I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 28

Chapter 28


“Huft. Huft. Huft.”

I was focusing my concentration on swinging my sword. I was holding onto a heavy training sword in my hands. 

“Huft. Huft. Huft.”

I’m a long-range damage dealer that excels in magic but that doesn’t mean I can just neglect my sword training. 

It never hurts to train. I had natural talent for magic but I couldn’t say the same about swordsmanship. In a way, I had a talent for it but it was still not at the ‘natural prodigy’ level. Hence why I couldn’t be negligent in my sword training. 

Another sleepless night. Another lonely night. I continued to swing my sword all alone just like this. 

“Huft. Huft. Huft.”

I was in the slum part of the town. In a part of the city that you just couldn’t say it was safe even if you tried to, I swung my sword under the glimmer of the star. The people in the slums were looking at me from a distance. It was plain to see that I had money. They were looking at me as if I was a prey but no one dared to attack me. 

Well… A man wearing an expensive magician robe was swinging his sword continuously. There was no way anyone would be brave enough to try to attack someone as dangerous as me. Basically, the people in the slums only dared to challenge the people they were sure they could win against. 

Despite so many spectators, I continued to swing my sword. 


And then, for a while, I stopped swinging my sword. The sky was already starting to turn into daw and the sun was already preparing to greet us. 

“Okay then.”

I put the sword in my hand away with different space magic. 


I stretched my body, using magic to blow the sweat away, removing my body odor and cleaning my robe as well. 

“I’m good to go now.”

I nodded to myself before I returned to that cheap inn.



“Hnh…. Hnnh….”

On the bed of the cheap inn, Alaine was still sleeping comfortably. 

“Poke, poke.”

I poked at Alaine’s cheek. Alaine’s cheek was very soft. The resistance from her cheek felt so tender. 

“Hnnh…. Hnnh….”

Basically once Alaine fell asleep, she wouldn’t wake up unless she could feel killing intention aimed at her. So basically, no matter what kind of prank I pulled on her, she wouldn’t find out about it. 


I smiled as I stared at Alaine’s sleeping face. 

She’s so cute. I’m….


I shook my head, clearing my head from the unnecessary thoughts. 

“Wake up.”

Then, I gently shook Alaine’s body. 

“Wake up, Alaine. It’s already morning.”

“Ngh… Nnghh…”

After shaking her body multiple times, Alaine finally slowly regained her consciousness back. 

“Uuugh… It’s already morning?”

“Yeah. It’s morning. The weather outside looks nice.”

I opened the tattered curtain attached to this cheap inn’s window. The window, no. There wasn’t any glass covering it. It was just a hole. The warm light was peering inside from the hole. 

“Good morninggggg~”

“Yeah. Morning.”

I returned the morning greeting to Alaine, who was still half asleep. 


T/N: Man I want our MC and FL to have their happily ever after already but we’re still at chapter 28. Our MC and FL still have a lot to go through before they can get their happy end….. My heart just went “ahhhh!” when MC commented on how adorable the FL though! 

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