I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 12

Chapter 12


“Wait a moment… I’m- I’m about to finish here.”

Alaine-san informed me as she was standing in the kitchen. 


I turned to face her as I replied. 

I didn’t really know she chose this place but it turned out Alaine-san had a house. Usually the captain of the knight had an inn prepared for them and usually Alaine-san slept there too but it turned out she had another house in addition to the inn provided for her. 

“It-It’s done.”

Alaine-san brought the food to me. The first thing that caught my eyes was the large piece of meat being placed in the middle of the table. The meat smelt delicious with the aroma of the herb wafting in the air. There were also delicious looking big sausages and dry-cured ham with caviar on top. 

I didn’t know what ingredients she had used but there was also another delicious aroma drifting in the air coming from soup that was still steaming hot. She also filled the glass with wine. After that, there were vegetables and bread. Each and every bit of them looked delicious. 

“Thank you.”

“I-I will divide them up.”

Looking slightly nervous, Alaine-san cut the huge meat with a knife and handed it to me. I received the meat on my small plate, stabbed the meat with my own fork and ate it.

As soon as I ate it, my mouth was filled with an intense smell that was simply out of this world. With each bite, the unintelligible gooey things melted and I was assaulted with an onslaught of bitterness. The meat had an unpleasant, viscous texture. 

This level of discomfort made the foul food made by a heroine from my previous world that resembled a dark matter, pale in comparison. 

I desperately ate it without showing any discontent on my face. 

“Ho-How is it?”

“It’s delicious.”

“I-I see! ….. I’m glad….”

Alaine-san’s cheek relaxed into a smile after she heard my words. It must be delicious. The smell and the appearance were both perfect, but my sense of taste distorted everything. No matter what kind of chef cooked the meal for me, all of the food would still taste like trash to me. 

Alaine-san started eating too. She cut the meat with a knife and ate it using her hand heartily. Well, even the European noblemen from the medieval age also ate using their hands. The level of civilization in this world was about the same as medieval age so it was given that they’d eat using their hands too here. 

While Alaine-san ate using her bare hands, I ate using a fork. I kept on being careful as I ate so my face wouldn’t make a grimace. 

“Thank you for the meal.”


Before long, the food was completely devoured. I clasped my hand together as I said the usual greeting I used to say out of habit.

“It was delicious. You’re good at cooking.”

“I-I see! Yeah. It was worth the effort.”

Alaine-san said so with a big smile on her face. Seeing Alaine-san like that made me want to cry from the bottom of my heart. 

Why am I……


T/N: POOR MC! You did well MC! Yeah! I know it must be hard but you did well! Great job! 


  1. Exfernal has spoken 2 years ago

    What good comes from hiding from her the truth about the confusion of the senses he is experiencing all the time? Sharing troubles fosters trust, they say. Is there anything dangerous about that that requires caution?

    • eternal perspective has spoken 9 months ago

      I think he said it last chap, but anytime he tries to talk about what’s wrong with him he’s unable to say it. So it would only hurt her that her food was bad,didn’t suit his taste or he hated that she made the food if he showed that it disgusted him and couldn’t tell why.


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