I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 3

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 3 – Byebye

“How many times do I have to say it? It’s impossible for the system to be wrong.” The girl from inside the door responded impatiently to Qin Yuan’s repeated questions.

At the same time, Yu Hong also looked down at the message from the communicator.

【The system will not go wrong】
【What’s wrong?】
【Your stepson’s test didn’t go well and Sir Qin got angry?】

Didn’t go well? No, it went too well.

Well to the point that the average person doesn’t even dare dream of.

Yu Hong put his hand down and leaned against the wall behind him so that he would not fall from his limbs growing weak.

Father Qin pursed his lips, could not bear it anymore and interrupted Qin Yuan.

“Enough, you and Qin Yu come detect as well.”

Qin Yu is the other cousin that has not spoken much.

He is tall in height and has a distinctive look that is different from Qin Yuan. The way he dresses is also not as cute nor endearing as him. Qin Yi could smell the pheromones from his body, it was the scent of pinewood, which isn’t extremely attractive. However, to alphas, an omega’s attractiveness are based on inherited traits.

So before that, he is still more popular than Qin Yi.

Borrowing his mother’s word, he repeats, at least 7 or 8 families would come up the door to ask for his hand in marriage.

Father Qin is the absolute family leader of the Qin family.

After he spoke, Qin Yuan and Qin Yu had no other choice but to obey and do the detection .

“The match between you and alpha: Ding Xingming, whose pheromone number is HC7932, is 49%.”

This is Qin Yuan’s detection result.

Qin Yuan’s expression suddenly became ghastly.

Who is Ding Xingming? Never even heard of him.

There is no prefix description before the name, which shows that his identity is not important at all.

What makes Qin Yuan feel the most deteriorated is that his highest match with other alphas is only 49%!

Actually, this matching rate is not low, but compared to Qin Yi’s 100%, it’s obviously a joke.

Qin Yuan didn’t expect that in the end, he would be the one who is deeply striked by the contrast between before and after!

He was unwilling to give up and continued to stand by the system, wanting what happened to Qin Yi, waiting for the system to make a sound for a second and third time…

But it still ended up disappointing him.

He waited for a good 10 minutes and there was no reaction.

Father Qin also confirmed it, this kind of miracle only happens to Qin Yi and not all members of the Qin family.

“Switch to Qin Yu.” He said.

Qin Yuan reluctantly stepped back and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi sat in the corner, playing with his communicator with a calm expression.

On the communicator is a message from Kong Jiaxiang.

Kong Jiaxiang: Is the detection results out?

Kong Jiaxiang: Don’t be too sad, everything will eventually go on.

Qin Yi rapidly swiped away the messages, instead, he sent a string of numbers to a beta who had taken the flower arrangement class with him.

This string of numbers contains a time and place.

Even if Father Qin checks his communication records in the future, he will not be able to decipher it.

Qin Yuan suddenly sat down beside him: “Kong Jiaxiang is looking for you again? Don’t you know that he is about to be engaged to an omega? Don’t fantasize anymore, you…”

Qin Yuan’s voice stopped abruptly.

Because he quickly remembered that Qin Yi’s current choice had expanded from PanDa Star’s Kong Jiaxiang to the entire world.

He can choose between a General, diplomat of the Federation, and more, at will.

Qin Yuan’s eyes widened with anger, closed his mouth and stopped talking.

“The match between you and alpha: Wei Qingpi, whose pheromone number is IC3012, is 52%.”

This is Qin Yu’s detection result.

Just like Qin Yuan, he also did not receive another sound from the system.

There was disappointment was in Father Qin’s eyes, he said, “Go get a detailed report, and then we’re going back.”

The detailed report was quickly sent to their respective communicators. Father Qin did not intend to travel with them. Before he left, he ordered Yu Hong: “Take good care of Qin Yi.”

He said these words with importance.

It was clear that no errors were allowed.

Qin Yuan got into the floating car feeling at a loss.

From today on, Qin Yi’s status in the family will be completely changed, right? He will no longer be the most detached omega in the family.

Even Qin Yu’s matching rate with someone else is higher than his.

As soon as they returned to Qin’s house.

Yu Hong immediately gave orders to the servants: “Prepare some food for Young Master Qin Yi…” He paused for a bit before continuing: “Prepare what he likes to eat, understood? You must try your best to meet his requirements. If you cannot meet them, you must report to me right away.”

Although in today’s society where large quantities of household robots have entered human life, wealthy people still employ human servants to reflect their status.

The servants were dumbfounded when they heard this.

What Young Master Qin Yi like to eat?

First of all… there’s… nobody who knows! Why does the Madam seem like a different person today?

They turned their heads to look at Young Master Qin Yuan who had a ghastly expression, and he said stiffly: “I’m leaving.” Then he turned around and left quickly.

The servants couldn’t help but reveal looks of confusion.
Everything seemed to be upside down and reversed before they even knew it.

“Young Master Qin Yi.” The servant awkwardly put on a respectful attitude in front of Qin Yi, “Do you like these?”

Qin Yi raised his eyelids: “Leave them all there.”

He said: “I’m going out to see my classmates.”

The servant thought that this is not a difficult matter, isn’t everyone going in and out every day? So that there must be no need to report to Madam.

He actually much rather not serve Qin Yi.

So he watched Qin Yi walk out.

On his side, Father Qin walked into the office of PanDa Star’s highest officer, and the two chatted intimately for two hours.

“Thank you for your valuable opinion, I know what to do now.” Father Qin gave the other a bow.

The other immediately bent over and said with a smile: “No no, from now on, I can’t be receiving Sir Qin’s greetings.”

Father Qin benefited a lot from this and left here with a smile.

When he returned to the Qin family, all Qin family relatives had been summoned to one place, which was rarely seen.

“There is something major to be announced today.” Father Qin said with a smile.

Members of the Qin family looked at each other.

What major thing can overshadow the shame caused by Qin Yi’s detection results?

Father Qin decided to beat around the bush, turned his head towards the servant and said: “Go invite Young Master Qin Yi over.”

The servant froze for a bit before saying: “He went out.”

Father Qin’s expression suddenly changed: “How long has he been out?”

Yu Hong also realized something.

His expression also changed, a little panic rose up within his heart.

He never thought that, when faced with such a detection result, the first thing that someone would do is to escape… isn’t Qin Yi supposed to be smart? Why did he turn into a fool at this time? Does he know what a frightening amount of wealth and power he is about to have? Along with such a prominent reputation?

“I will send someone to search immediately.” Yu Hong said.

If he didn’t say anything, Father Qin would take him responsible for Qin Yi’s disappearance.

He can’t afford such a huge mistake.

Father Qin glared at him fiercely: “You know the consequences… If he is lost, it’s not just me, the Zhou family, General Zhou’s family will also ask you for him.”

It was as if cold water was poured into a pot of oil.

The hall of the Qin family suddenly got hyped up.

“What General Zhou?”

“What’s the matter? Make it clear.”

Yu Hong’s eyelids kept twitching, he was afraid that once Father Qin explained the whole story, these Qin family members will want to tear him up, blame him for failing to look after Qin Yi, and failing to hold on to their family’s ladder to rapid rise in status.

The tremendous psychological pressure made his face pale and his body numb, causing him to lose his usual calmness.

At this time, a servant yelled in a flustered manner: “Young Master Qin Yi! He- He’s back!”

Qin Yi had watched enough of this slapstick in the hall, and finally decided to walk out slowly.

He really did want to run away overnight.

But when he met with the beta classmate and got a ticket for a cargo spacecraft, he found out immediately afterwards that all the ports on Planet PanDa were under martial law.

He didn’t hastily approach and decided to go back first, in case he couldn’t escape and ended up causing them to strengthen their guards instead.

Father Qin is someone who is very good at securing personal gains.

He assumes that after Father Qin left by himself, he might’ve gone to see the Chief of PanDa Star and borrowed their authority to directly put the entire planet in lock down.

Or they might’ve formed an alliance directly.

These thoughts quickly passed through Qin Yi’s mind, leaving behind no trace.

“Where have you been?” Father Qin rushed up excitedly when he saw him, he stretched out his hand to grab his shoulder, but stopped in midair.

The Qin Yi now is truly more precious than any ancient porcelain.

He was an existence that Father Qin was reluctant and didn’t dare to touch or damage.

“To see a classmate, what’s wrong?” Qin Yi asked back.

Father Qin suppressed his usual preaching manner, smiled stiffly and unnaturally: “No, nothing.” He said, “Qin Yi, tonight, there will be a military spacecraft to escort you all the way to Emperor Star. The Zhou family will be there to pick you up.”

He has been persuaded.

It is easy to offend many parties if they choose to act as a middle person, the smarter choice is to firmly grasp on to the General of their country.

Qin Yi had no expression.

Since PanDa Star is already under martial law, leaving early might actually give him more opportunities.

Father Qin smiled slightly, and then distributed Qin Yi’s detection video to all members of the Qin family.

Yes, he believes that the surveillance video in the detection hall is more powerful than a written or oral speech.

While confused, everyone played the video.

Then they stood up excitedly.

“How is this possible?”

“This means our Qin family is destined to climb up a new flight of stairs!”

“Qin Yi!” They couldn’t help but shout the name eagerly. The gaze that they looked at Qin Yi with was almost as if they couldn’t wait to enshrine him as a god.

“Qin Yuan’s foresight wasn’t very good.”

“He is so much worse compared to Qin Yi.”

“Qin Yi is so beautiful and their matching rate is so high, General Zhou will definitely like him…”

This group of people’s views completely turned around.

Qin Yuan was so angry that his nose almost turned crooked.

And the servants also finally understood something.

Young Master Qin Yi is not a genetically defective omega, his pheromone seems to be very powerful, it’s just that people didn’t know until now. Now that the detection results are out, he is about to become the omega that the Qin family holds high in the palm of their hands.

Just when the Qin house was full of hustle and bustle, Qin Yi said in a relaxed manner:”I need[1]this verb can be to need or to want money.”

He has a voice that sounds very nice.

Even when mixed with noisy sounds, nobody could ignore it.

There was a sudden silence in the hall.

The second uncle of the Qin family asked: “What did you want?”

“100 million universal coins.” Qin Yi said.

The face of the second uncle turned twisted, “How can we do that?”

The Qin family’s annual revenue is only 590 million.

Right after, the second uncle received a slap across his face.

His younger brother glared at him with red eyes, cursing: “You have zero foresight! Qin Yi is going to Emperor Star, of course he should put on a better facade and let the Zhou family take a look. They have to know that we are in-laws that are up to standard.”

Father Qin also felt a little pain. After all, a year’s revenue and the flow of money available in the financial book are two completely different things.

Nonetheless, he quickly called the shots. After plundering and accumulating the money from members of the Qin family, he collected 100 million universal coins and transferred them to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi casually grabbed a chair, sat down, and in the same relaxed manner, he continued to report what he wanted, things like fine jewellery and gorgeous Chinese clothing.

He only picked the most expensive ones, not the most correct[2]not sure if intentional, but expensive(gui) and correct(dui) rhyme ones.

Qin Yuan and the others could only watch him be the one supported by many. He did as he pleases and whatever he wanted, he would have.

100 million universal coins!

He may not even be able to see so much money in his entire life!

Qin Yuan’s eyeballs almost fell out.

That night.

The assets Qin Yi temporarily gathered were carried onto the spacecraft in a total of fifteen boxes.

The highest officer of PanDa Star personally came to see him off.

At his end, Kong Jiaxiang didn’t receive a reply from Qin Yi for a long time.

Qin Yi won’t take it the hard way, right?

He couldn’t get in touch with Qin Yi, so he could only change his approach and contacted Qin Yuan.

After Qin Yuan answered the call, he said with an eerie expression: “Oh, you’re asking about Qin Yi, he is about to leave with the spacecraft at the D2 port.”

He really hopes that there are some affection between Qin Yi and Kong Jiaxiang, that Qin Yi will stay for him, and won’t go to Emperor Star, won’t go to see General Zhou.

When Kong Jiaxiang heard this, he hurriedly ended the call and rushed to D2.

At this time Qin Yi was already about to board the spacecraft.

Kong Jiaxiang rushed to the front: “Qin Yi! Qin Yi! Where are you going? Is it that…” The Qin family wants to drive you away?

These words reached his throat but he hadn’t had time to spit it out.

“This is the kid from the Kong family?” A man’s voice sounded.

Kong Jiaxiang turned his head to look.

That is the highest officer of PanDa Star, who even his father had to be polite towards, the type can’t be seen without an appointment.

“Uncle Pan Li?” Kong Jiaxiang said.

The other party nodded: “You’re here to find Qin Yi? Oh, if you have anything to say, say it quickly. It isn’t very suitable for alphas to stay with omegas for too long, isn’t that right?”

Kong Jiaxiang thought things were a bit strange.

The Qin family wanted to drive Qin Yi away, but how do they have the power to ask Pan Li to come stand guard?

Kong Jiaxiang turned his head to look at Qin Yi.

“Did you… encounter some kind of trouble?”

“No, there is no trouble.” The one who answered was Pan Li.

Kong Jiaxiang felt that something was even more wrong.

Could it be that the Qin family doesn’t even care about losing face, taking advantage of Qin Yi’s beauty, and is planning to give him to some big shot as a mistress?

Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help reaching out to hold Qin Yi’s hand, and asked in a low voice, “What exactly is going on?”

Qin Yi was standing there.

Thin waist, long legs and beautiful face.

It’s hard for someone not to grow feelings of tenderness towards him, right?

Qin Yi glanced at him from the side.

Freed himself from Kong Jiaxiang’s fingers: “Byebye, dumbass.”

Who’s still tryna act fake?

Qin Yi turned around and got on the spacecraft.

Leaving behind Kong Jiaxiang who seemed like he was struck by lightning and Pan Li who was slightly shocked…Didn’t everyone say that Qin Jianlin’s son is gentle and virtuous? S-Such a spicy omega.

The Emperor Star far away.

The older Sir Zhou waited a full seven hours before he got to see his son, the Imperial General, Zhou Yiqing.

The man in the iron-gray military uniform, with a whip in one hand and a saber in the other, walked slowly into the office.

The man has a height of 1.94 meters.

His figure is straight and his skin tone is bronze, it was a very typical ancient Chinese appearance. He has straight eyebrows and a finely defined nose, he is handsome yet both sharp and cold.

Using the ancient earth calendar in the 21st century, with 63 years as the average life expectancy for men and 67 years for women as the standard to calculate the age of men today.

He is only in his early thirties.

And in this era, he has spent more than a hundred years accumulating for himself awe-inspiring military exploits and an absolute inviolable prestige.

He is the General of Emperor Star.

And he has power beyond the royal family, he could even turn this piece of land into a place where his words are laws.


1 this verb can be to need or to want
2 not sure if intentional, but expensive(gui) and correct(dui) rhyme
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