I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 29

Chapter 29


“Here’s the request’s reward money. 10 platinum coins. I will deduct it with the fee for dismantling the ancient dragon and last night’s bill. Then about the cost of the ancient dragon’s material….”

Alaine and I came visiting the adventurers’ guild first thing in the morning to receive the reward money for subjugating the ancient dragon. I received the platinum coins in a secure bag from the receptionist. By the way, the other adventurers were still smashed from hangovers. 

“Oh, please wait a moment.”

I interrupted the receptionist’s words. 

“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“I will give all the materials from the ancient dragon. Please use the money to develop this territory even more. This is also a part of our way to clear the knight’s disgrace.”

I said something suitable for the occasion as I pushed the materials from the ancient dragon back to them. To be honest, receiving the raw materials from the ancient dragon would just give me more trouble. Even if I tried to sell them, it’d take a long time for them to sell. I really didn’t want to go through such a troublesome wait and I also didn’t want to be bothered about it anymore. 

“Wha-…. -at… Are you really sure?!”

The receptionist was astonished at my statement. 


I confirmed the receptionist’s question. 

10 platinum coins. That alone was already worth quite a lot. The least valuable currency in this world was the iron coin. 

A copper coin was worth 100 iron coins. A silver coin was worth 10 copper coins. A gold coin was worth 100 silver coins and finally, a platinum coin. A platinum coin was worth 100 gold coins. 

If I used Japanese coins to represent this world’s currency then… 

1 iron coin = 10 yen. 

1 copper coin = 1000 yen. 

1 silver coin = 10.000 yen. 

1 gold coin = 1.000.000 yen.

1 platinum coin = 100.000.000 yen. 

Platinum coin. Just one platinum coin was surprisingly worth 100 million yen. Basically it was an outrageous coin that was used only for trade between wealthy merchants, royalty, nobles or for trade between nations. 

We received 10 platinum coins so in total, we received 10 billion yen. I’d be troubled if I received more than that. 10 billion yen was enough. More than enough even. One gold coin was already enough for a commoner family of 4 to live comfortably.

………. Just how many years do you think Alaine and I are going to be alive for? 

“With that being said, I will leave the work to you guys.”

I said so with a smile to the receptionist before I returned to Alaine, who was staring at the bulletin board a little distance away. I didn’t have any intention to talk with the receptionist anymore than this. I left the receptionist who was still staring at nothing dumbfoundedly. 

“Alaine, I’ve got the request’s reward money.”


Alaine, who had been staring at the bulletin board, returned her gaze back at me. 

“Is there any good request? Personally speaking, I want to visit the historical ruins of the ancient super civilization or the continental library that has existed since a long time ago and boast that they have the world’s greatest book collection.”

“…. Hm. Right.”

Alaine and I were standing side by side, staring at the bulletin board together. 


T/N: I think the reason why Alaine didn’t “snap” after all this time is because she doesn’t need to. MC is not the dense type that’s nice to all girls. MC actually knows how to keep his distance while not appearing cold. Also I think MC already has feelings for FL but because of his constitution, he can’t afford to think about love…. 

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    1 platinum coin was 100m then how did 10 platinum coin become 10b 💀💀


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