I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 4.1

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 4.1 I Don’t Want to Take Care of a Child Part 1

Although Sir Zhou[1]its old Sir Zhou but I will omit the ‘old’ from here on since ZYQ has the title ‘General’, and it sounds so awkward hahaha cursed happily to his satisfaction at home, he completely lost his arrogance when he saw Zhou Yiqing after arriving at the military headquarters.

Even if this is his own son.

Between them, there still exists the suppression of pheromones that only exists between alphas.

Sir Zhou got up from the sofa and looked at Zhou Yiqing’s stern face and those eyes of his that flickers the radiance of pride.

“Father.” Zhou Yiqing slightly nodded at him, “Is something the matter?”

The Zhou family has always been with the military.

It’s just that Sir Zhou retired forty years ago to raise flowers instead.

Qin Yi’s school’s original intention of sending that pot of orchids to General Zhou was more to please Sir Zhou.

Since General Zhou is cold and rigid, the only thing that everyone knows about him is that he is intimidating, they don’t have any clues about what he likes.

…Does liking to train soldiers count?

Sir Zhou handed a glass of water to Zhou Yiqing.

“Look at you, sweating all over. Drink two glasses of water to stay hydrated.”

Zhou Yiqing wasn’t actually sweating.

With the advanced technology in today’s society, the special clothes that Zhou Yiqing wore not only perfectly wrapped and covered his body, it also kept him in a refreshing state.

Zhou Yiqing realized Sir Zhou’s unusual intentions.

But he still took that glass of water.

The water is slightly sweet, it contains all the micro-scale elements that are needed for people to replenish themselves after a lot of exercises.

Sir Zhou gained some confidence after seeing him drink the water.

He coughed lightly: “Early this morning, the Civil Affairs Bureau handed me a report.”

Zhou Yiqing was not surprised: “Mn, is it another match rate comparison with another omega?”

“No.” After a short pause, Sir Zhou couldn’t hold back his excitement, “This time it was given to me directly from the Elder’s court. Do you know what this means?”

It means that the omega with a high matching rate finally appeared after waiting for more than a hundred years.

Otherwise, the Elder’s court wouldn’t be so forgetting of themselves.

After all, they did directly raise this kind of private matter to the height of the empire.

Prior to this, he vaguely remembered that the omega who had the highest match with him was only 3%.

Low to the point that the detection system wouldn’t even display it.

Low to the point of pity.

But even so, Zhou Yiqing didn’t plan to marry right away just because of the high matching rate with this new omega.

Sir Zhou waited for a long time for Zhou Yiqing to continue the second half of his sentence but it didn’t seem to be coming. He cleared his throat and was about to continue it himself.

Except Zhou Yiqing said calmly: “Why is the report handed over now?”

“Mn?” Sir Zhou froze.

“This means that the other party has just become of age and underwent his first matching detection. That’s why the central mastermind collected the matching data between us for the first time.”

After a short pause, Zhou Yiqing: “He just turned eighteen years old.”

Sir Zhou rubbed his hands, he only realized this problem.

But does this even count as a problem?

“More than a thousand years ago, scientists re-measured the human genes, blood, and bones. As science and technology advances, genetic changes also progresses. In order to quickly adapt to this era, human beings will still reach adulthood at the age of eighteen, which is when the maturation of various body organs and the maturation of pheromones are realized.”

“Mankind’s adolescence has been extended from 18 to nearly 100, and post-adolescence from 100 to 260.  Depending on the advanced technology or the genetics of superior races, some post-adolescences may last even longer…”

“This ensures that humans can pass on more outstanding genes during these long years. Otherwise, alphas and omegas would’ve already been extinct many years ago.”

“You are still young, and this omega is also of the age to marry. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this.”

Sir Zhou did not flip out, instead, he calmly and objectively explained this to Zhou Yiqing.

Because flipping out doesn’t work when it comes to Zhou Yiqing.

Even if he’s his blood-related laozi.

However, if you explain it to him calmly, maybe he can listen to a sentence or two and even politely analyze it together with you.

“Physical maturity does not equal psychological maturity.” Zhou Yiqing’s attention wasn’t even here. While talking, he was organizing the military affairs on his desk.

“So what? Aren’t little kids adorable?” Sir Zhou retorted.

“The time gap of more than a hundred years cannot simply be made up.”

“When I’m dealing with affairs, he will be hoping for me to accompany him to buy sweets from the streets. When I’m in a three-hour-long meeting, he will be calling my communicator nonstop and wish that I watch a romance movie with him. When I’m driving mechs on the battlefield, he will ask me if I could let him follow the army. If I don’t allow it, he will cry and complain that I don’t love him enough…”

“You think this is adorable?” Zhou Yiqing stared at Sir Zhou calmly and asked back.

Sir Zhou: “…”


You dog fucker, all the words got said by you!

Sir Zhou: “You didn’t even pay attention to any of the omegas I chose and sent over after reviewing. How do you know that omegas are definitely like this?”

Zhou Yiqing: “Ji Yang and his omega has been fighting to divorce. It’s already been three years and he hasn’t divorced yet.”

Ji Yang is Zhou Yiqing’s deputy and has been with him for a long time.

He also met Ji Yang’s omega a few times. He looked weak, no, fragile. Physically and psychologically, all very fragile.

Although the omega expressed he wants a divorce, he didn’t actually want to divorce Ji Yang. Both sides were tortured beyond words. This is the part that Zhou Yiqing finds the most difficult to understand.

Sir Zhou: “…”

So you heard it from here!

Sir Zhou couldn’t hold back and said: “Not every omega in the world is like this…”

“There’s no difference.” Zhou Yiqing said decisively, “I don’t want to take care of a child.”

Sir Zhou choked up a mouthful of old blood in his throat.

You’re calling your future wife a child?

After all this, it still turns out to be a waste of reasoning?

Sir Zhou sarcastically snorted: “So what? He’s already on the way here.”

Zhou Yiqing: “…”

Zhou Yiqing: “He won’t even get to see me.”

Sir Zhou: “I will bring him to the military headquarters, and tell your subordinates that he’s your fiancée.”

Zhou Yiqing raised his eyelids: “Then you have to get ready for his cries and shouts about never wanting to see me again.”

Sir Zhou walked out of the military headquarters very upset.

He sat in the floating car, sulked for a while, and then waved his hand: “Go to the mall first.”

Sir Zhou prepared many gifts for this omega that he had never seen before.

Things like flight vehicles.

He bought them.

Things like mech models.

He bought them.

Things like energy knives and lightsabers.

He bought them!

After it got to this point, Sir Zhou’s lieutenant finally felt something wasn’t right.

“He’s an omega, maybe… he won’t like these things.” The lieutenant said tactfully.

Sir Zhou complained about Zhou Yiqing every day, calling him a straight[2]heterosexual; not literally, it means that he doesn’t know how to treat girls(in this case, guys too) the way they want and only knows about what guys like etc etc dog fucker.

When it came down to him, he really didn’t do much better.

He became lifeless for a few minutes before accepting this reality. Then quickly adjusted his emotions and bought a large number of pink items. Counting just the romance movies, he already bought about a dozen.

Sir Zhou felt that it still wasn’t enough.

He even spent a lot of money to change the huge protective cover that enveloped the Zhou family’s building[3]or architect to pink. It also came with the innocently romantic small floral pattern that was popular in ancient times.

The Zeng family, who also served in the military, slipped in fright when they passed by Zhou’s house.

“Kayabians invaded the empire?”

“General Zhou died from sudden death?”

Only until the next day, the Zeng family found out why.

The Elder’s court faintly leaked some information.

Saying that General Zhou found an omega who matched 100% with him.


How is that possible?

It’s simply bizarre!

This was the Zeng family’s first reaction.

Well, even if the Zhou family is so powerful that they really found such a person for General Zhou.

Can he even get to Emperor Star alive?

This was the Zeng family’s second reaction.

At this moment, Qin Yi, who has attracted the attention of imperial officials, is still on the spacecraft.

The commander’s bedroom on this military spacecraft was given to Qin Yi, the officer of PanDa Star showed an attitude that can be counted as providing to satisfaction.

The temperature in the bedroom was adjusted to the most suitable level. In front of him was the hearty lunch that was specially made for omegas, which replaces the usual nutrient solutions.

Precious vegetables and fruits.

That’s it.

Where’s the meat?

Qin Yi raised an eyebrow.

What other choice can he have other than running away?

He doesn’t want to become an omega that could only eat this kind of food every day.

It’s one thing whether he likes to eat this or not.

It’s that others must not take away his right to choose.

After Qin Yi slowly finished the food in front of him, he stood in the middle of the bedroom, slowly unbuttoning his coat and taking it off.

Next came the shirt.

He has very pretty hands.

One by one, the round buttons glided across his fingertips, until the large areas of the faintly pink pale skin were exposed.

At this time, the eyelids of the person behind the monitor kept twitching, he didn’t dare to look at it anymore and quickly turned off the screen.

The surveillance was ordered by Sir Pan Li.

At that time, Sir Qin was also standing aside, approving of such a move.

Are they afraid of this omega running away?

He thinks it’s quite funny.

The little omega that is about to marry the empire’s General, why would he run away?

Anyway, he didn’t dare to look anymore.

Although the young master of the Qin family is indeed very beautiful, he is the General’s person!

If he took two more glances, he would have to worry about his little life.

Qin Yi changed into a nightgown.

Then he packed a set of casual clothes, put it in a compressed pocket, and hid it next to his body.

The nightgown is too big.

There is only a string tied loosely around his thin waist.

Qin Yi slowly walked out wearing slippers and casually stopped a beta soldier, asked: “Will we be passing by Bright Star?”

In order to avoid suspicion and blame from the Zhou family, the escorts on the spacecraft are all betas.

“Of course.” The beta soldier responded.

Bright Star is called this name because it is abundant in gem resources.

When the spacecraft approaches, the brilliant light of countless gems can be seen.

“I want to go there to buy a few things.”

“Buy what?” The soldier raised his eyebrows.

Qin Yi slowly raised his wrist.

Only a beautiful sapphire bracelet was seen on his wrist.

The gemstone is cut into multiple surfaces, reflecting brilliant light.

Qin Yi said: “I feel like it’s not pretty enough.”

How can that be? It’s clearly so…

Qin Yi pressed his wrist to his cheek: “Look, it looks dull and dim.”

The beta soldier’s gaze shifted to his face in an instance.

The youth’s features are like a painting.

Beautiful to the point of heart-pounding and soul-stirring, but not to the extent of it being an offensive attack.

When the beautiful jewels lined against his cheeks, it was indeed dim.

The soldier opened his mouth, then closed it.

In front of such beauty, he suddenly felt some kind of unconscious shiver.

The beauty slightly frowned, seemingly worried: “I’m about to see the General Zhou, I’m scared. He must have seen many beauties before, I can’t even be counted as anything…”


You are the most good-looking person I’ve ever seen.

The soldier opened his mouth but didn’t let the words out.

Compared with General Zhou, his scope is certainly not as wide.

“I feel like maybe I should buy some more beautiful gems to decorate myself.” He tapped on his communicator.

His bank card is bound to it.

He said: “100 million universal coins should be enough, right?”

“Of course!” The soldier responded with importance.

His thoughts have been completely led away, and all he can think of is to appease the omega in front of him: “The gems of the Bright Star will be beautiful enough. Since it is a mining area, the gems here are much cheaper than other places. You made a correct choice, buying gems here is quite a bargain.”

Qin Yi smiled: “Thank you, I’m going to sleep now, wake me up when we arrive.”


1 its old Sir Zhou but I will omit the ‘old’ from here on since ZYQ has the title ‘General’, and it sounds so awkward hahaha
2 heterosexual; not literally, it means that he doesn’t know how to treat girls(in this case, guys too) the way they want and only knows about what guys like etc etc
3 or architect

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