I’m 8 Million Poor

Raw Title: 穷的只剩八百万[穿书

Total Chapters: 84

Author: 青镜里

Translator: pocketrobbin

Update: 10 months ago

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In the cliché romance novel, “I‘ve been in love with you for a thousand years”, Jiang Baiwan, a second generation rich female villainess, committed suicide after her family went bankrupt. When she died, all she had left was a bank card with 8 million in it and a small villa in her name…


The white-collar worker Jiang Baiwan woke up to find herself transmigrated as that rich second generation who had just began to swallow sleeping pills!


And when she checked the number in the bank card, the newly transmigrated bankrupt rich girl almost fainted with excitement…


Heavens! Eight Million! I’m rich!


As the big BOSS who controls the lifeline of the global economy, Ji Chen felt that life was not challenging.


He watched on with indifference as the Jiang family went bankrupt. He could even watch his former fiancée Jiang Baiwan, whom he had never met, live on the streets because of the bankruptcy and it wouldn’t cause any ripples in his cold heart.


Until one day, Ji Chen saw his former fiancée walking down the street, treating a designer bag as a fish basket while chewing on a pancake in her hand.


……How can this woman be so leisurely!

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