I, Who Got Transported Into Another World With the Strongest Cheat, Quit the Knight and Went on a Journey but the Strongest Yandere Knight Captain in the Another World Followed Me So I Can’t See Another Girl – Chapter 44

Chapter 44


“I see… Magic sounds so wonderful…. And terrifying… So magic is something that allows someone to bend the principle of this world at will.”

We were inside a carriage, moving slowly forward. First Prince Aquilane kept on nodding his head, while saying “I see, I see”. 


While we were in the midst of this, Alaine, who was sitting in front of me, kept on staring at me in silence. 

……. Wha- What are you thinking now….?

Alaine and I were planning on going to the secret base of an evil god cult and that base was located in Myria Kingdom. Coincidentally, our destination was the same as Prince Aquilane’s destination. So we were traveling together with him in the form of an escort request. 

The men who were surrounding the carriage earlier were the escort knight for the prince but because of the surprise attack by the bandit, the knight squad was half destroyed so he needed a new escort. 

By the way, all of the bandits were completely incinerated. We were still in the Principality of Arakia. Carrying the captured bandits alive was too much trouble. It  was easier if we just killed them here. 

And we did, overwhelmingly. 


And so, that brought us back to this carriage ride. I was teaching the First Prince Aquilane magic because it seemed he had a talent for magic. 

……… Alaine’s gaze feels painful. 

“By the way…”

The First Prince Aquilane raised his face and looked forth between Alaine and I. 

“Are you two married? Why did you both leave the knight and go on a journey together?”

“We are. The reason why we’re going on a journey is because Zero said he wants to go.”

We are.

……….Alaine replied almost immediately….


“Hm? What’s the matter? You like me, right?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah.”

I couldn’t do anything but nod my head at Alaine’s absolute words that left me no choice. 

……… I mean, I do think I like Alaine? In term of opposite sex kind of like…. But I’m not someone from this world. I’m an existence that can suddenly leave this world without any prior notice…. Someone like me with another person….

At this point, I’ve changed my mind. Both Alaine and I are codependent with each other. We’ve carved a deep relationship with each other. It is safe to say we’ve already reached the point where we can’t do anything about our relationship. 

…… It’s just… I’m a coward after all…

“Yeah. That’s right.”

I smiled and nodded at Alaine’s words. 

“We’re kind of on our honeymoon.”

I spontaneously said so to Prince Aquilane.

Alaine and I, we’re a married couple. It fits the inside of me like nothing else. Like a puzzle piece. 


………I don’t recall I’ve being asked to go out or being asked to marry anyone. Of course since I don’t remember I’ve ever gone out with anyone, I don’t recall I’ve gotten married to anyone either. 


Ah, well. It’s better not to think about it too deeply. My danger sense that I had acquired ever since I got transported to this world said so. Yeah. I will obediently follow my danger sense. 


T/N: What a very concise way to fix their relationship in place. Well to be fair, I think Alaine is the only woman that can stand on the same ground as MC. Same for MC. He’s the only one who can stand on equal ground with Alaine. 

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