I Matched 100% with Six Alphas
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas Chapter 4.2

TL: snaggletooth

Chapter 4.1 – I Don’t Want to Take Care of a Child Part 2

The spacecraft arrived at Bright Star three days later.

Qin Yi slept through all three days.

This made all the betas on the spacecraft uneasy, they feared that the fragile omega would starve himself to death.

After Qin Yi woke up, he took a shower and changed into a looser bathrobe.

When the soldier came to deliver food, he lazily leaned on the table which caused his sleeves to slide down and revealed a large slender, pale white wrist.

He looked pale and slender.

Like ancient porcelain.

Everyone’s eyelids twitched, but they didn’t dare take extra glances.

This omega was probably a little worried about the status of his family being too far from that of the General’s and therefore had no appetite and simply ate a little bit of fruit.

Then he asked to enter the port of Bright Star.

“You- You don’t want to change your clothes?” The beta soldier unconsciously stuttered.

“Mn, wearing pajamas will make me feel safer.” Qin Yi said.

The beta soldier couldn’t help revealing a gaze of pity.

He had just become of age and is already leaving home by himself, being afraid is normal.

Maybe this will make him feel a little at home.

More importantly.

The soldiers’ eyes flickered as they thought: no omega will escape wearing pajamas.

Sir Pan Li really must be thinking too much.

Following the soldiers, Qin Yi strolled around Bright Star for two hours and chose a very beautiful pink gem.

It is as big as a fist.

Who doesn’t like big gems?

The soldiers evaluated to themselves that the gem Qin Yi chose was perfect.

After Qin Yi paid 20 million universal coins, he returned to the spacecraft.

By this point, the person responsible for escorting him has completely dropped his guard.

Look, what a gentle and well-behaved omega, he hadn’t asked for any unruly requests during this whole process. After buying the gem, he returned to the spacecraft in time.

The following day.

Qin Yi stopped a beta once again and asked pretty much the same thing. This time he asked: “Will we be passing by Misty Star?”


But instead, the beta replied: ”Of course.”

This time, his tone was much softer.

Before he knew it, he already felt a touch of tenderness towards this omega. Misty Star wasn’t far from their route anyway, he thought.

“Perhaps I can use the remaining 80 million universal coins to buy an expensive mech here and give it to the General as a gift. I don’t know what the General likes, but those who fight in wars should all like mechs, right?”


The beta said in his head.

He always dreamed of owning his own mech instead of using the low-level ones issued by the commander.

Eighty million… Such powerful mechs can be bought with that…

Even if he doesn’t eat or drink for a hundred years, he may not be able to afford it.

The beta couldn’t help but start to envy General Zhou.

Not only did he have supreme status and power, but he will also have such a beautiful and caring little omega.

This time, Qin Yi didn’t even have to take the initiative to ask.

When the spacecraft arrived at Misty Star, they woke Qin Yi up.

If Young Master Qin can gain the affection of General Zhou through the use of these methods and the two ended up with a deep relationship.

Then PanDa Star will also get more benefits.

They don’t have a reason not to support Young Master Qin’s approaches.

This time Qin Yi woke up, he looked even paler.

He said: “I’m a little nervous. I will finally be able to sleep in peace after I’m done buying the mech.”

The soldiers nodded repeatedly.

They had some suspicions in their hearts, they suspect that he might faint in the mech shop later.

Misty Star is a planet with a lot of background.

There’s a family with the surname Lin.

The Lin family created a unique technology that was integrated into mechs, which was coveted by the enemy country. At that time, the Lin family had not yet made a name for themselves in the empire and Misty Star was a well-known country of poverty. Thus, the enemy country only got discovered after the planet was quietly occupied by them for a few years.

That year, General Zhou was only nineteen years old.

He, who had just entered the military for a short time, brought a small team of only twenty people to fight fiercely with the enemies buried in every corner.

A hundred years have passed.

The unique technology of the Lin family is now solely used by the imperial army.

However, the mech manufacturing industry on Misty Star became exceptionally developed as a result.

Many mech shops were born one after another.

Most of them are selling cheap mechs to some young military students or the wealthy second-generation.

Buying and gifting a mech on the planet where General Zhou’s first battle began.

This is truly such a wonderful idea!

The soldiers thought.

Qin Yi went straight to the door of a shop with a “Yin” sign on it.

The Yin family is second only to the Lin family and is a mech shop that sells to the common people.

Qin Yi entered the door and said he wanted to buy the most expensive mech here.

The person who received him smiled helplessly: “Every year, there’s someone who says this. But every year, there are also those who can’t afford it. Even if they can afford it, they may not even be able to drive it.”

Qin Yi: “My hubby will drive it.”

Soldiers: “Pff.”[1]theyre not laughing, it’s from shock QAQ

The receptionist had his mouth wide opened: “…So it’s like that. Are you sure you have enough money?”

Qin Yi: “I have a lot of jewelry.” He turned his head and ordered, “I must trouble you to go and bring them all from the spacecraft, don’t give it to the robots, I’m worried they will get robbed.”

The soldiers hesitated for a moment.

Qin Yi didn’t look at them any longer. He said to the receptionist: “Take me to see your most expensive mech.

The receptionist nodded.

And took him inside.

The soldiers hesitated for some time, and then finally decided to go move those jewels first.

Young Master Qin was willing to afford so much money, how could they be stingy about giving some strengths?

Qin Yi soon saw the mech in front of a huge two-story glass showcase.

The whole mech is painted in black.

It will probably be the most beautiful nightcrawler when hidden in darkness.

“He costs 300 million universal coins.” The receptionist said.

Qin Yi: “…”

Thank you.


“I’ll actually buy the second most expensive one.”

The receptionist was not surprised.

The omega in front of him does not have any kind of pheromone scent. He is probably just an omega with looks, and his husband probably shouldn’t be much better…

“This one requires 100 million universal coins.” The receptionist pointed to the pink mech and said, “It was customized by a wealthy daughter. But it’s a pity. After it was completed, the wealthy daughter fell in love with an ugly omega. Because of that, she was driven out of her house by her family and then couldn’t afford to pay.”

“I’ll take it. In a while, can your employees go out and count the jewelry? I want to stay here and take a few more looks at it.” Qin Yi’s gaze stuck to the most expensive mech.

The receptionist did not find this strange.

He nodded: “Maybe you can consider painting the mech black, it’ll look the same. Your husband will also like it more.”

Qin Yi did not answer.

Very soon, the soldiers brought the jewelry over.

The receptionist went out and greeted them in a few words. There, they counted and checked, the total value was 26 million.

Then, he returned and provided Qin Yi with the bill.

Qin Yi straightforwardly transferred another 74 million to him.

He used the remaining six million that the Qin family gave him to get mech maintenance tools, mech energy storage bins, and a small lightsaber that could be loaded onto the mech or held in his hand.

Then, under the guidance of the instructor, he reduced the mech to the size of a backpack.

This can only be done by expensive mechs.

The top-level mechs can be reduced to an inconspicuous chip, or even an earring or a ring…

The Qin family’s money was well spent.

Qin Yi thought casually before turning to smile at the receptionist: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

The receptionist thought, shouldn’t it only count if your husband is the one that likes it?

Forget it. 

Omega nowadays all have their own way of thinking.

At this time, the soldiers received a regular daily inquiry from Sir Pan Li.

“What is Young Master Qin Yi doing right now? I need to talk to him.”

“Please wait a minute, I’ll go call him right away.” The soldier entered the shop.

There are many customers inside.

He walked further inwards.

There were fewer customers.

Like so, he went through six or seven rooms one after another and arrived at the exhibition room for the most expensive mechs.

It was empty inside, there wasn’t a single person.

The soldier drowned in cold sweat on the spot.

“Sir Pan Li… We- We can’t find him…”

Qin Yi sold his communicator to the underground exchange.

In places where such large quantities of mechs are sold, underground exchanges will inevitably exist.

Qin Yi even abandoned his bank card.

The money in it was all spent anyway.

With the only two gems left in his pocket, he used one to buy a shabby second-hand spacecraft.

When he sailed out of the port while Pan Li was still struggling to negotiate with Misty Star.

As a trading planet where countless people come here every day to buy things, it is impossible for them to close the port for Pan Li.

This message was passed from layer to layer, until who knows how many layers it went through, it finally reached Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi bit off the stopper of the nutrient solution, consumed two tubes in a row, and then threw it into the trash can.

His complexion gradually became rosy.

There was finally a hint of extravagance between the eyebrows and eyes that looked like an ink painting.


Zhou Yiqing raised his face to look at his father: “That omega disappeared.”

Sir Zhou’s face changed drastically, and he slammed the table angrily.

His slam smashed the table into pieces: “Who is it? Who kidnapped him?”

Zhou Yiqing showed subtle ounces of a complex look: “The highest officer of PanDa Star said that he ran away by himself.”

An omega.

Can run away by himself?

They looked at each other in consternation.

Sir Zhou quickly snapped out of it and said loudly: “Impossible!”

Zhou Yiqing: “Whether it is possible or not, an omega running around outside by himself… he will die.” He quickly took his military hat and buttoned it on his head. Under the brim of the hat were the increasingly cold and sharp brows.

Zhou Yiqing: “I will personally go find him.”

Sir Zhou: ?

You fucking.[2]actually it just says ‘your ancestors’ but it’s like a variant of ‘your mom’ and your mom(你妈)/his mom(他妈) is a swear word in chinese

Ten days ago you were saying this omega won’t even get to see you.

hi everyone, i have some unfortunate news… this will be the last chapter im translating for this novel, a translator got in touch with me and told me they were already previously translating this novel and have been stocking up before release, therefore i will be dropping this, it was fun while it lasted, thank ya for reading!! 💕

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1 theyre not laughing, it’s from shock QAQ
2 actually it just says ‘your ancestors’ but it’s like a variant of ‘your mom’ and your mom(你妈)/his mom(他妈) is a swear word in chinese
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