I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 2.2

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 2.2 – 100% Match Part 2

The girl was relieved.

This time, the system ran even longer.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds… 30 seconds… 1minute and 45 seconds…

The people present were getting a little impatient.

“Is it frozen again?” Father Qin frowned.

Just as Qin’s father’s voice just fell, the system finally made its first sound after three minutes of difficult operations: “The match between you and alpha: General Zhou Yiqing, whose pheromone number is AI6650, is 100%.”

After this passage sounded, nobody was able to react.

It had very few words but huge amounts of informations.

If these words were separate, they would all understand them, but when these words are combined together, why is it so… hard to understand?

“Zhou Yiqing… the General?” Father Qin squeezed a different-from-usual voice out of his throat.

Zhou Yiqing.

There might be many people with the same name, but once the prefix is added, there can only be one such person.

General Zhou!

He is the god of the imperial military who has brilliant military skills. He is the one that all young men who joined the army worship. 

His accomplishments are enough to write dozens of pages of paper.

Even if the Qin family worked with their lives, they might not even come close to the existence of his clothes.

Father Qin digested this information in shock, and then heard Qin Yuan’s trembling voice asking: “100%?…how is that possible?”


Father Qin’s thoughts were dragged back.

The system said just now that Qin Yi and General Zhou Yiqing’s match rate is 100%!

What does 100% mean?

It means that no matter how overpowered the other party’s family is, they will be eager to want him!

Because after they mate, they will very likely give birth to the most outstanding alpha in the world.

Suddenly, Father Qin’s entire body of blood started boiling at once.

His usual complacent steps are swaying.

His son… the son that has a pheromone defect and could not attract any alpha… his matching does not have 0.01%. He has 100%!

And right now.

I’m… about to become Zhou Yiqing’s… father-in-law?

He turned his head, his fiery gaze fell on Qin Yi at once: “Qin Yi!”

Qin Yi’s expression, which did not change up until now, changed as he slowly raised some eyebrows: “This thing is broken, right?” He was not happy from the unexpected honor at all, and not very joyful was written all over his face.

Qin Yuan is sweating now, he squeezed his fingers, and wanted to yell out: “Yes! It must be broken!”

Qin Yi, who’s unable to attract any alphas, how can he and Zhou Yiqing from the faraway Emperor Star, have a match rate of 100%? It’s General Zhou! The General Zhou that he dare not even dream of!

But before Qin Yuan’s voice came out, the system ran three more rounds of operations and said: “The match between you and alpha: His Royal Highness Halls, is 100%.”

This time Qin Yuan yelled out for real: “What the heck is this thing saying!”

His Royal Highness Halls!

This is the fucking crown prince of the enemy country! Crown prince! He is the one that the enemy country regards as someone who appears only once in a thousand years, someone that is a gem-level figure who will lead them to new prosperities.

The year he turned 18, his prestige had already surpassed his laozi[1]laozi(老子) is father in a more gangster-y way, can be and often used as a pronoun.

The others were also shocked on the spot.

Qin Yi “…”

He said that this thing was broken but he also knew very well that a system with such important detection functions could not go wrong.

But this works too.

Two negatives make a positive.

A General of our own country and a crown prince of the enemy’s, doesn’t this cancel out?

Will Father Qin even have the nerve to say, my son has a matching rate of 100% with both of them? That’s like directly asking the high-level officials to suspect the Qin family as potential spies.

Qin Yi said without caring: “Can I leave now”

Qin Yuan opened his mouth.

You can’t leave!

Today’s matters must be clarified! The system must be broken!

At that time, the system said again: “The match between you and alpha: Sir Lu Ji, is 100%.”

Qin Yi: ???

Everyone else: !!!

This is the fucking celebrity who has 3.3 billion fans that just changed his career to a pirate captain!

The system did not breathe: “The match between you and alpha: Sir Zheng Yi’an, is 100%.”

This is the fucking diplomat of the Federation!

“The match between you and alpha: Sir Jing, is 100%”

This is the fucking king of the Kayabi clan!

The king!!!

“The match between you and alpha: Sir Wu Hong, is 100%”

Everyone’s brains turned sluggish, almost unable to function normally.

Only Qin Yi frowned.

Who the fuck is this?

Never heard of him.

Only up till here, did the system finally stop running.



There was dead silence in the detection hall.

Whether it be Father Qin or Qin Yuan or Yu Hong and the others.

Each of them seemed to have a dislocated jaw.

It’s not that they don’t want to maintain a dignified posture, it’s that no matter who stood here, if they listened to so many explosive matching results at the same time, they would surely all be shocked into a big change of expression.

Qin Yi is also shocked.

I was about to go into showbiz, and this is what you give me?

Qin Yi expressed the behavior of slipping away: “…It might really be broken.”

Father Qin snapped out of it and said loudly, “No! It is not broken! How can the empire’s system be broken? It’s combined with the central mastermind. Qin Yi, soon…”

He said trembling: “Soon, the detection results will be passed to Emperor Star. Emperor Star will know about this matter! Everyone… everyone will get the tremors after knowing about this. Qin Yi, you must know that this has never happened before! Even thousands of years ago, the most prestigious Queen Qiangwei only matched 100% with the emperor and 98% with the General of a neighboring country!

Queen Qiangwei was recorded in history.

His story remained on the lips of countless people.

Will the Qin family also be recorded in history?

Father Qin’s mind started wandering.

Nobody can resist the huge benefits from this situation, Father Qin thought.

Qin Yuan was still repeatedly calling out at the other end: “Impossible…”

Yu Hong quickly lowered his head and quietly contacted his birth family with the communicator, told them to pull some strings and find a staff member of the Civil Affairs Bureau to check up on this matter.

At this moment, a question mark appeared on top of Qin Yi’s head.

Why is the detection results being sent to Emperor Star a good thing?

Has his father, Qin Jianlin, forgotten something?

Rule of the Federation: Alpha/Omega pairs with matching rates of 100% must get married immediately.

This rule has also reached a consensus in all countries, which was rare.

The reason is that outstanding alphas and omegas are every country’s precious resources.

So the question is…

Qin Yi asked blankly: “Who must I marry?”

It was at this time that Father Qin suddenly pulled away from the excitement and realized this bigger problem.

No matter who he marries.

He will offend some other party.

Or… his son should just not get married in a hurry.

He can totally rely on the matching rate of 100% to act as a middle person and then reap the benefits.

Just as Father Qin was in the middle of feeling this sweet pain.

The light signal of the system flickered twice, and the voice sounded: “The recommendation is all, together.”

Qin Yi: ?


This system seems to have some big disease in the brain.

Qin Yuan also could not hold back any longer, he hissed: “How can he? How can an omega marry so many alphas by himself? Wouldn’t he get laughed at by others for being loose?

Qin Yi: “…”

If you have to say it like that.

Then I’ll have to live up to your words and go pick up[2]the word here is used for picking up prostitutes some more alphas.

The system corrects without emotions: “This is a clause written into the laws of various countries on top of the Federation. It follows the supreme constitutional rules and meets the common will of all mankind. After Mr. Qin Yi mates with all alphas of 100% matching rate, he will be recorded as an outstanding omega in the mankind section of the universal history book. He will become a huge asset shared by all of mankind.”

Qin Yuan felt dizzy and his eyesight became blurry before then he fell onto the ground on his butt.

But at the moment, nobody cared to help him, the popular omega, up.

Everyone stared at Qin Yi with either complicated, shocked, or enthusiastic eyes.

This most beautiful omega finally got the belated attention of the family…

But it’s so annoying.

Don’t even want it.

Qin Yi thought blankly.

Who wants to become an asset that is owned by everyone?

I only want to own it myself.

Just like Father Qin said.

The detection results on this small planet bombed the Emperor Star in an earth-shattering manner.

The Zhou family were the first ones to get the results.

The older[3]not calling sir zhou old, it’s referring to an older sir zhou in the family, so it’s prob the dad, more details: people usually call the head of the family sir(先生), and a previous head of the … Continue reading Sir Zhou woke up early in the morning and the moment he saw the results, he thought that he kicked the bucket after he consumed four extra bowls of rice last night. Otherwise, how could he see such a thing? Damn, Laozi dare not even dream of this!

“Car! Car, car! Laozi’s going to the military headquarters!”

“Where’s the communicator? Go call your General Zhou! “

This is an era where the average life expectancy is more than 300 years.

“After staying single for 127 years! That dog fucker Zhou Yiqing can finally get married!”

ohhhh god that’s a 109 years difference and i am so down


1 laozi(老子) is father in a more gangster-y way, can be and often used as a pronoun
2 the word here is used for picking up prostitutes
3 not calling sir zhou old, it’s referring to an older sir zhou in the family, so it’s prob the dad, more details: people usually call the head of the family sir(先生), and a previous head of the family old sir(老先生), in this part, 周老先生 was used, which directly translates to zhou old sir (old sir zhou) p.s. the word sir(先生) can also mean mister/mr., i hope that’s not too confusing QAQ
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