Qin Yi, they speedily walked into the detection hall.

The detection hall is supported by four pillars. Countless blue and silver cables climbed up the column, gathered on the ceiling, and slowly hang down, forming a huge match detection system in a glass cover.

Father Qin was probably afraid of more embarrassment.

Even if the fact that Qin Yi’s pheromones are defective has already become a thing that everyone knows, Father Qin is still trying his best to preserve his precarious face.

Therefore, except for members of the Qin family in the hall, all other people who came here for detection were temporarily waiting in another room.

“Uncle, do I need to detect as well?” Qin Yuan asked in a crisp voice.

Alphas have been attracted to him ever since he was young, he doesn’t need to detect to know the result. This detection is just to help them filter alphas with higher matching rates.

“You guys wait first.” Father Qin didn’t even look at him, and said only to Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, come here.”

Qin Yuan said what a pity in his head.

If we detected first, then the comparison of data of before and after would be even more striking.

But it doesn’t matter… Qin Yi’s result is basically set in stone. He has never attracted a single alpha in so many years… what kind of cursed gene did his biological mother carry to produce a child with such a big defect!

Qin Yi walked up not too anxiously nor too leisurely to the front of the system.

The system senses that someone is near and immediately lets out a mechanical prompt: “Please put on the detection helmet and then put both hands in the red socket.”

Father Qin stared at him firmly.

If there’s even a 0.01% match.

Father Qin’s thoughts are exactly what Qin Yuan said.

To other omegas, this scene may be somewhat shameful and hard to accept.

But Qin Yi felt nothing.

He casually buckled the helmet and put his hand into the socket.

His mother left him a huge inheritance, which nobody else knew about apart from them.

According to the law, as long as he is over eighteen years old, he can immediately inherit it from the custodian.


Marrying or not marrying.

Matching or not matching.

It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with him.

He was waiting to inherit his mother’s 800 million inheritance and then he could pursue his dream life in show business!

Qin Yi’s thoughts slightly drifted away because of over-excitement.

But his eyes remained on the system.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds…

This detection took longer than all other omegas.

Father Qin’s eyebrows are already frowning unconsciously, he even let out with an unhappy voice: “Why are the results still not out?”

Qin Yuan and the others looked at each other, and they all saw the color of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune in each other’s eyes.

The system probably never met such an awful omega before.

After the system ran for half a minute, it suddenly stopped.

“Is it broken?” Qin Yuan poked his head out and asked.

“Why did it break the instant my cousin arrived? “Qin Yuan almost laughed.

Then, the tightly closed door, as if it was never opened and made people wonder whether there were actual living staff members inside, suddenly opened.

It even lifted a bit of dust.

A little girl inside poked her head out: “Uh, the system’s internal code has a prompt, this person may need to cut and force some blood from his finger, then re-detect.”

Father Qin said unhappily, “What is this primitive way of detection?”

The girl shrugged: “There’s no helping it, the system’s code prompts that.”

Father Qin asked: “Why didn’t it say the prompt out directly?”

The girl: “Very obviously, it froze.”

This reason was so absurd that Father Qin wanted to laugh.

“It’s under the direct administration of the central mastermind, how can it go wrong?”

“No matter how impressive an artificial intelligence is, it will freeze, it’s just very rare.” The girl said.

Qin Yuan immediately laughed and said, “Then my cousin is truly amazing. Such a rare thing that only happens once in a thousand-year was encountered by him.”

He finally lifted his bad moon from earlier in the floating car.

At the same time, the girl was looking at Qin Yi with a strange gaze.

She handed out a plate, and then ‘bam’, slammed the door shut.

There is a sterile sealed knife and a device for treating small wounds on the plate.

Qin Yi looked down.

If a re-detection is needed, then fine, he will re-detect.

He just became of age, and the best way to quickly yet cleanly cut the ties with the Qin family is making Father Qin lose face with his defective pheromones.

Qin Yi quickly tore open the sealed bag, took out the knife, and quickly slit a cut on his finger without batting an eye.

Yu Hong saw this scene and couldn’t help but frown. How is it that nobody else noticed it?

Omegas are mainly weak and are scared of even a tiny bit of pain. However, it didn’t matter if Qin Yi was being ridiculed or if he was slitting his own finger, his emotions are always in a stable state.

Isn’t this enough to explain that Qin Yi is powerful?

At this time, it wasn’t only Yu Hong that was staring at Qin Yi.

Behind the door, the girl from before also stared intensively at the image from the camera.

The image is in high definition and not even tiny bits of small details are missed.

“The hands of this omega are so pretty…” The girl said unconsciously.

RIght after, she held down her thoughts and restored the solemn expression on her face.

In truth, when the system froze for half a minute, the detection results were already calculated.

But this result was too horrifying, she wasn’t sure whether to announce it directly so she quickly passed this information to her superiors. The superior returned an order right away, asking the omega outside to do a more detailed and primitive detection.

To use blood.

If the results are real, then it will be announced.

She stared at the camera intensively, in a serious manner.

Just to confirm that there are no errors or cheating in every segment.

And finally.

Qin Yi successfully dropped his blood into the system’s receiving vessel.


1 i believe it’s referencing this wechat emoji
2 xiao is a nickname prefix, means small/little
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