I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 1

On the side of the busy road, in front of an ATM, Jiang Baiwan[1]Millionaire was staring at the numbers on the screen not daring to blink, for fear that she was dreaming and everything would return to reality if she did so.

On the screen, a number was quietly displayed.

“Eight million…… Eight million ah!” Jiang Baiwan bit her finger, forcing herself to calm down—— No, what if she counted wrong? Quickly count it again!

Jiang Baiwan gulped and tried to stand up steadily. Looking at the slightly dim screen of the ATM, Jiang Baiwan stretched out a finger and began to slowly poke the displayed number once more.

One…… ten…… hundred…… thousand…… ten thousand…… hundred thousand! Million!

Eight million!

Eight million ah!!

Jiang Baiwan’s mind was filled with eight million. The simple numbers seemed to be running back and forth inside her head, turning it into paste in an instant. Jiang Baiwan’s hands were trembling with excitement. She took two deep breaths and managed to calm herself down a little before quickly pulling out the bank card.

——She changed to another machine.

Better not lie to her, because if they were, she could smash the whole bank right now! Jiang Baiwan stared at the screen of another ATM, grinding her back molars viciously.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the previous ATM, and after changing into a new one, it still displayed 8 million on the screen.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t know how she pulled her card out. When she went down the steps of the bank, she almost stepped on air and fell down. Fortunately, a passerby on the side kindly gave her a hand. Jiang Baiwan was giddy and she showed a silly smile to the passersby. “No problem!”

Passerby: “……”

She hurried back to the villa. After Jiang Baiwan closed the door, she sat down limply on the ground as if all her strength had been removed. She took a deep breath, then suddenly raised the bank card she had been clutching in her hand, put it to her mouth and kissed it twice.

……Eight million, a bank card worth eight million!

Jiang Baiwan screamed silently while holding the bank card—— This feeling was like drinking ice cream in summer! Or eating roasted sweet potatoes in winter!

Jiang Baiwan was already ready to go for a job interview, but who knew that she would now had an extra bank card with 8 million inside……? What job ah? She could live a life of drinking bowls after bowls of congee!

From now on, she could add two more eggs to Jianbing[2]‘deep-fried dough sticks rolled in a thin pancake’ is a popular Chinese street food originated in Tianjin! She could also buy Braised Chicken in large portions and tell the boss to add another ten yuan of potatoes!

Heaven knew how depressed Jiang Baiwan was when she first found out she had transmigrated inside a book a few days ago.

The night before, she was still reading novels in her phone inside her rental house. She had nothing to do and decided to click on a classic romance novel 《I’ve Been In Love With You For A Thousand Years》.

She was spitting mad while reading this story. Not only does it have the typical dog blood Mary Sue plot, the most important thing was that the villainess had exactly the same name as hers!

After Jiang Baiwan read the part where the rich second-generation female supporting character with the same name as her went bankrupt and took sleeping pills to commit suicide, her interest waned and she dumped her phone to sleep. In her opinion, suicide was really stupid. Although she’s bankrupt, she’s not in debt. What’s there to commit suicide?

Life’s so brilliant and wonderful. Has she never heard that living was better than dying?

It’s just that when Jiang Baiwan woke up after a good night’s sleep, as soon as she opened her eyes, she realized that something was wrong.

She didn’t know when her room became spacious, and instead of the original hard wooden bed under her body, it became a soft big bed. The comfortable sense of sinking into the quilt reminded Jiang Baiwan that she was not in that small, dark rental house.

Jiang Baiwan scrambled out of bed, hurriedly turned on the light and sat in front of the mirror. A girl with a slightly seductive appearance was reflected in it. The girl’s face was somewhat similar to hers but was more exquisite. The skin was white and tender, the eyes were big and spirited, the chin was sharp and the nose was pointed. It’s just that the complexion doesn’t look good.

Jiang Baiwan sputtered. She suddenly had a bad premonition.

Her eyes snapped at the bedside table. There was a small medicine bottle placed on top with a pile of pills scattered on its side. Jiang Baiwan rushed forward and picked up the medicine bottle to take a look. There were two large characters written in front—— Stilnox.

Jiang Baiwan felt her eyes go dark.

She’d likely transmigrated into the female cannon fodder Jiang Baiwan[3]Flourishing Cypress in the book 《I’ve Been In Love With You For A Thousand Years》, and it happened to be after the bankruptcy of the Jiang family when Jiang Baiwan was about to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills.

This time period was very embarrassing. All she knew about the plot was over and only had a rough idea of the story. She was practically clueless.

She should be glad that the other Jiang Baiwan hadn’t had time to swallow all the sleeping pills…… Otherwise, she would have to go to the hospital alone at night to have her stomach pumped.

Jiang Wanwan hurriedly threw the sleeping pills into the trash can, then took out the mobile phone from the messy bed, and began to check if there’s anything that could confirm her identity.

Looking at the news reports on the mobile phone, Jiang Baiwan’s heart couldn’t stop sinking—— She had indeed become Jiang Baiwan, the second-generation that had gone bankrupt. Moreover, the Jiang family had completely hit rock bottom. The Jiang couple had fled abroad with their son, while Jiang Baiwan was treated as an abandoned child and left at home.

The enlarged photo with heavy makeup on the mobile phone screen was Jiang Baiwan’s face at present.

Jiang Baiwan looked at the harsh speech and words on the news report and silently pressed the lock screen button. Facing the darkened phone, she sighed softly—— She had no father or mother in her previous life so she had no attachments. She transmigrated in one day, but although the other Jiang Baiwan’s parents were still alive, it seemed it was no different from hers.

“Are we two considered to be in the same boat?” Jiang Baiwan talked to herself. “But I can’t compare to you. I’ve never been a rich second generation.” Even though she’s bankrupt now, she used to enjoy a luxurious life. Compared to ordinary people, the other Jiang Baiwan was very lucky.

Forget it, forget it, stop thinking about these things. Jiang Baiwan raised her hand and patted her cheek to wake herself up. She took a breath and looked around—— She had to figure out how to continue living now.

After all, she’s now broke.

Hence, after rummaging around for a while, Jiang Baiwan found herself kneeling on the carpet with her hair resembling a bird’s nest. In front of her were the other Jiang Baiwan’s IDs and bank card, as well as a house and a land deed. Oh, yes, there’s also a car key.

This was the most valuable thing Jiang Baiwan had found so far.

These deeds must belong to this villa. This bank card…… was there any money in it?

So Jiang Baiwan went to the nearest bank she could find during the day to see how much money was left.

Originally, she thought that there should at least be two or three thousand yuan, which could temporarily solve the problem of food. As a result, eight million yuan fell from the sky, almost knocking Jiang Baiwan unconscious!

Money, money ah, money’s a good thing!

Jiang Baiwan giggled happily. She could almost see her bright future.

Relieved, Jiang Baiwan ran upstairs excitedly. She fell down on her bed panting, and then began to roll around. Words couldn’t describe Jiang Baiwan’s current mood. Eight million, she had never seen such a large sum of money. With such amount, her house loan in the real world could also be paid off!

Jiang Baiwan thought about it, and couldn’t help but sighed again—— The house in the real world went up in smoke. It’s a pity that she didn’t get the down payment.

Wait, talking about house……

Jiang Baiwan who was lying on her back, blinked her eyes at the ceiling, then sat up and looked around.

——Speaking of which, this villa was quite nice, big and grand, but it would be a bit wasteful to live here alone. For one thing, water and electricity bills were huge expenses, not to mention cleaning the entire place.

Jiang Baiwan rubbed her chin thoughtfully, then her eyes lit up—— How about…… renting it out?


At this time, in the Haochen Building in City A, Ji Chen, the youngest president in the Company’s history, was sitting in his office working, documents spread out in front of him, while the voice of his assistant could be heard reporting on the side.

Assistant Xu looked at the news on the tablet, hesitated for a moment, and finally said in a low voice, “President Ji, the news about Jiang family…… is all over the media.”

Ji Che’s hand flipping through the documents paused. He had no expression on his face. “Read it.”

Assistant Xu read some key information before finally reporting to Ji Chen, “The Jiang couple have fled abroad with Jiang Zhishu, and the Jiang family’s company has been bought by the Chu family. As for Miss Jiang Baiwan…… there’s no news about her yet.”

“Heh.” Ji Chen sneered, threw the pen in his hand aside, stood up, and walked in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window. Looking at the bustling streets heavy with traffic outside, Ji Chen said to Assistant Xu, “The weak are prey to the strong. This is the law of this world. The Jiang family is just a small stone washed away by the torrent.”

“All of us are drifting with the tide.” Ji Chen said, “It’s the same for Chu Yunhan, as well as for Jiang Baiwan……. my former fiancée”

“You don’t need to tell me about the Jiang family anymore.” Finally, Ji Chen hammered the point home, “There’s no value.”

Assistant Xu bowed his head respectfully.


Just like this, a few days had past. Ji Chen was sitting in the back seat of his car after getting off work, habitually flipping through an acquisition plan. Haochen was now a behemoth in the industry and its degree of expansion was astonishing year by year. The fields it involved also touched all walks of life. As the boss of Haochen, except eating and sleeping, Ji Chen was dealing with official business every day.

Sometimes Assistant Xu wondered if President Ji had any entertainment in his life. In his impression, Ji Chen’s life trajectory had always been so unchanging, as if he was some kind of machine, working tirelessly at all times.

“This plan won’t work.” Ji Chen said suddenly. “Who made this?”

Assistant Xu was about to speak when Ji Chen said again, “Whoever it is, let them take this back and redo it.” After that, Ji Chen threw the document into the arms of Assistant Xu in the front seat.

Assistant Xu: “……”

President Ji was always quick to act.

Just when Ji Chen was about to peruse the second document, he unconsciously glanced out of the car window.

He saw a familiar figure standing on the street.

Ji Chen frowned. He closed the documents in his hand and watched the person slowly approaching from a distance. Just when the person was about to walk over, Ji Chen suddenly said to the driver, “Drive.”

The driver quickly started the car. As he drove forward, he asked, “President Ji, where are we heading?”

“Leave here first, then find a roadside next to the company.” Ji Chen lowered his head again.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t notice that the luxury car parked on the side of the road drove off because of her approach, disappearing in a flash. She went straight to the supermarket behind where the car originally was—— She had just moved and the refrigerator was empty so she had to replenish it quickly.

When Jiang Baiwan came out, her hands were already full of things. Because it was too much to carry, even the bag she was carrying had a big fish that had just been killed inside. Jiang Baiwan secured the strap on her shoulder and went on her way contentedly.

The Malatang[4]common type of street food, cooked in a hot and spicy soup; spicy hot pot shop on the map seems to be around here, right?


Ji Chen’s frown only loosened when he could no longer see the figure. He exhaled and continued signing the document in his hand.

When he was done and raised his head, he found that the figure from just now had followed him like a ghost!

Only this time it’s different. It looks like she’s carrying a lot of things.

Ji Chen’s brows tightly furrowed. He stared at the figure and watched her move slowly. After a while, Ji Chen chuckled lightly. He took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said to Assistant Xu who’s sitting in front, “Go call Jiang Baiwan over.”

Jiang Baiwan just came out of the Malatang shop with a bowl worth forty yuan in her hand.

Today she bought two servings of luncheon meat and two servings of beef to add to the Malatang. I’m really rich, Jiang Baiwan thought happily and walked home with great stride, but suddenly there was a person standing in front of her.

Assistant Xu, who stopped Jiang Baiwan, showed a polite smile. His eyes passed over the various foods in Jiang Baiwan’s hands, and then fell on the ‘expensive’ bowl of Malatang.

Had the young lady of the Jiang family been reduced to the point where she needs to buy and cook her own food? Moreover, eat this kind of unhealthy junk food? It seems that she really have no money.

Despite thinking so in his heart, Assistant Xu’s attitude remained mild. “Miss Jiang, someone wants to see you. Follow me please.”

Jiang Baiwan was stunned at first, then she became vigilant. She took half a step back and looking at Assistant Xu in front of her, she subconsciously asked, “I don’t owe you money, do I?”

Assistant Xu was also taken aback. He felt some sympathy for Jiang Baiwan in his heart—— How arrogant was the young lady of the Jiang family was at the beginning. Now Jiang Baiwan was so desolate. When she saw an acquaintance, the first thing she asked was whether she owed them money.

“Miss Jiang is joking.” Assistant Xu was a person with great professional ethics. His face did not reveal a trace of his inner feelings. “The person is waiting for you in the car.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at him dubiously, and after hesitating for a while, she slowly followed Assistant Xu to a black car—— Huh? Wasn’t this the luxury car that was just in front of the supermarket?

Assistant Xu nodded towards the rear window and then sat back in the front seat. The rear window was lowered halfway. There was a man sitting inside dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He had a very handsome appearance and an indifferent expression. When he saw Jiang Baiwan approaching the car, he gave her a faint glance.

Jiang Baiwan gasped—— This man was too good-looking……

But before she could finish admiring the handsome guy, Jiang Baiwan was confused by his following words.

Ji Chen turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly at Jiang Baiwan. “I know you want to find me, but you can do it without being so roundabout.”

Jiang Baiwan: “???”

She was a little unsure whether the other Jiang Baiwan knew this man, so she suppressed the bit of discomfort in her heart and cautiously asked, “……Sorry, I don’t quite understand.”

Still playing dumb. Ji Chen looked Jiang Baiwan up and down—— T-shirt, jeans and white shoes. Heh, it seems that in order to trick him, this woman really toned down her appearance. She didn’t even wear those posh skirts she often dons.

Thinking of this, Ji Chen’s eyes fell on the bag Jiang Baiwan was carrying. He was stunned for a moment and his eyes changed slightly.

That bag was a gift he gave Jiang Baiwan when they met for the first time. It was a limited edition MU bag, of which only a total of twenty were released worldwide.

……Now a fish head protruded from the bag. The fish’s eyes were open, staring at Ji Chen as if it couldn’t die in peace. Ji Chen felt that its eyes seemed to flash with an eerie light.


1 Millionaire
2 ‘deep-fried dough sticks rolled in a thin pancake’ is a popular Chinese street food originated in Tianjin
3 Flourishing Cypress
4 common type of street food, cooked in a hot and spicy soup; spicy hot pot


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