I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and …..
I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 4

Chapter 4



I was frozen to the spot at the unbelievable threatening feeling from that low voice. 

I can feel the murderous intention. Huh? Did I say something wrong? Am I going to die?

I couldn’t raise my head out of fear. 

Just what is it? What is it that upset her so much?


Alaine-san grabbed my shoulder vigorously and forced me to raise my head. 


I screamed unconsciously the moment I saw Alaine-san’s eyes. Her eyes were already cold and devoid of any emotions to begin with but right now, her eyes were beyond that level. The light in her eyes completely disappeared now. 

“That… I want to go on a journey.”

“Journey, you said………….. Is that something you really want to do compared to working with me in the knight?”


I nodded my head at Alaine-san’s words. I felt bad but I really couldn’t pull back at this point. I really wanted to quickly do something about my sense of taste. 

“…….. You’re not joking around, are you?”


I shook my head. 



Silence. A heavy silence engulfed this place. 

“I see……”

Just one single sentence but that sentence from Alaine-san, reverberated in this place. Right now, Alaine-san looked like the god of death to me. 

“It can’t be helped.”

“Ye- Wha-?!”

I was pushed down by Alaine-san. My seedy thin body was no match against Alaine-san’s powerful, muscular body. 

“Wha-What is? Why?”

“……..Why, you asked? This is all your fault.”

Alaine-san’s voice suddenly came close to mine in one single breath. 

“No one ever saw me as a woman because of how powerful and strong-minded I am. But… You’re the only one who’s different. When we first met, your eyes were locked at my chest.”

…….. Ugh… She knew….

When she revealed my secret intention like this, I felt like I wanted to die. 

“It….. Really made me happy. You ignited my womanly instinct. Ah… That’s right. Everything about you is simply can’t do. Everything about you is just so lovely. You’re so adorable. It’s your fault for having a body that’s tempting me to eat you. You really fascinate me to my innermost core.”

Alaine-san’s warm palm caressed my cheek. 

………… Calm down.

My heart couldn’t be more surrounded by a sense of security and at the same time excitement than now. The lower part of my body didn’t react at all though. Alaine-san smelled so good and her breast was huge too. 

“……. And yet, you betrayed me.”

…… Huh? Betrayed? I never did anything of that sort though? I only said I wanted to go on a journey though?

“Do you not understand? Do you even know how much I’ve exhausted myself for you? I was the one who prepared the arrangements for you to get admitted into the knight and every mistake you’ve made, I was the one who covered them up. Every group member who bullied you, I was the one who worked behind the scene to get them fired.”

Huh? Huh? Huh? Isn’t that no good? 

Being a relatively calm person, I quipped in my mind like usual. 

“And yet…. Even though I love you this much, you don’t understand my feelings at all.”


T/N: MC…. I’m glad you’re still staying true to yourself even though you literally can’t get it up…. Also FL, this is just chapter 4 and you already snapped? Well even though our FL already showed her true color, our MC is still relatively calm… They are truly a pair made in heaven….. 

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