I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 30

Chapter 30


“It’s not like we need to take on another request.”

Alaine murmured while staring at the bulletin board. 

…………..Ah. Good grief…. How come I didn’t think of that. I was so fixated on the thought that I need to take on another request….

“……. Yeah, that’s right. Certainly you’re right…. We already have enough money too. It’s true that we don’t need to take on another request. So between the Continental Library and the Ancient Ruins of Super Civilization, which one do you want to go to? If you have other places you want to go then we can go there too.”

“Hm. I will go to the place where Zero wants to go.”

Alaine gave me an immediate reply. 

“………… Is that so? Then…. That’s right. Let’s go to the Continental Library since that place is closer from here.”

From where we were, the Continental Library was closer than the Ancient Ruins of SUper Civilization.

“Hm. Right.”

Alaine nodded at my suggestion.

“Then let’s go.”

We gave up on the thought of taking another request and left the place just like that. 


Alaine and I were about to leave the adventurer’s guild when….


The receptionist called out to my name. 

……… Haaah….

I sighed inwardly. How troublesome. Having a conversation with anyone other than Alaine was troublesome. 

The receptionist’s clothes are not that revealing either. She’s cute but still, at least give us more exposure for eye candy… No, I mean, it doesn’t mean anything in particular, you know? I’m not thinking about anything strange even for one micron, okay? 

I could feel the heavy and intense gaze coming at my direction from beside me but I hurriedly pushed it to the back of my mind. 

I didn’t do anything wrong!

“Yes. What is it?”

I turned around to look at the receptionist and smiled. 

“That… Thank you very much!”

The receptionist bowed deeply at me. She must be talking about the raw materials from the ancient dragon. 

“No, no. It’s fine. Please don’t mind it.”

I smiled at the receptionist as I said so.

“Although I’ve resigned from the knight, I’m still praying for the Principality of Arakia to become developed even further.”

I ended my speech with a string of honeyed words and turned my back away from her. I didn’t want to continue our conversation even further because it was troublesome. My head was already hurting from an intense headache due to lack of sleep. Seriously. I was getting slightly dizzy…. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep in the next couple of days? …. It’d be great if I could. 

“Thank you very much!”

With the receptionist’s loud voice ringing from the back, Alaine and I left the adventurers’ guild. 

I hoped there was some information about my mysterious constitution in the Continental Library. I really… Desperately… Wanted something to be done about this constitution of mine…. Living like this was really hard. 


T/N: See! The only reason why MC and FL are not together yet is because of MC’s condition! Even though FL is a yandere, she doesn’t need to snap often because MC doesn’t give her any reason to. MC is really loyal and dedicated~

  1. eternal perspective has spoken 10 months ago

    Thanks for chap
    He marks it off as ‘really hard’. I somehow feel he’s underestimating what he’s enduring

  2. SILENTPHANTO has spoken 11 months ago

    TBH I feel like MC isn’t loyal. He wants a harem but can’t get his ‘son’ up. That’s basically the only thing holding him back from getting other girls at this point.


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