I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 13

Chapter 13


The next day. In accordance with what was written on the request, we came to the meeting place. At the meeting place, there was a plump man who I assume was the merchant and 4 thin boys and girls who I assume were new adventurers. 

One boy with a sword latched on his waist, one boy donned in armor and holding a shield, one girl with a staff and another girl who seemed to be a priest. It was a well balanced 4 man party but they seemed young and didn’t have much experience yet. I guess they were about the same age as me?


Seeing this, Alaine-san remained silent and didn’t show any changes in her facial expression but it was obvious from her aura that she was upset….. Could it be, she hadn’t read the details of the request thoroughly?

“Hello. Good morning. Umm… Are you the client for this request?”

I spoke to the man who seemed to be the merchant. 

“Wha-?! Knight Captain-sama and Knight Vice Captain-sama?! My oh my, it sure has been a while… And so, what can I help you with this time?”

The man who seemed to be the merchant was surprised to see me and Alaine-san. He immediately bowed to us. 

“Yeah. We’re no longer the captain or the vice captain anymore. The two of us resigned from the knight and became adventurers. That’s why we’re here after accepting the request.”

“Wha-…. Well, my goodness. That sure is reassuring.”

“Yes. We will surely protect you without fail.”

I said some encouraging words back to the merchant. Well, if they wanted to beat me and Alaine-san, they needed to pull at least something about the mythical god level. Alaine-san was the strongest and I could also win against her depending on the conditions. 

“Huhhhhhh?! That legendary Knight Captain-sama?!”

One of the boys, who seemed to be a fellow adventurer who took on this request, was looking at Alaine-san with respect.


Alaine-san faced toward him and nodded her head in response. 

“The same request….?”

“Yes. That’s right. Pleased to work with you as a fellow adventurer.”

I confirmed the boy’s lingering question. 

“Umm.. So are we the last one to come?”

“Oh, yeah. I only heard that there’s only going to be a 2 man party coming, which is you guys.”

……. I see. Coming at a later time than the client is not good. The next time I get a request like this, I should come earlier than the meeting time. 

“We don’t have much time. Let’s get going soon.”

Everyone nodded at the words from the man who seemed to be the merchant. We all then boarded into the carriage that belonged to the man who seemed to be the merchant. 

“Ah, would you like me to steer the carriage?”

“No, it’s alright. I will do it.”

“I’m sorry. I was being too forward with my offer.”

“No, no. It’s alright, I don’t mind.”

The man who seemed to be the merchant then started moving the carriage.


T/N: Why does the author keep on mentioning ‘the man who seemed to be the merchant’ instead of just a ‘merchant’?

I smell sus…… 눈‸눈

  1. eternal perspective has spoken 11 months ago

    Thanks for chap
    TL he didn’t answer the question asking if he’s the client. So he could be the merchant or even a representative

  2. 5d100 has spoken 2 years ago

    she sees another girl and Immediately gets jealous. little does she know it doesn’t even matter. [wpd-tenor full=’https://media.tenor.com/rNOuvFtUgeUAAAAM/muahahaha.gif’ preview=’https://media.tenor.com/rNOuvFtUgeUAAAAe/muahahaha.png’ width=’498′ height=’278′]

    that being said,

    Thanks for the chapter!


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